Cheers without Fears

Had a department dinner/drinks thingy after work today.  Main purpose was to welcome the new girl in my office, Miss “Never Reached My Limit Before”, since the the last time the dept went to Eon Canteen, i was on MC and so it wasn’t full attendance.

There was a huge turnout at canteen today ‘cos the people on the 25th floor were celebrating the Eon Reinsurance director’s birthday and an ex-Eonian’s (whose husband is still with our IT dept) birthday.  As usual, lots of drinks went round and next thing i knew, i walked into the toilet to find the ex-Eonian dead drunk.  She was passed out on the floor next to the toilet bowl.  In fact, her head was hidden behind the toilet bowl when i saw her.  Thoroughly unglam.  Some of the other girls were trying to get her to sober up and at least come out of the toilet but she was soooo dead drunk she couldn’t even stand up.

Despite all our efforts – there were 5 of us – we only managed to haul her out of the cubicle and placed her across 2 plastic chairs in the toilet.  This is the first time i’ve experienced someone so drunk that the person is (as in Iceman’s words) dead weight.  We had to call her husband to leave his night class early to come and get her – literally.  He had to come into the toilet and carry her out and another girl arranged for her husband to send them home.  Sigh.

I really don’t understand why someone would drink till they’re so drunk.  I can’t imagine the massive hangover she’s going to have tomorrow.  Why ruin your weekend like that?  As with this other new chap who got drunk last Wed (as in on the eve of Vesak Day)… he totally could not remember who was drinking with him and how he got home.  The worst thing was, his boss (who is also the Ji  Ko Pek no. 3 in the company) and the ah-beng from his dept abandoned him at Balaclava and walked away saying they didn’t know him!  Once again, it was left to the girls i hang out with (this was the day i was on MC) to take care of him.

How gone was he? 

1) He fell asleep on the sofa at Balaclava and tumbled off.

2) When WC gave him water to drink, he poured the water over himself instead.  Warm water…

3) The ah-beng gave him a cigarette to smoke and he fell asleep smoking, and dropped the ciggie!  Luckily the ciggie fell on the floor and didn’t burn a hole on the sofa or his clothes or something.  (Actually i say serve him right if the ciggie burnt him!)

4) He couldn’t even give his full address when 2 girls decided to send him home.  The girls had to hunt the entire neighbourhood to find his block.

5) Whilst in the cab on the way home, he couldn’t sit properly on the seat and the 2 girls had to haul him up everytime he slid off. 

6) After finding his place finally, the 2 girls had to support him (he couldn’t walk properly) to his flat… they had to walk down 2 levels of stairs ‘cos the lift didn’t stop on his floor.

I don’t know why the girls bothered man.  But it’s comforting to know that should i ever get dead drunk, i know i can count on the girls to take care of me.  The sense of camaraderie is great… though i wouldn’t have bothered with the stupid new chap who was so drunk.  Had i been there that night, he would have spent the night on the floor at Balaclava.

What i don’t agree with most is when these drunkards say that someone got them drunk.  ‘Cos no one can get you drunk except yourself.  People should take responsibility for their actions!

Anyway, there’s a good chance that the new chap may be spending one night next week on the floor of some pub.  ‘Cos he was such an ingrate – had to be scolded before he came to return the cab fare to the girl who sent him back, and when someone told him that he should buy all the girls lunch  for taking care of him at Balaclava, he only offered to treat the girl who sent him home, but specified in his email “limited budget hor”.  How crap is that man!?!  And the thing that takes the cake?  He had the audacity to say that he heard that Eon girls drink very well and he wants to drink with us!

Some people just don’t learn their lesson i guess.  Heh.  Half the company’s after his blood now ‘cos word got round (we have an excellent grapevine infrastructure in the company) and everyone’s determined to teach this new chap a lesson (me included).  Oh… there’s 1 part of the story that i forgot to mention… while searching for his wallet to find his NRIC to get his full address, the girls found a bible in his bag.  🙁  Doesn’t do much good for the reputation of Christians in my office with very few believers.  Sigh!

Back to Miss “Never Reached My Limit Before” – we managed to get her to drink about 3 glasses of beer and 1 gin tonic but that’s all.  She escaped before we could test her limits further.

Anyhow, to wrap the post up, here’s a really gross photo of my toe… my shoe slipped on the edge of a step and my toe hit the ground… cracked the upper corner of my left big toenail and bled all the way to supper.  Didn’t realise my toe was bleeding at first… till my shoe got sticky with the blood.  But i didn’t want to kick up a fuss so i continued walking… and bleeding.  You know, if i pass out tomorrow, that’s ‘cos i lost too much blood, what with my bleeding nose (had fever last week which led to a very bad sore throat, which led to ear infection and nose bleeds), bleeding pimple, and now bleeding toe.  Sigh.

Ok, Iceman, if i kick the bucket, you can have my N95.  Azure has first charge over my new lappy (which i’m typing this on while i relax in bed), but my mom’s going to take my coach bag ok?

i need more space!

dear friends,

i’m trying to lobby for a bigger cage now.  just look at the pathetic little room i’m given now.  i miss the bungalow compound i used to stay in when i was a little kid.  i don’t know why the bigger i grew, the smaller my home became!  what’s with these humans?!  and u thought downgrading because of high rental rates only affected human expats!

got harassed by the paparazzi again tonight.  my mom went out for an after dinner walk to visit my dad and auntie Peanut.  i didn’t want to go back to my miserable room if my mom was still gallivanting outside right?  so i decided to wait for her and those annoying photographers came and snapped pictures of me again.  totally encroaching on my personal space.  sigh.  when can i EVER have some privacy?  🙁

it’s tough being a star people!


famously yours,


Surprise Me

A friend asked me just now how do i find the energy to blog so often.  I said i just have a lot of pent up angst that needs releasing.  Heh.  And that’s the way i am.  I seldom bottle my feelings up and when i’m upset about something, i will whine and whine till it’s all out of my system, and then the pragmatic side of me takes over, and i get on with life.  After all, no matter how shitty things turn out, and no matter how much u whine, time doesn’t stand still for anyone right?  Things change, people move on, so we just have to put the past behind us and put our best foot forward.

Met HD in a group setting last Saturday and Sunday.  Everything was ok but yet it felt a little strange ‘cos i cannot remember how it feels like to be friends with him.  Sure i can remember some private jokes we had but not how it feels?  Hmm… it was ok yet strange.

When i got home just now, first thing i did was to boot up my lappy (new toy mah).  Once i got connected to MSN, i glanced through the contact list to look for Iceman or Azure to tell them that i bought my mouse already.  Going through the list, i saw HD online.  I was surprised.  He’s in Tianjin now and i didn’t think he would come on MSN.  After all, he had quit MSN for over a year before we started hanging out and i never saw him online after we had our “talk” on Labour Day.

Perhaps he was really really bored in Tianjin, which by his own admission, is a “sparse town”.  Perhaps he’s not avoiding me anymore and so he was willing to venture online to alleviate his boredom.  Perhaps someone else has become his bad online habit.  *Shrugs*.  He has become a mysterious stranger.  So who knows right?

I still don’t think the friendship will ever be like before.  We hadn’t known each other long enough for the friendship, while intense, to develop to a mature and stable one.  It’s not like Iceman and me – everytime we have a disagreement, we are always able to work things out.  Whatever the case, it doesn’t really matter though i would say, i hope to be surprised.


P.S. I think Airbus has gone into Hibernate mode again… but that’s a story for another day.

Drama Happens Everywhere

Hello everyone!  This is my first post using my newly bought Toshiba Protege M500-1021E laptop.  Been thinking of buying a laptop for a couple of weeks now ‘cos my desktop’s getting kinda slow and since WLAN’s so freely available now, i figured i might as well get a laptop instead of a desktop for my next pc upgrade.

After my Great Laptop Hunt, i finally settled on the Toshiba Protege M500.  Went to Sim Lim Sq (SLS) with Azure, Papa Smurf and his colleague after work yesterday.  Most of the shops were selling the M500 for $2599.  Finally found a shop on the fourth floor, PA Mart, selling it for $2399, with free upgrade of RAM from 512M to 2G, and a 2-year (instead of 1 year) International Warranty thrown in!  Was so happy about it.

But not wanting to give up on my great M500 hunt, i went to the shop next to PA Mart (can’t remember the name now) and asked for the price of the M500.  The salesman quoted me $2599 so i asked him why can’t he sell for $2399, if the shop next door could?  The salesman looked genuinely surprised and called his supplier to find out if there was a new price for the M500.  After the call, the salesman said he could match the terms of PA Mart but he said to convince me he could give me the best deal, he asked me to go back to PA Mart, get the best offer from them, and he’ll match the offer plus throw in something extra.

Although i felt really bad… like in a super bitch of SLS way, i nevertheless thickened my skin and trotted back to PA Mart.  Told the sales guy that another shop managed to match his offer and asked if he could give me a better price.  After a bit of bargaining, the sales guy lowered the price to $2330 and offered to throw in a 1G Toshiba thumbdrive (it was that or some brand of mouse called “Lucky”).  I thanked him and said i needed to discuss financing options with Azure and would be back. 

Azure and i then went back to the 2nd shop and told the salesman what was the offer from PA Mart.  The salesman then called his supplier again but this time, his supplier didn’t answer the phone.  While waiting for the salesman to get hold of this supplier, the sales guy from PA Mart saw Papa Smurf and his colleague hanging around the corridor between the 2 shops and he told them that the best price he could offer was $2257, with all the free upgrades & freebies, and asked them to pass me the message.

When Papa Smurf and his colleague told me about it, i couldn’t help but laugh.  It was really quite comical seeing the 2 shops pit for my business.  I really preferred the service from the sales guy of the 2nd shop… but hey, money talks so… bo pian lah.  Bought the lappy from PA Mart ‘cos it was near closing time and the sales guy from the 2nd shop still couldn’t reach his supplier.

The sales guy from the 2nd shop was really cool about it too.  He said, “It’s ok lah.  We always do this sort of free job.  This time let them do lah”.  (Ok, i know that doesn’t sound very nice but he really didn’t say it in a sore loser kind of way but in a jovial, joking way).

Anyway, the new laptop came home with me.  Hehe.  Am very happy with my purchase though the lappy felt a little lonely today because it was home all alone while i was at work.  So i went to Harvey Norman after work today to get a pet mouse to accompany it.  Got some cheapo mouse (brand – Travelpac?!) but i thought it looked pretty… white with a pink flower on it.  The scroll button lights up in white when the mouse is plugged into the USB port.  🙂  Hehe.  Neat little mouse that has a retractable cord.

So here’s the first post from my new laptop.  Hmm… seems like the batt only lasts 3 hrs with the WLAN connected.  Oh well… affordable notebook at a reasonable weight.  Can’t complain about it.  🙂

Making of Happy Birthday

Was surfing Youtube when i came across this clip of the making of the movie Happy Birthday.  *Sniff*.  So touching.  🙁  *Sob*  Did u know the storyline was written by Rene Liu?  Sigh… 🙁

I like what Rene Liu says somewhere in the middle of the interview – “I believe in love that lasts forever, but i will train myself to not believe that everything will last forever.  ‘Cos i believe if u adjust your expectations to something shorter, then if it lasts longer, u’ll feel like u’ve gained something” 

And something she says at the end is very touching too – “When we were young, our notion of ‘love’ may be heavily influenced by romantism in Qiong Yao’s novels, but in real life, that’s not what love is all about.  All those happy stories are but a ‘moment’ in time.  And a person’s life is strung together by many many ‘moments’.


Here’s the trailer of the movie.


Here’s the themesong sang by Rene Liu.


Really gotta get the movie.  Such a fantastic show.  Sigh.  Happy moments are often fleeting and hurting moments are also forgotten with the passing of time.  We can only cherish the happy ones and use the memories of it to mask the sad ones.

Here are the lyrics of the themesong:

i love you
i miss you
i love you
i miss you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you

The Great Laptop Hunt

Been thinking of upgrading my pc lately… but instead of getting a desktop, i thought of getting a laptop since WLAN’s so readily available these days.  Might as well get something portable so i can start blogging from coffee joints or something right?  That would be cool.  (I enjoy being a geek on weekends).

Had my heart set on the Lenovo Thinkpad X60 but nearly suffered a heart attack after seeing its price tag of S$2,999 at the pcshow over the weekend.  A old friend from singnet recommended his vendor to me… and the vendor quoted me S$2,700 for the same model.  Still steep by my standards… sigh… though the X60 was quite the dream notebook – ultralight at 1.5kg, long batt life of up to 5 hrs (verified by my boss who’s using this same model), fast processor, etc.  Only drawback was that it was kind of ugly lah.  Plain, black, uninspiring little machine.

After hearing about my price concerns, the vendor suggested that i checked out the latest Macbooks that run on Intel chips, as they could be installed with a dual boot function, allowing a user to use Windows OS on the Macbook.  Sounded good i thought… so i trotted down to the Mac shop after work today.  Hmm… i thought i would fall in love with the white glossy finish of the Macbook.  But no leh.  Wasn’t very impressed with it… if anything, the Mac OS itself irritated me ‘cos i knew i would never be bothered to switch from using the Windows platform.  Plus the keyboard, with its wide-spaced keys weren’t easy to use either.  This was 1 keyboard that i couldn’t type with my eyes closed and get all the words correct.  Amazing.  I have really long fingers as it is and i have difficulty typing?!  Wonder how do people with shorter fingers cope?!?

Heard about how the Macbook tends to heat up very quickly too… so that’s another big minus factor… and of ‘cos support is not cheap for a Mac.  And have i mentioned that it weighs a hefty 2.36kg?  Sigh.  The one and only thing that retained my attraction for the Macbook was that it’s comparatively cheap at S$1,788.  But even that i have a quibble with.  Why does the same model cost US$1,099 on the Apple website?  Hey, the SGD to USD conversion rate was SGD1.52 = USD1 the last time i checked lor.  Why the jump in price when it’s sold in stores in Singapore huh?

Decided to come home to do more research.  Browsed through the various brands of notebooks on the Cnet Asia website and eventually decided that i’ll probably settle for the Toshiba Protege M500 notebook.  Going to give the vendor a call again tomorrow to see if he can offer a good price for this model.  Found an online site selling it for S$2,399, which means i expect the vendor to give  me an even better price!  At 1.86kg, 4hrs of batt life, and a rather nice white finish, i guess the Protege M500 is a good compromise between the X60 and the Macbook.

Sigh… bye bye X60.  Too bad Eon decided against buying you for me.  *Sniff*.  Though i was quite obsessed about you the past week, all good things must come to an end.  So… yeah, sigh… i’m almost over you. 

In memory of my short love for the X60, here’s a song i heard on the radio on the way home just now – Sheena Easton’s Almost Over You.



ALMOST OVER YOU by Sheena Easton

I saw an old friend of ours today
She asked about you
I didn’t quite know what to say
Heard you’ve been making the rounds ’round here
While i’ve been trying to make tears disappear……

Now i’m almost over you
I’ve almost shook these blues
So when you come back around
After painting the town, you’ll see
I’m almost over you…

You’re such a sly one with your cold, cold heart
Maybe leaving came easy
But it tore me apart
Time heals all wounds, they say and I should know
‘Cause it seems like forever
But i’m letting you go….

Now i’m almost over you
I’ve almost shook these blues
So when you come back around
After painting the town, you’ll see
I’m almost over you….

I can forgive you and soon i’ll forget
All those shattered dreams
Although you’ve left me with nothing to show
Full of misery….

Now i’m almost over you
I’ve almost shook these blues
So when you come back around
After painting the town, you’ll see
I’m almost over you…

How Many Times Can Love Return

Saw the movie Happy Birthday starring Rene Liu and Louis Koo on my flight to Manila.  Amazing show.  Some parts were so funny that i had to cover my mouth hard ‘cos i was bursting with laughter… and some parts were so sad my eyes swelled with tears.  Was quite a torture trying to hold back my tears when lunch was being served!  It was like, “I’ll like the…” *sniff* “fish please”.

It was a simple movie.  Simple plot but beautifully shot.  Directed by my favourite director too – Jingle Ma.  His style is soooo recognisable… and it’s probably no coincidence that the other HK movie that i love, Summer Holiday, was also shot by him.

Anyway, the movie was about how this pair of college lovers, Louis Koo and Rene Liu were together, and were not together, over the years.  They never officially “broke up” but somehow just as distance separated them, time brought them together again.  Rene Liu always had insecurities about herself and the relationship ‘cos she was deeply scarred by her mom walking out on the family when she was a child.  And Louis Koo was quite the ladies’ man, flirting around constantly though he knew that the only woman he would ever marry was Rene Liu.

Then one day, Louis Koo told Rene Liu that he was marrying someone else.  Rene Liu was devastated.  ‘Cos throughout the years, even during the times when they were “not together”, they were always part of each others’ lives… keeping in touch through sms, ICQ, etc.  Their exchanges may be about small little things like a blackout caused by an earthquake, or complaints about exam stress, the purchase of a new car, etc… but through these little things, it was as though they were never apart.

After Louis Koo supposedly “got married and migrated to Shanghai”, both of them would still send each other a “happy birthday” greeting during their birthdays.  This went on for 3 years.  Then this year (forgot to mention that the movie starts in the present but the story unfolds in flashbacks), Louis Koo forgot to send Rene Liu a birthday greeting and she’s very upset of ‘cos.  The greeting eventually comes… 2 days late (if i don’t recall wrongly)… and Rene Liu is happy again. 

But (here comes the twist), their group of college friends then find out that Louis Koo passed away 6 months before Rene Liu’s current birthday… and that he never got married.  Louis Koo was diagnosed with rectal cancer and went away for 3 years to seek treatment.  But he couldn’t be cured and so before his death, he instructed his sister to continue to send Rene Liu a happy birthday message on his behalf.  (Oh damnit… i’m feeling soppy again!).  So sad right?  :`(  Boohoohoo.  *Sniff*

Anyway, i could really identify with various parts of the movie.  Like how it feels to wait for an greeting on your birthday… that totally reminded me of an old old friend of mine.  When he went overseas to study (which btw, the first time Louis Koo and Rene Liu were seperated was ‘cos he went overseas to study), we would chat on ICQ, and IRC, and we would talk on the phone pretty often too.  That slowly watered down to a birthday card snail mailed during each others’ birthdays… then it became a e-greeting… which eventually downgraded into an sms… and one day, it just stopped.  Well, he stopped… i still wish him happy birthday as i do with most of my friends.  Sigh. 

Actually i always knew that the birthday greetings would stop one day… and every year i got an sms wishing me happy birthday, it made the wait the next year worse.  I would start thinking about whether the greeting would come like 1 week before my birthday?  And the anticipation and anxiety would grow as my birthday drew nearer.  Then came one year when my birthday came and went… and no sms greeting came.  That was when i knew i was out of his life, permanently.  Sigh.

Another thing that i identified with the movie was when Rene Liu suggested being “best friends” with Louis Koo, versus being in a relationship ‘cos couples break up but best friends don’t, and she wanted to see Louis Koo for the rest of her life.  Don’t you think this is so true?  Sigh.  I mean, this is something that has certainly crossed my mind many times before.  This is definitely one way of preventing future “collateral damage”.  (Not to mention not getting involved with your buddy’s ex-gf/bf, which is a topic for another time).

A third thing that rang true for me, and i believe this is the case for many of us, is how sometimes you might have this incredible urge to just send an sms to tell someone what you’re doing?  And even though whatever you write in your sms may not warrant a reply, the other party will nevertheless respond because it’s just such a natural thing to do?  Just touching base with each other?

Oh well, there were other issues / themes / whatever you call it raised in the movie that i really identified with… but it’s 2:58am now and i’m working tomorrow (though T.G.I.F!) so i’ll have to end the post here.  Here’s a song that i’ve heard before but never appreciated the lyrics till it was featured in the movie…











Collateral Damage

Two couples i know, both of which have been dating a long time, just broke up recently.  1 couple had been dating for 4 years, and the other 8 years.  I don’t know whether ‘incompatibility’ is a valid reason for a break up.  ‘Cos there are couples who do not seem to fit together at all, but their love is strong enough to bind them together.  Perhaps it’s the divergence of beliefs and dreams, and the increased number of choices that people have nowadays that make relationships so extra fragile.  Or maybe it’s just that we are becoming a more selfish lot, rushing into relationships more impulsively, and then running out even faster.

The first couple mentioned above belong to the same clique of friends and with their break up, which was initiated by the gal, she feels that it’s only right that she gives both of them a bit of space and so she won’t be hanging out with the clique of friends for a while… which is (i think) the right thing to do.  She said it was “collateral damage”.  A very apt description indeed.

A guy i used to go out with got married recently.  We’ve always kept in touch after our break up.  Maybe not frequently… but he would always refer any real estate deals to me (when i was still in the industry) and we would always say hi whenever we saw each other.  But after his wedding invitations went out, he looked right past me whenever our paths crossed.  Only one way to describe this – collateral damage.  I always refer to his now wife as a 3rd party, though to be fair, i will add that they only got together “officially” after we broke up.  But hey, what’s in a name?  A rose by any other name smells as sweet?  A nail stepped on by either foot would be as painful?

Then there’s my most recent dating fiasco.  My “former friend” is not only giving me a wide berth… even my poor sayang gets protracted replies from this guy with regard to group outings and the like.  I kind of suspect this “former friend” is hesitant in replying ‘cos he’s not sure if i’ll be there.  Sometimes i am, sometimes i’m not.  Whatever the case, get over it mate!  People move on you know.  He always said he uses a snail emoticon in his MSN nick ‘cos his life is moving too slowly for him.  Hmm… maybe that explains it huh?

Well, tragic as it is, the most common collateral damage is and will always be, friendship.