Move Teeth, Move

Blame it on vanity & greed.  I’ve decided to get braces.  Not normal braces, but this “new technology” braces that are “invisible”.  Called Invisalign, the braces aka aligners look like dentures or teeth guard or polywrap. 

I chose invisalign over normal metal/lingual braces ‘cos:

  1. they’re invisible (What to do?  Vainpot mah!)
  2. they can be removed when you eat (Bo pian… need to feed the 2 anacondas in my stomach).
  3. they’re not supposed to give u mouth ulcers (an exception to this, as i’ve just learnt, is if u go KTV with them on).

My upper set of teeth is going to take 52 weeks to straighten, while the lower set (which aren’t really crooked, just kind of crowded to the left) will take 36 weeks.

Nonetheless, my teeth still feel sore and everytime i remove the aligners to eat, i have to chew really gently ‘cos the teeth/gums hurt.  Oh well, it’s ok my dearest teeth.  1 year of agony, lifetime of nice smiles ok?  So move it, teeth!  Beat it!