i need more space!

dear friends,

i’m trying to lobby for a bigger cage now.  just look at the pathetic little room i’m given now.  i miss the bungalow compound i used to stay in when i was a little kid.  i don’t know why the bigger i grew, the smaller my home became!  what’s with these humans?!  and u thought downgrading because of high rental rates only affected human expats!

got harassed by the paparazzi again tonight.  my mom went out for an after dinner walk to visit my dad and auntie Peanut.  i didn’t want to go back to my miserable room if my mom was still gallivanting outside right?  so i decided to wait for her and those annoying photographers came and snapped pictures of me again.  totally encroaching on my personal space.  sigh.  when can i EVER have some privacy?  🙁

it’s tough being a star people!


famously yours,