Alcohol & Germs

Argh… i’m under threat by the cold bug again.  Bubbs had signs of an impending flu while in office yesterday… and when i bumped into her at Balaclava, it had developed into a full blown “ahchoo!” affair.  I spoke to her for like 5min before Iceman and i went off to find food.  But when i got home last night, i was so tired i konked out about 12am – which is extremely early by my standards.

Woke up at 7:32am this morning.. eyes feel funny and i have the sniffles. Sigh. I only have 1 conclusion from this – i.e. kids are a source of germs!  ‘Cos Bubbs caught her cold from another friend’s 3 daughters when she met up with them a couple of days ago.  And now i’m infected too?  Sigh… see why i hate kids?

Am invited to a housewarming party by Iceman tonight.  Hope my sniffles go away by then.  Superman says i shouldn’t go to the party if i’m sick… not good to spread the germs ya know?  But i said… Party = Booze Booze = Alcohol Alcohol = Anti-septic! 😛 Superman didn’t believe me. But i have proof! (Well, sort of).