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pandang belakang

met HD for lunch today. he sms’d about 9:30am in the morning to say that it was my birthday week and “lunch please”. i replied to say let’s meet today since Bubbs had a lunch appointment already and so we did.  said he hasn’t gotten me a present and i said it’s ok ‘cos he […]

Opportunity Cost

My hairstylist was nice.  Charged me $16 (that’s the cost of a shampoo and wash) even though she re-coloured my hair a nice red.  Yay!  Am happy.  Sacrified my curls tho’… the back of my hair is kinda straight now… though the sides are still curly.  Sigh.  Why can’t we have the best of both […]

Jangan Pandang Belakang

Heard about this M’sian horror flick from Iceman… supposed to be real scary so i wanted to watch… unfortunately, the run ends on Wed and my days are booked all the way till after my Manila trip.  Hence… although saya mahu tonton Jangan Pandang Belakang tapi tidak ada masa.  🙁 Anyway, guess it’s not a […]

Control Freak

  Argh!  I’m STILL pissed off about the state of my hair.  Hair is something that i’ve been obsessive compulsive about since young.  If it takes me 30x to tie my hair before it turns out the way i want it to look, i will do it.  Now i want nice curls AND nice hair […]

Really Pissed Off

Now i’m REALLY annoyed with my hair.  First, the curls are almost all gone after the colour + highlight!  And the thing that pisses me off most is that i don’t even like the bloody colour!  Argh!  So i’m going to re-colour tomorrow night… which is almost a guarantee that ALL the curls will be […]

Only the Lonely

    Worked late tonight.  Was in office till 10:30pm.. but at least i finished all the work that needed to be done by tonight, and started on some work that can be delayed till Mon. Original plan was to go to Eon canteen at 6:30pm, then cellgroup at 8:30pm.  But due to the influx […]

Acid Bar

Went to Acid Bar with Azure, AKKK, and AKKK’s pseudo gf.  Rube joined us later.  Had a relatively good time. AKKK still remembers the last time we were at Acid Bar together – that was when Zounds and i bumped into him when we were about to leave and ended up having quite a few […]

Buay Song!

Am very unhappy.  Went to colour and highlight my hair today.  But the base colour came out too dark, and the blonde highlights, instead of being blonde… turned out gold!! This is the colour combi i HATE, DETEST & DESPISE the most.  I always think this is a guy’s hair colour combi… it’s so masculine.  […]

Female Privileges

Yesterday, i got a call from my client… Client: Xiao Jie, your spreadsheet got mistake uh. Thanks for saving me some premium leh. Me: Huh? Really? Where? I’ll go double-check… Client: Yeah, u go check the first line of your spreadsheet. Cannot see the mistake then i take it as i save money on premium. […]

A song without meter and rhyme

I sent the sms but the reply came from another. Sigh. Listening to Tanya Chua’s I’ll Remember You very very softly in office now. Sigh. Will upload the music when i’m home. 🙂       I’ll Remember You Sorry wasn’t good enoughA song without meter and rhymeA long forgotten promise I recalled I made to […]

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