The Power of Association

I’ve never liked tabasco sauce before… always found it too sour and not spicy enough… till my trip to the Philippines when i gorged on fresh oysters drenched with tabasco sauce. Since then, i lurve the taste of tabasco sauce… and i believe it’s ‘cos it reminds me of the wonderful oysters i had in Manila.

Walked past a Jap restaurant during lunch today and my eyes wandered to a particular seat outside the restaurant. Thought about the first (and last) time that i ate at the restaurant… was on the Monday of the week of my birthday and lunch was courtesy of someone. Doesn’t appear as though i’ll be having any food/drink break with that person in the foreseeable future. Still feel a tinge of sadness whenever i walk past any such “landmarks”.

A couple of steps later, i saw TCC on my left. A smile came to my face ‘cos the first (and last) time i was there, was to have coffee with a client-friend after our first non-business lunch. That was nice. Who doesn’t like to make new friends right?

Worked till 11pm today. This is the latest i’ve ever stayed in my company… no thanks to client-friend’s colleague. But oh well… i’ve so far had mostly happy moments in Eon… whether it was during my NTU attachment days 7 years ago, or during the past 10 months that i was with the company again.

Hey!! Today, 28 June, marks my 10th month with Eon!

Anyway, time passes so fast. I do hope that i’ll be able to amass more landmarks of happy memories… till i slowly over-ride all the sad ones.



Incident 1

Iceman and i were having dinner and exploring our new hps when his hp lighted up and a “pring” sounded, indicating that he received an sms. 

While he was replying the message, my hp lighted up and a “trchooo” rang, indicating that i got an sms too.  I looked at Iceman and said:

Me: Ever noticed how the hp always lights up first before the sound alert rings?

Iceman: Yeah..?

Me: U know why?  It’s ‘cos light travels faster than sound.

<Cut canned laughter here>


Incident 2

BFK: The job application form asks why i’m leaving my current job.  What should i write?

Me: Say u’re leaving ‘cos u’re an environmentalist.

BFK: Huh?

Me: Tell them u’re leaving for greener pastures…

<Cue canned laughter here>

There’s No Place I’d Rather Be

The tune pales in comparison with my fave NDP song, “Home”, but i think Kit Chan sings this song so brillantly that it still brings a tear to the eye.  Her voice is so rich with emotion and expressive.  Love it! 



Music & Lyrics by Jimmy Ye

I’ve walked the streets of Cairo and Bombay

I’ve see the neon signs on ole Broadway

I’ve climbed the Eiffel Tower

The Great Wall in one hour

Experienced sweet and sour but that’s okay


Seen Hollywood, the sunsets in LA

The London Bridge, Big Ben, the Thames, UK

I’ve crosssed the River Kwai

Yet still i don’t know why

I think of you each night and every day


There’s no place i’d rather be

You’ll always be a part of me

And even though i’ve roamed the world

It’s still my home i long to see


This is where my family

And my friends grew up with me

So i’ll cross the skies and sail the seas

To be where i wanna be


‘Cos there’s no place i’d rather be

A Rose by any other Name will still have Thorns that Prick

I’ve been haunted by the wonderfully yummylicious oysters i had in Manila since i got back to Singapore.  Asked & surfed around for recommendations on where to find the best fresh oysters in Singapore and i came up with this list:


The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore – Sunday Champagne Brunch

Where: Greenhouse (tel: 6434 5288 / 6337 8888)
Enjoy all-day dining at Greenhouse, which showcases international flavours and local favourites on buffet or á la carte. Seafood aficionados may dive into our delectable buffet dinners and savour Singapore’s iconic dish – chili or peppered crabs, along with a rotation of scallops, oysters, slipper lobsters and Japanese sushi and sashimi.

  • All-day á la carte: 6:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.
  • Buffet breakfast: 6:30 – 10:30 a.m.
  • Buffet lunch: Noon – 2:30 p.m.
  • Buffet dinner: 6:30 – 10.30 p.m.
  • Saturday Teddy Bear Tea buffet: Noon – 3 p.m.
  • Sunday vintage champagne brunch: 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m., offering an unlimited flow of Moët & Chandon, wines and selected cocktails accompanied by freshly shucked oysters, seafood, roasts, 80 French farmhouse cheeses and freshly baked soufflés
  • Advanced reservations recommended


Four Seasons Hotel Singapore – Sunday Brunch At One-Ninety

Where: One-Ninety (tel: 6831 7250 / 6734 1110)
International and Singaporean specialties such as spicy laksa, fragrant chicken rice and wonton noodles are available all-day. Breakfast features a buffet of Asian and contemporary western favourites. On Saturdays, a high tea buffet of local and international delicacies take centre stage. Sunday brunch, complete with champagne, juices, appetisers and buffet stations of Asian and international delights, has something to please every palate.


Meritus Mandarin Singapore – International Buffet

Where: Triple 3, The Buffet Restaurant (tel: 6831 6271/88)
Featuring the widest and most imaginative buffet spread of Eastern and Western flavours with a fresh selection of cold cuts and seafood as well as mouth-watering desserts which will have you lingering for more!

Relish different monthly cuisine coupled with refreshing, new dishes to further appease your discerning palate. A choice to dine al fresco by the pool or in an air-conditioned comfort, Triple 3 is the only buffet restaurant in town to be awarded the ‘Best Buffet’ title by Wine and Dine magazine.


Oyster Nights at The Line

The Line’s gastronomic dinner spread will be enhanced every Tuesday night with over 10 varieties of freshly-shucked oysters from Australia, New Zealand and France, priced at SGD 68 per person. Guests will also enjoy delicious champagne cocktails from The Line Bar at the special price of SGD 10 per glass.

With 16 theatre kitchens offering a range of cuisine from local delights, Chinese delicacies, exquisite Japanese, hearty Western, healthy salads, fresh seafood and decadent desserts including unique ice cream teppanyaki and a chocolate fountain, diners are suitably spoilt for choice.

Valid Dates

Sunday, July 01, 2007 – Tuesday, July 31, 2007


For reservations, please call The Line at (65) 6213 4275.


So i’ve decided to go easy on my alcohol intake and spend money on oysters instead!!  I mean… mnoney spent on drinks and money spent on oysters is still money spent right?  Shall start with the buffet at Meritus Mandarin and come July… i’ll be at Shangri La’s The Line every Tue!  Woohoo! 

Oh damn!  I have tennis on Tue too… maybe i should postpone tennis for 1 mth.

Sick Again

Argh.  Looks like i pushed myself too hard again last week.  Lack of rest capped with tennis yesterday has done me in.  Am sick.  Sniffing, sore throat, and feverish.  🙁  Not sure if i’m going to take MC tomorrow… or rather later today… sigh. 

Just wrote a letter to myself… to be sent 1 year from now.  It’s really cathartic ‘cos u can write about whatever bugs you at this point in time, and put in a happy wish for yourself 1 year down the road.  (OK, i chose 1 year ‘cos anything longer than that is a little too long for me).  Do check the site out –

A colleague of mine, Yv, called this afternoon.  Yv is one of the drinking gals though she’s not in the “inner circle”.  The inner circle would be people like WC, Bubbs, Ratz and me.  But i digress.  Yv called to gather support for the outing to Dragonfly on Friday.  I said ok and WC said she’ll go too if the rest of us are going.  So i guess it’s on.

I remember the last drinking session we had with Yv.  We were in the ladies when she mentioned that she enjoyed being single and how good it was, etc.  Not that i don’t agree with her… but it’s just that when u harp a little more than necessary about how good it is to be single, it makes me wonder if u’re trying to convince yourself that it’s good? 

That said, i must say that Yv is pretty sweet looking.  Hey!  Some guy at the next table even bought her a drink.  I do not know Yv well enough so i don’t know her background.  But she’s a nice enough person to hang out with.

Anyway, someone asked me recently why am i still single.  In fact, the way the person shot shot his questions made me feel a little hurt.  It was the condescending manner in which they were phrased that really pricked me.  Hey, i’ve never boasted how great it was about being single right?  I believe there’re various pros and cons in being single and being in a relationship.  Both have their fair share of joy and pain.

I would not want to be single if i could help it.  (What to do?  Dearth of good guys.)  But if i had to choose between being alone and being in a relationship that i felt was lacking, i would definitely choose the former.  Better to be happy alone than unhappily together.

Happy Days Return

I heard some happy news on Friday.  The new girl in my office has resigned!  Yippee!  She’s been with my company for only 3 weeks but is now taking up an offer by DBS.  Guess she saw Eon as a jumping stone to banking.  Looks like my boss is going to have a headache hiring again… haha.

There was no concrete reason for me to dislike the new gal but i wasn’t happy with her presence ‘cos i felt her title – manager – was unjustified.  The new gal was a newbie, with only 1.5 years of working experience and didn’t really know what a broker did either… so what qualified her to be a manager?  Just because she came from a trade credit insurer??

I told my lunch buddy, KNg about it and he said it could ‘cos she’s an SMU grad.  He said that he’s been interviewing some fresh grads recently and he noticed a distinct difference between the NTU & NUS grads, and the SMU ones. 

He observed that SMU grads had better presentation skills, and they could sell themselves really well.  When asked what did they learn in school, they would give this long citation of their credits & abilities.  However, when probed further, he realised they didn’t know much but even then, they would try to bluff their way through.

The SMU grads were also more concerned about the titles they were given and showed an obvious preference for a grand sounding title.

NTU and NUS grads, on the other hand, were more humble of their abilities and if they really didn’t know the answer to a technical question, they will admit it and add that they were glad to have the opportunity to learn.

So which sort of grad to you think is better?  I think that while it’s important to be able to sell yourself well, it’s not a good thing to boast and pretend to know something when you don’t.  Also, when in a new environment, it’s NOT a good thing to try to stand out too much.  If you’re truly talented, people will discover your capabilities and look up to you.  But if u’re just bullshitting, you rub people up the wrong way.

KNg also told me that apparently SMU has a whole module covering interview skills.  Not a bad idea i suppose as it will probably give fresh grads confidence when they go for interviews.  However, though Singapore may have adopted a lot of western practices in the workplace, we’re nonetheless an Asian society and being brash and overconfident when you’re new is not something that’s going to be accepted in the near future.

Oh well, happy days are here again.  Heehee.

Special Ingredient 1

Went to canteen with my colleagues last Wed.  After a couple of drinks, some of us felt kinda hungry so we went to this bak kut teh place at Boat Quay for dinner.  I love that place ‘cos the soup’s really good… can’t remember the name of the shop…. it’s the one next to some pub called Shin.

The service at the shop’s really good.  The waiter even offered us 2nd servings of soup.  Yummy.  3/4 through our food, we saw the waiter telling the other tables whose food had not arrived yet that “the soup cock up” and so they had to stop selling.

Curious, we stopped the waiter and asked him what’s wrong with the soup.  The waiter’s reply was, “The soup ‘sot’ (canto for mad) already”.

I raised an eyebrow when i heard that and asked the waiter, “Huh?  How can a soup be ‘sot’??”  The waiter repeated what he said and walked away.  By this time, we had finished all our food.  After chatting for a while, we were going to ask for the bill when the boss came out and said, “Tonight’s meal is on the house”.

When i heard this, i was like whoa!  We asked the boss why the meal was on the house and the conversation went like this,

“Tonight’s soup something wrong lah.”, said the boss.

“What do you mean tonight’s soup something wrong?”, i asked in shock.

“The cook tonight not obedient.”, was the reply.

“HAR?  What do you mean the cook not obedient?” my eyes opened wide.

“Usually he ok one.  But tonight he not obedient.”, the boss repeated.

Greatly alarmed, i asked, “Er, what exactly do you mean by ‘not obedient’?”.

The boss then said, “He added some special ingredient in the soup.”

Hearing this, my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.  “What special ingredient did the cook add!!!???”

“Nothing lah.  Just soya sauce.”, was the boss’ reply.

“Soya sauce very special meh?  What’s wrong with that?”, i asked.

The boss went on to explain that his partner is very particular about the standard of the soup.  And by stinging on the meat added into the soup, the cook tried to cover up with adding soya sauce and so the quality of the soup was not as good as usual.  Sounded reasonable though the way the entire thing unfolded was really really weird.

I then asked the boss, is he trying to tell us that we might all get diarrhoea the next day?  The boss laughed and said of course not.  The soup’s really ok.  But if by some freak chance we did get diarrhoea, let him know and he’ll cover our medical bills.

I really didn’t know whether to feel relieved or even more worried when i heard that.  On 1 hand i appreciate the owner’s honesty and integrity/ pride in the food.  But the way they handled the “damage control” was really bad man.  Haha.  Anyway, none of us got stomachache the next day lah… but it was a really really strange experience.