I’m really dreading this coming week.  My boss won’t be around again… he’s on reservist… and i need to explain a difficult policy wording change to an underwriter on Mon, settle 2 Terrorism cases, deal with some other normal Lenders form cases, do a presentation for a client’s workshop on my boss’ behalf, and attend other various meetings in my boss’ stead.  Argh!  This is the first time i’m actually feeling STRESSED since joining Eon. 

I’ve actually woken up a few times the past few nites ‘cos i kept thinking about the things i need to do next (or rather this) week.  🙁  Even on Saturday morning, i woke up at 8:15am even though i slept at 3am+ the nite before… and panicked for 2min ‘cos i thought i was late for work.  Bleah.  Stress, stress.  🙁