Thought Overdrive

Don’t have much to say actually… that’s why i’ve been posting photos on my blog instead. It’s nice to see some photos sometimes? Nice break from the sea of words? Haha. Got some thoughts on my mind but difficult to put them into writing now.

Going to sleep now… there’s some really old Ch 8 show on TV now. Haha. Got my once fave Sean Say… and my ex-colleague Sebastian Sim! Wahahahahahaha. Hilarious. 😛 Oh no… my colleague’s acting as a wife beater!

The worst thing is not to think too much… but to think about things that are out of your control.


Had lunch with my client today. Really need to find a nick for this client… it’s the one i mentioned in a couple of posts b4… Maybe i’ll just call him “Dash” for now. Anyway, this lunch was arranged since last Thur. But 15min before our appointment time, my boss asked me to have lunch with him and a prospective client. I was like er… should i tell my boss i was having lunch with Dash?? Was kind of weird ‘cos Dash was originally our client, then my boss’ acquaintance/friend first.

In the end, i sms’d Dash to ask if he had left his office already. Dash called and said he was at the bus-stop already. So i told my boss that i was actually meeting Dash for lunch and i couldn’t cancel ‘cos he left office already.

My boss didn’t show any reaction at all. Just said in a very nochalant way that it’s ok… go ahead to have lunch with Dash. I knew my boss, being the super big busybody he was, would surely want to ask more questions… but i played along with him and acted nochalant too.

Lunch was ok. Dash is easygoing and nice to chat with. Not as though this is the first time i’m chatting with him… so it was ok. 🙂

After lunch, my boss casually asked, “So how did lunch with Dash go? Did u all discuss about anything?”. I was like duh! This was a personal lunch what… the way my boss made it sound was as though it was a meeting with a client or something. Haha. I knew his intention was to dig out info… but i diverted the topic away. Haha. I mean, there really isn’t much info to dig lah. Dash is just a client that has now become a friend.


Heard from Beanstalk that there were some rumours circulating about J-san and me. Aiyah… such old news liao. No idea who told Beanstalk about it though. Haha. But i clarified matters. Now Beanstalk is pushing Sharky as a potential candidate. Looks like he doesn’t know about Sharky’s past. Haha. From what my boss said last night, i think he knows about it too. Sharky himself doesn’t remember if he told my boss or not. Haha. Oh well… a lot of things are simplier than they seem. So i’m pretty good friends with Sharky. But that’s it. Friends.


It’s late now. Time to sleep… hair more or less dry… (was waiting for hair to dry after i showered). I had my 3rd tennis lesson tonight. Thoroughly enjoyable. I enjoy whacking the ball hard. Cathartic. Thoughts that can’t be voiced out, can be whacked into obedience.

Life is often more straightforward than what we construe it to be. I just detest my tendency to MM.

Clearing my handphone

Was going through the photos on my hp when i founds these…



Some smart ass thought it was a good idea to name a drink “Anything” and “Whatever” so if someone can’t decide what drink to order and say, “anything” or “whatever”, there’re sales to be made…











Haven’t got the chance to take my workstation yet… but here’s a pic of what’s on top of my CPU – a pink rabbit, a caterpillar truck (courtesy of my client after i did a presentation for them), a jade bunny Iceman bought from China, and a Vietnamese figurine.





Went to Shashlik restaurant at Far East Shopping Centre to celebrate Father’s Day.  This is the Cherry Jubilee dessert.. vanilla ice-cream + cherries fried in brandy!  Totally yummy!  (I have a video of how it’s prepared… haha… but too lazy to upload to youtube).






Pinky at his fave spot as a kid…







“Did i say u can take photo?”







Coffee drops by to visit… Pinky isn’t very pleased (he’s in the cage on the left… got worked up when Coffee popped by).







Pinky checking out Coffee’s public toilet…





Sigh… it’s late, i’m tired and i want to sleep… but my hair’s still wet.  🙁

The Village People

My pseudo bf wants to dump me.  Says i’m an embarrassment to him…

Partner, partner’s wife, shibby and i went to this new restaurant (that looks like and is at the same venue as the old Marche @ Heeren) for dinner just now.  Think it’s called Vil’lage or Vill’age or Vi’llage or some permutation of it.  The food’s pretty much the same as what Marche has, and it operates on the same barcode system too.  Wonder why Marche doesn’t sue them… i mean, if Fish & Co could sue Manhattan Fish for copying their distinctively themed restaurant, why can’t Marche?  Strange.

Dinner ended about 8:30pm and Partner & wife had to go off for another birthday celebration.  Shibby and i decided to walk around a bit.  Told him i wanted to check out this shop called Flowers in the Attic.  I believe Kit Chan’s a partner of that shop… but anyway, we walked 1 round around the 4th floor of Heeren but we couldn’t find the shop.  So we went to check the directory and it showed that the shop was on the 4th floor.

I looked at Shibby and said, “That’s strange.  The 4th floor is so small how come we can’t find the shop?”

Shibby answered, “There’s another section over there what.  Didn’t you know?”

“OH!  I DIDN’T SEE THAT.  WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH”, i exclaimed & burst out laughing.

Shibby looked at me with a deadpan expression and said, “U’re embarrassing me.  Next time keep your surprise to yourself”.

Win liao lor.  Sigh. 

Walked around Heeren a bit more.  Not in the mood to shop but i somehow still managed to buy a ring from Swatch.  Haha.  The ring’s shaped like a snowflake.  Heehee.  Matches my white snowflake Christmas edition watch i bought from Swatch last year.  Hiak hiak.

Here’re 2 pics i took of Pinky this afternoon.  Was pouring the whole morning and early afternoon.  Pinky and Horlicks were obviously enjoying the weather.  Hehe.


Tried to sneak up to take a photo of them sleeping but Pinky jumped up from his sleeping position.  He’s quite paranoid about being sneaked up upon.






After he realised it was me, he went back to sleep.. using the ledge of the washing area as his pillow.  Haha.




It’s Father’s Day tomorrow.  Any plans people?

Happier Times

This is a photo i posted in my friendster page.  The caption i used was “Happier Times”.  The reason why i described it such is ‘cos this is a photo that i took with an ex-bf… and another couple in the photo have also fallen out with the rest of us in salsa… and another gal in the photo is now divorced from her husband and has Singapore (probably for good). 

The photo was taken at the West Coast Salsa Congress in LA in May 2004.  Who would have thought that in a span of 3 years, things would change so drastically?

Okie… time to get dressed for my pseudo bf’s birthday dinner.  Should take more photos to remember happy times by.  After all we’ll be “breaking up” the next Chinese New Year… 😛

Distance Draws People Closer

Met up with Buddy and another friend from our NTU orientation group for lunch yesterday.  It was interesting to catch up since i’ve not met this friend for about 9 months?  Didn’t even know that he’s currently based in HK till yesterday.  Buddy was the one who arranged the lunch and the only reason why it happened was ‘cos Buddy and our friend bumped into each other at the lift lobby of their office building.  They’re both working for the same bank, but Bud’s based in SG while our friend’s based in HK.

After lunch yesterday, i was inspired to send an email to Qingfu.  He was supposed to let me know way back in Feb if he was taking up a new job in SG or going to US to study.  My sms to him before my Manila trip went unanswered but i just never got down to sending him an email.  And so i did.  Got a reply a couple of hours later.  Qingfu is now doing his Masters in Financial Engineering at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.  Prestigious huh?  Haha.  Got his MSN contact too and we chatted a little today.  Saw the photos he posted online too.  Really cool.  🙂  I foresee us talking a lot more now that he’s overseas… haha.

I’ve been thinking of reasons to explain this phenomenon.  Is it human nature to overlook friends when they’re nearby (as in when they’re in the same country)?  Perhaps we don’t feel the urgency to meet ‘cos “there’s always the next time”.  But once these friends go abroad to study / work, that’s when we realise that the time we have with them whenever they’re back for home visits is limited… and so we grab the opportunity to meet up with them.

All this reminds me of a line from the show My Date with a Vampire III.  A character in the show said (translated roughly), “The time limit of love on earth makes it all the more precious.”  Sigh.  How true… if only because all good things must come to an end.


Finally got down to doing my claims for my Manila trip today.  The hotel was expensive man… S$1400+ for a 4-night stay.  But oh well… it’s on company’s expense.  Heh.  Doesn’t matter.  Haha.  I enjoyed the room.  The secretary told me that the reason why the room rates were so expensive was ‘cos the single rooms were all fully booked and hence i was booked on the deluxe room.  Muahaha.  😛

Here are some pics:


My room on the first night.  Really huge with 2 super single beds (i think – the beds were just slightly smaller than queen beds!).  Also had a couch and a spacious study desk.  🙂






Patience loved the bed.  Konked out immediately upon arrival.





The bathroom was impressive – large with separate bath & shower areas.  There was even this magnifying mirror with an attached light!







This was the mini-bar area.  Impressive huh?






Shifted to a slightly smaller room with a huge (at least) king size bed the 2nd night ‘cos i was on a smoking floor the first night.  Nonetheless, no complaints!  🙂





The excellent level of room service – i dumped my toiletries on the counter top and when the chambermaid/ chamberguy cleaned my room, my things were arranged nicely on a linen hanky!






Night view from my room – facing Glorietta 3 (1 of the many shopping malls in the vicinity).






Same view but during the day.






Had dinner at some fancy Italian restaurant 1 night.  This soup was served with the ingredients (lobster, clam and can’t remember what else) on the plate dry… then the soup poured in!  Interesting!  Heh.






“The Fort” – another Ayala land development that reminds me of Clarke Quay.






The Filipino version of pisang goreng – with icecream too!







My fave restaurant – Via Mare Oyster Bar at Greenbelt 4!  *Slurp*






I had 10 baked oysters with San Miguel Light and…






8 raw oysters with gin tonic on my last night in Makati.  The waiter eyed me curiously… and finally couldn’t suppress his curiousity and asked where i was from.  Haha.  All Filipinos i met claimed they’re big eaters.  They’ve not seen a real big eater man…




Still had strong craving for the oysters so i went back to the Oyster Bar for 8 more raw oysters and a cheesy onion soup (the best i’ve ever tried!) before i went to the airport to catch my flight back to Singapore.


I love Makati City, Manila!  🙂

Tiring Weddings

Weddings are such terribly terribly tiring events!  Today was my first experience at being a receptionist – for my cousin, Cpt Soh’s wedding.  It was a hectic affair… and i was quite annoyed with one of his colleagues who kept disrupting our system of ticking off the guests who have arrived on a list of names sorted alphabetically.  He kept identifying his colleagues and ticking them off on a list that showed how the tables were sorted, and then throwing the angbaos to us (me and another cousin who were the receptionists for the groom’s side) and barking out their first names.  Like WTH man.  Our list of names were sorted by surnames.  Like how the hell am i supposed to know that “Ah Kow” has the surname “Tan”??  And whenever we sought clarification from him, he would say, “Ah Kow Ah Kow!  Pay attention.  I said the name already”.

Wah lau.  If it wasn’t my cousin’s wedding, i would have so given it to him.  Like slap his face and kick his balls man.  I really had to bite my tongue and tell myself that it’s ok.  He’s probably from the army and that’s how army guys talk.  BUT SO WHAT RIGHT?  Wouldn’t u be pissed off if u had someone barking at u non-stop??  Like hello!  I don’t owe u a living lor.  Idiot.

Got identified again at the recept table.  Saw a rather familiar face and the guy stared at me… but i just kept quiet ‘cos i had no idea who he was… i mean, his face was only vaguely familiar.  He said my name first and i was like, “Er, are u from TJ too?”.  Then he said, “No?!  Hall 11?” 

Didn’t help ‘cos i still couldn’t remember who he was and so i asked for his name.  Ah… i remembered the name though i didn’t remember his face.  He was 1 year my junior in the hall… and i believe he took over my place in some committee after i left.  Heh.  Anyway, i refuse to blame myself for not recognising him ‘cos the HJ from Hall 11 i remember was thin.  Very thin.  The guy who appeared in front of me today?  Not thin.  Sigh.  What’s with all this weight gain man.  Sheesh.

 Anyway, finally got to wear my ao dai.  Heehee.  Very happy to put it to good use.  Got lots of compliments on it too. 

Okie… nap time… dozed off a few times while driving home from the hotel.  Soooo exhausted.  🙁

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday once again to Adam, Superman and Socks!!  Heh… sent out a Happy Birthday sms at the same time… though i know it isn’t quite Superman’s birthday yet ‘cos he lives in Seattle… but my cousin’s getting married 10 June as well and i didn’t want to miss wishing Superman a happy birthday, in case i get really busy at the wedding reception later.

Hope you guys have a really good Sunday, and may the Lord continue to bless u.  🙂

Flower No Power!

I am extremely displeased.  Went to do a manicure + pedicure at Nail Bliss (OUB Centre) today.  Paid an extra $6 for the gal to draw a single blue flower each on my thumbs.  I was not very happy when i saw the gal whip out a box of poster colours to draw the blue flower, instead of using nail polish to draw the flower!  This is the first time i’ve seen a shop use poster colour to draw nail art!  How cheapskate is that man!

After the flowers were drawn, i was asked to wait a little while for them to dry, and then another gal came to apply a top coat of clear nail polish for me.  But she obviously didn’t apply it carefully ‘cos 1 of the flower (both flowers) got washed off when i washed my hands after i left Nail Bliss, and another 2.5 petals got washed off after i showered.

Damn pissed now.  What sort of slipshod work is this man!  U bet they’re gonna get it from me on Mon.  Grrr… now instead of having pretty nails for my cousin’s wedding tomorrow, i’m going to have 2.5 petals on my thumb.  Bloody hell man.  Really pissed.  I can’t even clean the stupid flower off ‘cos i don’t have nail polish the same colour as the rest of the nail.  Argh!  I hope the owner is at the shop on Mon.  So i can scold her, or her husband directly.  People pay so much for the damn manicure package, and then pay extra for her lousy manicurist to draw a stupid flower (the standard of the nail art at Nail Bliss is the WORST amongst all the nail art i’ve done in Singapore) and they want to scrimp and save and use post colour.  WTF man! 

Compared to the excellently drawn flowers i had on all 10 fingers when i did a manicure in Ho Chi Minh for S$12, i feel ripped off by Nail Bliss.  Grr… hell hath no fury like UptownGal’s flower petals ripped off.  Now i’ll have to go rip the stupid shop apart on Mon.  Grr… damn farking pissed.  Not going to sign another package with Nail Bliss once i complete my current package.  Will prob. try out Fave Nails, which is also at OUB Centre. 

Duly Surprised

Our 5min conversation on MSN 2 nights back ended with HD saying that he was going to iron his clothes and “chat with you tomorrow k”.  I didn’t take him very seriously.  It was as good as a “cya later” kind of way to end a conversation.  But HD did come online again last night and i purposely waited for him to message me first, and we actually had a rather decent 20min chat. 

What’s my point here?  Er, none actually.  Just that i don’t like cliffhangers and so i feel that every thread that had any “unfinished biz” should be tidied up every now and then.

Okie.  Sleepy time.  Going to have a manicure done later today even though i’ll have to pass on the pedicure.  :S