Testing Limits

The new gal taking over Banker joined my department this week.  In my attempt to be friendly, i arranged for WC, Ratz and myself to have lunch with her yesterday.  We started discussing our plans for tonight during lunch and i asked the new gal (NG for short) if she was a drinker.  Her immediate, rather boastful reply was, “I’ve never reached my limit before”.

The minute she said that, WC, Ratz and i went, “oooh…”.  WC then said, “That’s a dangerous thing to say…”

Not quite realising her mistake, NG said, “does that mean i shouldn’t have said that?” and smiled.

Being the naughty drinking cha bors, WC, Ratz and i poohed poohed that and said we were just glad to find another drinker to join our group.  Heehee. 

Well, the last guy who said he was an excellent drinker… was drank under the table till he konked out on the beach at Sentosa… and the other colleagues had to call his gal friend to come get him.  Heehee.

We have some new limits to test now.  😛

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