War in Forbidden City?

hello dear friends and fans,

i was greatly alarmed last Monday when i suddenly heard pounding sounds coming from around my backyard.  i remember the horror stories that my mommy told me before… of how owners left pitiful bunnies to die when war broke out.  i remember my mommy saying then that we should always be ready for such times.  i know we’ll be ok food-wise… ‘cos there’s fresh supply of grass.  but we haven’t solved the water issue yet!  if no one refills our water tray, we’ll all die of thirst!  🙁

as the pounding sounds grew louder, i sprang to my feet with my ears upright.  then i heard footsteps.  thud, thud, thud.  oh no!!  it must be soldiers coming to destroy the Forbidden City!

i ran around in circles trying to warn everyone but my mommy just lay next to the washing machine sleeping.  no one bothered to listen to me!  in panic, i ran back to my house… then i heard the footsteps & a voice calling me, “pinky?  pinky?”.  how did the soldier know my name?  he must’ve been observing my kingdom for a long time!

jumping out of my house, i ran to where my mommy slept.  she opened one eye to look at me, and went back to sleep.  i crouched as near to my mommy as possible.  i saw feet approaching.  as i huddled with my back pressed against the wall of the cupboard, the figured started to look familiar.

*phew*.  it was my chauffeur.  to deliver our afternoon meal.  bleah!  that scared me!  smelling food, my mommy woke up.  i asked her about the terrible pounding sounds that had now stopped.  my chauffeur and my mommy said that the sounds came from the house behind the Forbidden City.  stupid owners were tearing down the old house and building a new one.  sigh.  scared me for nothing.

hot and sticky from all the running, i decided to ignore everyone and clean my fur coat instead.  stupid humans.



sweaty-ly yours,


Which Disney Character Are You?

Bo liao on a Sunday evening…



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Sleeping Beauty


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2:26am.  Was in the toilet washing up when my phone rang.  I ran out to see who it was… i mean, it should be an important call if it came at 2:26am?  A friend in need of help perhaps? 

“03 calling” was flashing on the screen of my hp.  Sheesh.  I gave him my hp no. like 2.5 weeks ago?  What the heck was he calling me at 2:26am in the morning?!  Decided not to take the call.  Recalled the time ABC called me in the wee hours of the morning too.  Sigh.  I wouldn’t be surprised if 03 was not too sober to be calling at this time.  I mean, we’re talking about an ex-schoolmate that i saw for the first time in 10 years in Dec last year, and whom i exchanged contacts with only recently.  Sorry, i may be awake, but it doesn’t mean i’ll take your call.  I refuse to talk to drunkards.

Saw this excerpt on my friend’s blog.  Two very keen observations, good food for thought. 

“Just how many times do people say things they claim they didn’t have intentions to? Far too often.
Actually, verbal cues may not apply at all in some situations because people like to believe that they are being ‘politically’ and/or ‘socially’ correct and that they were compelled to respond that way.
BUT take another person, who not only observes such political/social cues but corresponds that with non-verbal cues. Cues may be cues, but non-verbal cues are quite the different story – it’s almost unconscious. We hardly think about it. So when drawn into a situation like this, where all cues correspond – we get ‘chemistry’.
There is no chemistry, if non-verbal cues are not involved.
So, if a person tells you, he has miscommunicated his intentions, then that’s crap because with intent there is consciousness.”

There you have it.  Chemistry explained and intentions unravelled.  No misunderstanding for sure.


Went for the Grasshopper Forever (Cao Meng) concert just now.  They were sooooo good.  I like quite a few of their songs though i don’t really know the words ‘cos i listened to them during a time when my Chinese was really really bad… when i couldn’t even read the words to memorise them… and could only learn a song by listening to it repeatedly.

Saw a couple of local celebrities in the audience – Kit Chan, Taufik, Chong Qing.  Don’t ask me what Taufik was doing there since he obviously doesn’t understand Cantonese… maybe it’s to learn stage presence, how to work a crowd, etc.  Plus i’m sure his tickets were free since 1 of the sponsors of the concert was Hype Record (Ken Lim… Taufik… ring a bell?).  Boy were the Grasshoppers good at getting the audience on their feet.  Even my mom stood up and swayed along.  Haha.

Edmond So also shared that this year will be his 10th wedding anniversary.  And pictures of the singers with their familes were also flashed on the screens.  I felt so happy looking at them.  Firstly the Grasshoppers have stayed together as a group for over 2 decades, never mind if they haven’t released many new albums in recent years.  Fact is they never disbanded over “creative differences” or burgeoning egos.  Secondly, all 3 of them have normal family lives.  Isn’t that great?

Here are some videos… blurry ‘cos i zoomed in too much.  🙁  But oh well, better than nothing.  I took so many videos and photos that my N95 kena low batt.  And i had to delete the mp3s in my memory card to free up space!  Haha.


Sorry for the heads popping up and jerky movements… heh… the audience started getting up and dancing halfway through this song! 🙂


This is proof of why the Grasshoppers are still THE dancer masters!


Going to sleep now anyway. It’s taking too long to upload the videos! Bleah!  Oh and it’s quite amazing how they didn’t drop or fling the mikes away by accident… heehee.