Oh What Do You Get…

Just found out that my good friend, who got married in 2005, has marital problems now and her husband volunteered to go to the US for a 2-year posting. I don’t understand why he did that. Shouldn’t he stay to try to work things out? My friend and her son have now shifted back to stay with her mom so that her mom can take care of the baby when my friend’s working.

I’m very disillusioned about relationships and marriage now. I’m not sad about my own problems per se (am quite over it actually), but everything that has happened only adds to my cynicism. I don’t like escapist attitudes.

Olive Balls

Extended an olive branch today. Rang HD at about 3pm to see if he wanted to go for kopi. Said he was in the middle of something, and maybe we could meet at 4pm instead. But at 3:05pm, i decided that i was going to go ahead with my kopi break so i called Katrine to see if she could make it for a “couselling session”.

Dropped HD an email to tell him that i was going down without him and left. Had a good chat with Katrine. Hehe. It’s been some time since i’ve met her for kopi and she is really my original kopi buddy. 😛

After i got back to office, i got an sms from HD at 4:10pm saying that he was “really swamped with work” this week, and “next week k?”.

I replied saying i already had my kopi and didn’t he get my email??

Well, i’ve extended my olive branch. Friend or not, ball’s in your court, dude.