Today is Qingfu as well as Sharkey’s birthday!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!

Qingfu, hope u get a good deal for your internship.  Hope to see u really really soon!

Sharky, nice to have a good friend at work.  May your future soar now that your dept has about cleaned out?  Hahaha.  (Oh well, he’s not going to see this… i’m not telling him my blog URL.. not yet at least.)  :p

Flaky Patience

I received a bit of flak for my last post.  Haha.  Well, just take it that i’m PMSing.  Disdain towards driving notwithstanding.

The bible study session we had last night touched on patience… and i cited irritating colleagues (the current top 2 would be Bouncy and Wet Cockles) as the main test on my patience.  Perhaps it’s God’s way of moulding my character.  Haha.

Still, don’t expect many free lifts from me.  Haha.