Move Teeth, Move

Blame it on vanity & greed.  I’ve decided to get braces.  Not normal braces, but this “new technology” braces that are “invisible”.  Called Invisalign, the braces aka aligners look like dentures or teeth guard or polywrap. 

I chose invisalign over normal metal/lingual braces ‘cos:

  1. they’re invisible (What to do?  Vainpot mah!)
  2. they can be removed when you eat (Bo pian… need to feed the 2 anacondas in my stomach).
  3. they’re not supposed to give u mouth ulcers (an exception to this, as i’ve just learnt, is if u go KTV with them on).

My upper set of teeth is going to take 52 weeks to straighten, while the lower set (which aren’t really crooked, just kind of crowded to the left) will take 36 weeks.

Nonetheless, my teeth still feel sore and everytime i remove the aligners to eat, i have to chew really gently ‘cos the teeth/gums hurt.  Oh well, it’s ok my dearest teeth.  1 year of agony, lifetime of nice smiles ok?  So move it, teeth!  Beat it!

Rewind Button

Time passes too fast man… which is good, and bad.  Good ‘cos the horrible meeting (which turned out as to be every bit as horrible as i anticipated) is over.  Yeap.  The deal may be off too.  Sigh… French underwriter decided he was insulted by the client’s New Yorker lawyer and now wants to let his French lawyer handle the amendments to the policy wording.  The meeting was a non-meeting really ‘cos the u/wer basically just came to my office to drink our coffee & tell me that he wasn’t going to look at the policy wording anymore.  Then he & his colleague (who happened to be the chap who interviewed me at Cofrance – wait, did i mention before that he’s kinda cute?) left.  Yeap.  Just leave.  Go ahead.  Everyone must be learning from the Thai soccer team… buay song just leave lor!  Walk away man!  😛

The bad part about the week whizzing past (ok, i know it’s only Tue but Fri will be here in a blink of an eye lor!) is that soon it’ll be Friday and i just KNOW that i’ll be MM-ing in hope of being in the same place as the MX-5.  Sigh.

But let’s not fast forward that much ya?  There’s still Thursday to get over… haven’t had time to memorise what i need to regurgitate (in a most natural manner of ‘cos) for the talk i’m supposed to give on Thursday morning.  Bleah.  But then again, there’s that partial test-drive of the RX-8 on Thursday night to look forward too.  Hehe.

I’m really pressing all the buttons on the remote man… except the rewind button.  But then again, if there were a rewind button, i would have rewound to the time before i crashed the MX-5.  Sigh.


I’m really dreading this coming week.  My boss won’t be around again… he’s on reservist… and i need to explain a difficult policy wording change to an underwriter on Mon, settle 2 Terrorism cases, deal with some other normal Lenders form cases, do a presentation for a client’s workshop on my boss’ behalf, and attend other various meetings in my boss’ stead.  Argh!  This is the first time i’m actually feeling STRESSED since joining Eon. 

I’ve actually woken up a few times the past few nites ‘cos i kept thinking about the things i need to do next (or rather this) week.  🙁  Even on Saturday morning, i woke up at 8:15am even though i slept at 3am+ the nite before… and panicked for 2min ‘cos i thought i was late for work.  Bleah.  Stress, stress.  🙁

Walking to New York


曲:张蔚源 | 词:林秋离 | 编:吴庆隆  

每一次我想见到你  就要飞 (everytime i want to see u, i need to fly)

无论地球上哪一角 (no matter which corner of the Earth)

我一天就到 (i reach in 1 day)

用飞的原因不外乎 (the reason to fly includes)

时间太少 (time is too little)

你想拥有我每一秒 (u want every second of me)

你今天就要 (and u want me today)

我飞的机会太多 (there’re too many opportunities to fly)

有时因为你 (sometimes it’s because of u)

有时为自己 (sometimes it’s for myself)

我飞过好万哩 (i’ve flown many miles)

不觉得 那会是距离 (but don’t feel that’s a real distance)

突然很想不要飞 (suddenly don’t feel like flying)

想走路去纽约 (feel like walking to New York)

看看这一路我曾经忽略的一切 (to see what i’ve missed on this route)

走路去纽约 (walking to New York) 

也让感情在时间里 (perhaps to giving my feelings time) 

有机会 沉淀自己 (to have the opportunity to calm and settle down myself)

Met Iwok for coffee at Eastpoint just now.  Declined a ride home ‘cos i felt like walking back (wanted to sun my legs, haha).  It must’ve been a few years since i’ve actually taken a stroll home from Eastpoint.  Ever since i got my car, i’ve always just driven back.  Was just too lazy to walk, weather was too hot, too tired, etc.

It was nice to take a stroll back… there’re always new things happening in the neighbourhood that i missed because i was zipping around too quickly.  Unfortunately, that happens in life too ya?  Being overly cynical, i’ve made negative assumptions of people i meet, and ended up squandering opportunities to know the person better.  I’ve had two lucky coincidences… hopefully i’ll have a 3rd… where i don’t screw up, and he’s not sleepy. 

Walking to New York.


Argh!  I’m a laggard once again.  U know how people (esp. those young kids!) always do up their friendster profile page – add wallpaper to the background, have nice videos, music etc?  Well, i never bothered.  To me, friendster was purely to keep myself entertained by mocking (oops!  I really meant admiring) people’s photos & how they describe themselves (did i tell u guys about the person who described himself as “smart, clean, healthy, adventurous”!?). 

Anyway, was checking out a friend’s profile page and i found this really cool piece of music on it.  The music was hosted by this site called imeem, which is like this whole online community lah… where u have blogs, music, photos, groups, etc.  I remember coming across someone’s blog page on imeem before but i didn’t bother to explore more… and didn’t know that this was a really cool community (actually i just like the fact that can host music there.  Heh) so i’m feeling super sua ku now.  Argh.  I’m a laggard.

Oh darn!  It’s nealy 12pm!  Need to go wash up, say hello to the bunnies that have been neglected ‘cos i’ve been working late this week and meet Airbus at the airport… otherwise i’m going to be a weekend laggard (i’m always late for weekend appointments) again!!

Some Things Never Change

Someone asked me at a party recently how i knew Iceman and if i’ve always kept in touch with him all this while.  This question actually made me pause to think for a second… and i realised that the only time when Iceman & i weren’t really keeping in touch was when he was in NUS, and i was in NTU.  That’s also the reason why i’ve never really met the people Iceman hung out with in uni (which were also the people at the party).

Was thinking about this again while taking the mrt home just now when i suddenly recalled how Iceman and i got in touch again after uni.  We actually bumped into each other the MRT… he shifted to Eunos after graduating from NUS… and since we went to work about the same time, we tried to make it a point to take the same train thereafter.  I would get on the train at Tanah Merah station, and sms him which train i was on, and he would try to get on same train.  Heh.

That reminded me of how Iceman and i first met.  Haha.  We were classmates in JC and stayed 1 bus-stop away from each other.  Having a pretty good memory of faces, i recognised Iceman on the bus on my 2nd day to school but Iceman didn’t recognise me.  I smiled at him but he just gave me this sullen look.  Of course, i’ve been giving him crap over this incident the past 11 years.. heh.  And he always says he doesn’t know why he keeps me as a friend.

Well, i have a solution Iceman.  If u want to get rid of me, i suggest to shift really far west (Tuas should do the trick), and quit taking public transport.  Haha.


P.S. Maybe i should rename this post, “You Can Run but You Can’t Hide”.  Hahahaha.


There’s this issue that i’ve always sort of struggled with – how assertive can a person be without being pushy?  Is it wrong to assert your rights if you’re a Christian?  How do you balance being generous and giving, with fair assertion of rights?

Went to the good ol’ clinic at Simei just now.  Once again, the “Registration Closed” sign was on the counter.  I looked at the time – 4:30pm.  Glanced at the clinic’s opening hours – closes at 5pm.  I felt incredulous.  I looked at the nurse and blurted out, “It’s only 4:30pm.  Don’t you close at 5pm?”.  My tone wasn’t very friendly.

Just at this point, the doctor happened to come out of his room to pass another nurse something.  The nurse at the registration counter glared and me and said, “Write your name on the piece of paper.” 

There was an Indian couple who came in right after me.  I could see that they were at a loss as to what to do.  As i was writing my name on the paper, this other Chinese chap came in, saw the doctor standing at the doorway of the consultation room and went, “Eh boss!  So early close uh?  Still can register?”.

The doctor replied, “For you, anytime also can”.  So the Chinese chap proceeded to write his name on a piece of paper after me.  I looked at the Indian couple… they were still standing at the counter waiting for the nurse to pay them some attention.  I was very tempted to cut in and say, “Hey, they were here first”.  I caught the eye of the Indian guy but he didn’t show any reaction so i thought, heck it.  I mean, i cannot fight everyone’s battles.  If you’re fine with being walked over, then go ahead.  On a day when i’m healthy and have surplus energy, maybe i might have said something.  But not today. 

Was dwelling over this incident while waiting to collect my medicine.  It’s very unfortunate that we live in a world that requires us to be assertive before we get fair treatment.  I’m not saying that it’s wrong to be giving… but where do you draw the line? 

Actually, the Indian couple were walking in front of me when i was on my way to the clinic.  But i walk fast… very fast… and so i overtook them and reached the clinic first.  (Which also means i was a little paiseh (embarassed) when they came into the clinic after me).  But that’s not a bad thing ‘cos once the nurse allowed me to see the doc, she had no reason to turn them away either.

Had things been reversed – i.e. they reached the clinic first, but were so soft-spoken and as a result, the nurse refused to let them see the doc, that would mean that i would have been refused as well right?  (Assuming the other Chinese chap didn’t turn up).

Maybe i’m thinking too much but… at least this time, everything worked out for the good of.. er.. those who wanted to see the doc.  Haha.

Same Shit Different Fan?

I really fell sick.  Sigh.. not at the party but on Sunday.  Guess whatever antibodies i had inside me couldn’t fend off the kiddy scummy germs anymore and down i went with headache (morning), cold (afternoon) & diarrhoea (at night).  The worst combination ever.  U know i’m really sick when i didn’t even bother to unpack my shopping after i got home.  Sigh.

Decided to see a doc to get an MC today.  I guess i could drag myself to work.. but i wouldn’t be very productive.  Feel bad about having my boss cover the 3 urgent cases i’m on… at least i got quotes for 1 of them… but oh well.  What can i say?  Shit happens.  (Pun unintended).

Not the best way to start the 2nd month of the year but hey… it’s a new month.. there’ll always something to look forward to.