"Act Blur Grow Stronger"

2 nights ago, a colleague and i shared a cab home after a night out at bala clava.  As my colleague alighted from the cab, i was giving the cab driver directions to get to my place when my colleague planted a peck on my cheek.  The peck didn’t register at all ‘cos i was focused on giving directions – i didn’t even turn to look at my colleague or give any response whatsoever.  I guess it didn’t occur to me anything was amiss ‘cos i’m so used to all these “muakz muakz” stuff that salsa people do.  It wasn’t until i reached home that i realised that my colleague had planted a peck on my cheek… and that was sooo wrong, ‘cos i just soooo am not interested in him.

Well, i suppose it’s good that i didn’t have any reaction at all… so nothing awkward’s going to happen.  Sigh.. thank goodness i managed to deflect our single date to a night out with random friends at bala clava.  As the Singlish phrase goes… act blur, grow stronger.

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