Argh!  I’m a laggard once again.  U know how people (esp. those young kids!) always do up their friendster profile page – add wallpaper to the background, have nice videos, music etc?  Well, i never bothered.  To me, friendster was purely to keep myself entertained by mocking (oops!  I really meant admiring) people’s photos & how they describe themselves (did i tell u guys about the person who described himself as “smart, clean, healthy, adventurous”!?). 

Anyway, was checking out a friend’s profile page and i found this really cool piece of music on it.  The music was hosted by this site called imeem, which is like this whole online community lah… where u have blogs, music, photos, groups, etc.  I remember coming across someone’s blog page on imeem before but i didn’t bother to explore more… and didn’t know that this was a really cool community (actually i just like the fact that can host music there.  Heh) so i’m feeling super sua ku now.  Argh.  I’m a laggard.

Oh darn!  It’s nealy 12pm!  Need to go wash up, say hello to the bunnies that have been neglected ‘cos i’ve been working late this week and meet Airbus at the airport… otherwise i’m going to be a weekend laggard (i’m always late for weekend appointments) again!!