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Move Teeth, Move

Blame it on vanity & greed.  I’ve decided to get braces.  Not normal braces, but this “new technology” braces that are “invisible”.  Called Invisalign, the braces aka aligners look like dentures or teeth guard or polywrap.  I chose invisalign over normal metal/lingual braces ‘cos: they’re invisible (What to do?  Vainpot mah!) they can be removed when […]

Showroom Inspection

Checked out the RX-8 at the showroom last night.  Seemed nice enough… though i found some inherent “scratches” and “dents”.  Not the type of car i like, unfortunately.  I still prefer the build & design of the MX-5.  Haha.  But we’ll see… test drive’s on Fri… Muahahahaha.

Happy Chinese New Year (in advance)

Talking to a friend on MSN a few days ago: Me: Wah!  10:30pm still in office uh? Friend: Ya lor.  This year work like a dog, next year work like a pig. Me: Haha.  But pigs very lazy leh.  They don’t work much. Friend: So good lor! Me: Ah… here’s to a Better Tomorrow next year […]

Rewind Button

Time passes too fast man… which is good, and bad.  Good ‘cos the horrible meeting (which turned out as to be every bit as horrible as i anticipated) is over.  Yeap.  The deal may be off too.  Sigh… French underwriter decided he was insulted by the client’s New Yorker lawyer and now wants to let […]


I’m really dreading this coming week.  My boss won’t be around again… he’s on reservist… and i need to explain a difficult policy wording change to an underwriter on Mon, settle 2 Terrorism cases, deal with some other normal Lenders form cases, do a presentation for a client’s workshop on my boss’ behalf, and attend […]

Walking to New York

  曲:张蔚源 | 词:林秋离 | 编:吴庆隆   每一次我想见到你  就要飞 (everytime i want to see u, i need to fly) 无论地球上哪一角 (no matter which corner of the Earth) 我一天就到 (i reach in 1 day) 用飞的原因不外乎 (the reason to fly includes) 时间太少 (time is too little) 你想拥有我每一秒 (u want every second of me) 你今天就要 (and u want me today) […]


Argh!  I’m a laggard once again.  U know how people (esp. those young kids!) always do up their friendster profile page – add wallpaper to the background, have nice videos, music etc?  Well, i never bothered.  To me, friendster was purely to keep myself entertained by mocking (oops!  I really meant admiring) people’s photos & how they […]

Some Things Never Change

Someone asked me at a party recently how i knew Iceman and if i’ve always kept in touch with him all this while.  This question actually made me pause to think for a second… and i realised that the only time when Iceman & i weren’t really keeping in touch was when he was in NUS, […]


There’s this issue that i’ve always sort of struggled with – how assertive can a person be without being pushy?  Is it wrong to assert your rights if you’re a Christian?  How do you balance being generous and giving, with fair assertion of rights? Went to the good ol’ clinic at Simei just now.  Once […]

Same Shit Different Fan?

I really fell sick.  Sigh.. not at the party but on Sunday.  Guess whatever antibodies i had inside me couldn’t fend off the kiddy scummy germs anymore and down i went with headache (morning), cold (afternoon) & diarrhoea (at night).  The worst combination ever.  U know i’m really sick when i didn’t even bother to unpack my […]

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