Buay Song!

Am very unhappy.  Went to colour and highlight my hair today.  But the base colour came out too dark, and the blonde highlights, instead of being blonde… turned out gold!!

This is the colour combi i HATE, DETEST & DESPISE the most.  I always think this is a guy’s hair colour combi… it’s so masculine.  YUCKS!  PUI!  Can’t stand it. 

Was so annoyed that i decided not to shop in the 2 hr time gap to my dental appointment, and called a cab and came home instead.  Yeap.  That’s how vain i am.  I refuse to walk around town with ugly hair colour and i can’t stand waiting in the queue for a cab either.

Called my hairdresser to complain.  Told her the blonde was too gold and i want to re-colour.  Arranged for it to be done on Mon evening.  (The urgency is ‘cos it pains me to think that i’ll have ugly hair colour on my BIRTHDAY!!!  I mean… my birthday is practically a sacred festival!  Ugly hair colour will NOT be tolerated!)

Asked her for a discount and she said we’ll discuss on Mon.  I’m not unreasonable.  I don’t expect her to do work for free since hair colour is something that is not entirely in her control.  But i certainly expect a discount!  Esp. for all the business i’ve been giving her!


Gotta go for my dental appointment soon.  Grr….

Oh… another complaint… the N95 batt life is short… which is fine since we all know about that… but the way the batt signal drops is amazingly… like… from 5 bars to 1 bar in 10min.  Nuts man!


P.S. Just occurred to me that if i ever have a bf, he can probably forget about our anniversary, can skip celebrating V-day, but if he fogets my birthday… he’ll be dead meat.  THAT is how important my birthday is to me!

Female Privileges

Yesterday, i got a call from my client…

Client: Xiao Jie, your spreadsheet got mistake uh. Thanks for saving me some premium leh.

Me: Huh? Really? Where? I’ll go double-check…

Client: Yeah, u go check the first line of your spreadsheet. Cannot see the mistake then i take it as i save money on premium.

I checked and i checked. But i still couldn’t see what was wrong! At first i thought my cell formula was wrong.. but it wasn’t! In the end, desperate, i called my client back.

Client: Let’s see… u saved me $600+… not bad… i can go buy a N95.

Me: Er, sorry lah. Tell me what’s wrong leh… sorry lah… don’t sabo leh.

Client: If i wanted to sabo u, i would’ve sent the email to your boss ok. I wouldn’t have told u only about the mistake right?

Me: I know i know. Sorry lah… but… really can’t find the mistake leh. Can u tell me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Client: Sigh. Look at your first row first column.

Me: *GASP* The date! I keyed in the wrong date! Argh… sooo sorry. I’ll re-do and send the spreadsheet to u again k?

And so i did. Sent the amended spreadsheet to my client, and apologised profusely again in my email.

Told Iceman & Zounds about it and they both said i’m lucky i’m a gal. ‘Cos if i were a guy, my client would probably have gone straight to my boss. Heh.