Liver Working Overtime

I’ve been drinking every night since last Thur. 

Let’s see… was at Dragonfly/Powerhouse last Thur, MOS on Fri, Brewerkz & Club Momo on Sat, had a Christmas Party with the Triumphant agents on Sun, and was at Brewerkz again tonight (Mon).  Bleah!  Have another drinking session with colleagues tomorrow at Ice Cold Beer, and my D&D (which obviously comes with loads of alcohol) is on Thur.  Sigh.  I’m becoming alcoholic!

Honestly, i’ve always liked to drink – even during the days when i didn’t club.  But to drink from Thursday to Thursday, with only a 1 day break on Wed, that’s a little bit of an overkill.

My liver needs a break!

Can’t Hold On Forever, Baby

Have you ever met someone whom you don’t want to be with as of the time you meet the person… but yet… you’re afraid of losing the person to someone else ‘cos you want to keep that person in your future? Selfish thinking, i know.

I’ll always have the memories
She’ll always have you
Fate has a way of changing
Just when you don’t want it to

My favourite lines from the song, “I’ll be Okay” by Amanda Marshall.

Can’t Hold On Forever, Baby

Have you ever met someone whom you don’t want to be with as of the time you meet the person… but yet… you’re afraid of losing the person to someone else ‘cos you want to keep that person in your future? Selfish thinking, i know.

I’ll always have the memories
She’ll always have you
Fate has a way of changing
Just when you don’t want it to

My favourite lines from the song, “I’ll be Okay” by Amanda Marshall.

The Sweetest Dream Would Never Do

I had a sweet dream about ABC last night (probably ‘cos i bumped into him at Dragonfly) and it left me feeling pretty good when i woke up. But it’s just a dream… nothing has happened and nothing will.

Not many people know the story about ABC, and fewer people (if any) know the main reason why i decided not to stay in hall during my final year in NTU.

ABC was my orientation group (OG) senior when i was a freshie in hall. Although i was kind of attracted to him, it was something that wasn’t said, and frequently denied by me because another friend from our OG liked him too… and for her case, the entire world knew about it.

Thus started our ambiguous friendship. We did hang out a bit, spent time chatting on the phone, went out a few times, etc. ABC knew that i liked him… and i guess to a lesser extent, he liked me too. But the friendship never progressed beyond being platonic because he had an on/off issue with his ex-gf. (More like the minute i came into the picture, she flicked the “on” switch immediately. Bleah!)

8 years on, we’re still ok friends. We don’t hang out anymore… but we try to meet up once in a long while. Actually, the first person who started the joke about marrying me if i’m single at a certain age is ABC. Er, the age is now actually.. haha. It was supposed to be when he’s 30, and i’m 27. But it’s definitely not going to happen. Blame it on “foreign talent”.

The reason why i like the song “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” so much is ‘cos i used to listen to this song very often in ABC’s room (when he was coaching me on my most dreaded subject, Statistics). I mean, i really like the tune of the song… and the lyrics… well, they just happened to fit the situation then.

In life, we will always come across people/things that we know will not lead to any positive outcome. Nonetheless, sometimes it’s enough just to stay awake a little longer to enjoy these things while they last.

ABC was 1 year my senior in NTU and graduated 1 year ahead of me. As for me, i decided to shift out of the hall the same year because… happy memories make me sad.


I have a confession to make…

To the Singnet Complain Group folks… who after seeing the amount of food i eat, theorised that i have 2 anacondas inside me..

To ABC… who always wondered why i never need to sleep..

To ikura… my online friend of 10 years… why our decade long friendship is a “virtual” one…

To Iceman… why i keep coming back to haunt u…

The reason is. I’m not alive. Sigh. I thought my secret would never be found out. Unfortunately, when i was finally convinced to go to the gym by Azure… she discovered this deep dark secret… and even took a photo to prove it – i have no heartbeat.


Chery QQ

Was telling a friend recently that i saw this really eligible guy who has like tons of girls going after him but yet he’s still single. I then jokingly said, “Hmm… maybe he’s gay.”. My friend then said that that’s a mistakened assumption that gals make – that all eligble guys who are single are gay. He said that many of these “eligible guys” are just out for a ONS (One Night Stand). That’s why they’re single.

So i said, well, if he’s the ONS type, shouldn’t it be a lot easier to know him?

My friend replied, “If you drive a BMW, got a Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar parked all waiting somewhere else for you… then you hear of a new car… a Chery QQ… would u bother to try?”

😐 Fine. Point taken. I am a Chery QQ.

Road Trip : Gula Melaka

Back from Melaka!  Had a fantastic & very fulfilling (for the stomach) trip.  The last time i went to Melaka was almost 20 years ago… when i was in primary school.  Heh… like what my boss said, nothing has changed much… and oooh… i really love the quaint little town.

I stayed in Hotel Puri, which is near Jonker Street.  Really nice place.  We didn’t do any deep or inspirational sort of activity… it was a pure chill out, & fill out your stomach kind of trip.  Our routine basically was, eat, walk, eat, sleep, eat, walk, eat, sleep. 

We had copious amounts of food … i haven’t weighed myself on the weighing machine yet… haha… let’s see… started off with a communal nasi lemak, breakfast beehoon + sausage + fish balls, and ramly burger at the first rest stop after we cleared the Tuas customs.  Er, don’t ask me for the name.  I’ve never been good with names.

After breakfast, we drove all the way to Melaka.  Minute we reached, we dumped our bags & went out for lunch.  Had laksa & chendol… hehe… i had like 2 bowls of chendol… hiak hiak… with lots of extra thick gooey gula melaka poured on top. 

After lunch, we went to some shopping centre (once again, i don’t remember the name) to shop… walked around for about 1.5hrs, and adjourned to Starbucks for a caffeine pick-me-up.  We then split up to walk around some more, before we all trekked like 1km just to try what someone proclaimed the “best youtiao in the world”.  It was good lah… but… 1km just for youtiao!?  *Faints*.

Dinner was at the pasar malam along Jonker St… a good variety of hawker food (dimsum, stingray, char kway teow, or-luak – the fried oyster thingy, etc).  Watched a very entertaining “finger breaking coconut” show after that… and of ‘cos what else could follow except more food?  Hiak hiak.  I remember the name of the place this time – Geographer’s cafe – we went there for drinks, ended up feeling hungry, and had finger food.  Heh.

This morning, we once again started the day with a good breakfast buffet at the hotel.  (It’s the most important meal of the day u know!)  Then it was off to breakfast part 2 – dimsum!!  Haha… after dimsum, we went back for the fantastic chendol (I am proud to say that i ate the most chendol this trip!  3 bowls!  Muahaha!), before heading back to the hotel to rest/ relax/ sleep/ watch tv.  Lunch was at this oh-so-excellent teochew restaurant with a super long name.  Had or-mee (oyster + noodles cooked in delicious dark sauce), deep-fried soft-shell crabs, veggie with clams, superbly fresh steamed fish, duck, suckling pig, bittergourd with pork ribs (i didn’t try this… me no like bitter stuff!) and rounded everything up with or-nee (yam paste dessert).  WOOHOO!  Everyone voted that the best meal of the trip!

Ok… time to do a weight check… and will go get my digicam & hp to upload some photos i took.  🙂



Here’re some random photos i took.



Jonker Dessert Cafe – where we had the laksa & FANTASTIC gula melaka laden chendol!






See the container?  That’s the gooey gula melaka u can pour over your chendol! Woohoo!  *Sugar high*







Hotel Puri – entrance to hotel lobby







Airwell in hotel – i just love these old shophouses!







Passageway leading to the rooms








Geographer’s Cafe – fantastic chill out place!








Upper floor of Geographer’s Cafe








All yours for only RM2300!







Stylo shot of some old building and backview of my friends.  Haha.






Lots of clogs for sale!








Vintage Ford Taurus (i think)







Old records for sale







Melaka’s version of the tri-shaw.  All dressed up.






Liked the ships on the canvas blinds.  Just thought this made a nice postcard shot.







The Teochew restaurant we had our lunch.  FANTASTIC!  *Slurp*





Sigh.. weight check result – 45.6kg.  Gained 0.6kg in 2 days?!  It’s just water… chendol is made of ice, ice is water… just water…

Foot in Mouth

Said the wrong thing (again) last night. Sigh. Was chatting with some colleagues (WC & Banker) yesterday evening before we went for the Christmas party and we were joking that WC’s dept wasn’t invited because my boss, who’s a really really big drinker, was invited hence the hosts couldn’t afford any more alcohol. The conversation then went on to about who in our company were heavy drinkers and i pointed out that this whole bunch of guys from another dept on another floor were equally heavy drinkers. And i added, “Not only do they drink a lot. They also smoke a lot.”

WC suddenly kept quiet. During the momentary silence, i thought she wanted to say something… but didn’t. I just let it pass & we continued chatting. Our small talk soon ended and i was packing up my stuff to leave when i got an sms from my friend (who works in the same co. as me). The sms said, “Just bumped into WC & Deep Voice downstairs. They’re having a smoke break…”

I was like damn! No wonder WC kept quiet just now. Sigh… wanted to slam my head against my table. Don’t ask me why but i just assumed that WC didn’t smoke! Sigh. Guess i really shouldn’t make assumptions about people huh? Sigh. Told my friend about the incident and she agreed that u really cannot tell who’s a smoker and who’s not… i mean… DV sometimes brings lunch from home and it’s packed in a cartoon tupperware?! I mean… cartoon tupperware lunch packer & smoker just don’t gel ya?

Whatever the case, my foot was in my mouth.

As if last night’s embarrassment wasn’t enough. Sigh. I over-snoozed this morning (whoever invented the snooze function is EVIL). Got out of bed at 0740 instead of 0720 as planned. Rushed to wash my hair + shower, brush teeth, put on makeup, get dressed, pack extra clothes in case i was going clubbing tonight, and got out of my house by 0810. I’m always amazed by the speed at which i can get ready… but such efficiency means the “quality” of the process is sometimes compromised… for e.g. i don’t switch on my bedroom light in the morning… so i basically get ready in semi-darkness, using only the light at my dressing table while i dress. Heck! I don’t even look in the mirror before i leave the house.

This morning, i didn’t realise anything was amiss till i got on the train… looked at my blouse… and realised i wore it inside-out! ARGH! As i was already running late for work, i couldn’t get off at the next station to correct that… so i used my hair (thank goodness it’s damn long now!) to cover the label at the back of my dress, and my bag to cover the washing instructions tag at the side… and tried to pretend that nothing was wrong. I hope no one noticed. Sigh.

Dashed to my office toilet the minute i got off the train. The speed i moved… i betcha i beat Superman’s record at getting to the phone booth. No fight man. Sigh.

A couple of days ago, someone said my blog was interesting (?) and asked for “tips”. Not sure if he’s still reading the blog but.. no tips… just… make sure u get your daily dose of embarrassing incidents. Yeah. That’s the trick to it. Everyone loves to laugh… at someone else.

Okie!  Time to go pack!  Road trip tomorrow (sort of lah… discount a bit).

Boredom Kills…

I’m darn bored in office now. Realised it’s more stressful trying to look busy, than to be busy. And stress kills. Therefore, boredom kills. 😛

Not to fear though… i made a new “discovery” today that is probably saving my life as we speak… heh… putting paper through the shredder is extremely therapeutic when u’re really bored! Great stress reliever! Hmm… while i’m at it, let’s debunk some myths i’ve come across recently.

1. U don’t get diabetes mellitus (DM) from consuming too much sugar. Without delving into the details, DM is basically a metabolic disorder… and having a family hx of DM increases your risk. But no… don’t blame the sugar. (So stop bugging me about my “kopi kar kar dai” aka “coffee extra extra sweet”).

2. Two kind but misinformed friends have sent me this email about how if u key in your ATM PIN in reverse order, the police will be alerted – u’re supposed to do this in the situation that u’re being threatened by baddies to draw $$ from your bank account. Hello? How on earth could this be possible? What if my ATM PIN was 111111? Then the police lagi busy right?

3. Just ‘cos i hang a jade bunny dangly thingy (sorry, i just liked the way it rhymes) on my hp doesn’t mean i’m born in the year of the bunny! Haha… i just gravitate towards all things bunny-like… nearly got sucked into buying a purple bunny plush toy when i went to the ATM just now! Hahahaha….


Wah lau… mai i bring nokia charger to office then kena borrowed & circulated. Now kena kidnapped some more. *$&^*$

All I Want for Christmas

Christmas is coming!  Woohoo!  I didn’t always like the holiday season… sad memories tend to feel sadder during festive seasons.  But not this year!  I’m looking forward to Christmas!  In fact, i have stuff (ok, may not all are Christmas stuff but..) planned almost all the way till the end of the year.  (Wait… now i sound like i’m talking about my birthday festival again… wahaha). 

Started with dinner + drinks with my colleagues and a business associate from HK last night, belated birthday celerbation for my cousin tonight, another work-related drinks cum Christmas party tomorrow night, then Malacca this weekend with the cellgroup, meeting up with Preppy (haven’t seen him since i left Hall 11!) next week, an old friend’s wedding on 15th Dec, company D&D on 21 Dec, another friend’s wedding on 22 Dec, tea with Fuzzypillow  & Littlewee on Christmas eve, family Christmas lunch on Christmas day itself (it’s going to be our first lunch that’s not held at the old house at Katong), then a 2nd lunch with the cellgroup?  Heh.  And that’s only what i have planned for so far.  Hiak hiak.  More to come!!

Heard this song, “All I Want for Christmas”, when i was at Bugis just now.  Love the version that was sung by Olivia Olsen in Love Actually.  Love that movie man!  For a very long time, my favourite movie was My Best Friend’s Wedding.  Then i decided that it isn’t really a very good movie to dwell upon… ‘cos… it’s just too full of regrets.  No good.  Life isn’t meant to be lived in reverse gear.  Caught the movie Love Actually in 2003/2004 and fell in love with it since.  It’s good.  It’s about cherishing life.  Love it.  Yippee!



Love the part when Olivia Olsen points at the boy at the end… then goes on to point at the others and sings, “you, you, you…”.  Haha… the boy’s expression was priceless.  Sigh… just watching this video makes me feel teary.  Gosh!  I can be such a wimp!  (But never in public… never!).  Haha.  🙂

Happy 17 days to Christmas everyone!