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Thought Overdrive

Don’t have much to say actually… that’s why i’ve been posting photos on my blog instead. It’s nice to see some photos sometimes? Nice break from the sea of words? Haha. Got some thoughts on my mind but difficult to put them into writing now. Going to sleep now… there’s some really old Ch 8 […]

Clearing my handphone

Was going through the photos on my hp when i founds these…     Some smart ass thought it was a good idea to name a drink “Anything” and “Whatever” so if someone can’t decide what drink to order and say, “anything” or “whatever”, there’re sales to be made…             […]

The Village People

My pseudo bf wants to dump me.  Says i’m an embarrassment to him… Partner, partner’s wife, shibby and i went to this new restaurant (that looks like and is at the same venue as the old Marche @ Heeren) for dinner just now.  Think it’s called Vil’lage or Vill’age or Vi’llage or some permutation of […]

Happier Times

This is a photo i posted in my friendster page.  The caption i used was “Happier Times”.  The reason why i described it such is ‘cos this is a photo that i took with an ex-bf… and another couple in the photo have also fallen out with the rest of us in salsa… and another […]

Distance Draws People Closer

Met up with Buddy and another friend from our NTU orientation group for lunch yesterday.  It was interesting to catch up since i’ve not met this friend for about 9 months?  Didn’t even know that he’s currently based in HK till yesterday.  Buddy was the one who arranged the lunch and the only reason why it […]


Finally got down to doing my claims for my Manila trip today.  The hotel was expensive man… S$1400+ for a 4-night stay.  But oh well… it’s on company’s expense.  Heh.  Doesn’t matter.  Haha.  I enjoyed the room.  The secretary told me that the reason why the room rates were so expensive was ‘cos the single […]

Tiring Weddings

Weddings are such terribly terribly tiring events!  Today was my first experience at being a receptionist – for my cousin, Cpt Soh’s wedding.  It was a hectic affair… and i was quite annoyed with one of his colleagues who kept disrupting our system of ticking off the guests who have arrived on a list of names sorted alphabetically.  He kept identifying […]

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday once again to Adam, Superman and Socks!!  Heh… sent out a Happy Birthday sms at the same time… though i know it isn’t quite Superman’s birthday yet ‘cos he lives in Seattle… but my cousin’s getting married 10 June as well and i didn’t want to miss wishing Superman a happy birthday, in […]

Flower No Power!

I am extremely displeased.  Went to do a manicure + pedicure at Nail Bliss (OUB Centre) today.  Paid an extra $6 for the gal to draw a single blue flower each on my thumbs.  I was not very happy when i saw the gal whip out a box of poster colours to draw the blue flower, […]

Duly Surprised

Our 5min conversation on MSN 2 nights back ended with HD saying that he was going to iron his clothes and “chat with you tomorrow k”.  I didn’t take him very seriously.  It was as good as a “cya later” kind of way to end a conversation.  But HD did come online again last night […]

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