Incident 1

Iceman and i were having dinner and exploring our new hps when his hp lighted up and a “pring” sounded, indicating that he received an sms. 

While he was replying the message, my hp lighted up and a “trchooo” rang, indicating that i got an sms too.  I looked at Iceman and said:

Me: Ever noticed how the hp always lights up first before the sound alert rings?

Iceman: Yeah..?

Me: U know why?  It’s ‘cos light travels faster than sound.

<Cut canned laughter here>


Incident 2

BFK: The job application form asks why i’m leaving my current job.  What should i write?

Me: Say u’re leaving ‘cos u’re an environmentalist.

BFK: Huh?

Me: Tell them u’re leaving for greener pastures…

<Cue canned laughter here>

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