Complimentary Warning!

Going to attend a wedding at Fullerton later.. which reminds me… the last time i was there for a wedding, i got charged $5 for the complimnentary parking coupon the hotel gave.  Felt damn cheated lor.  First time i came across a hotel that charges $$ for  complimentary coupon holders!  Sigh.

Thinking of parking at Golden Shoe later and then walk over to Fullerton… make full use of my season parking at Golden Shoe… but looks like it’s going to rain now… and if it does… means i won’t be able to park at GS ‘cos i wouldn’t want to carry an umbrella to the wedding dinner!

Sigh.  🙁


Just wanted to say that i didn’t get charged for parking at Fullerton tonight.  Heh.

Hot x3

Damn!  My aircon pipe is leaking!  Dad says no aircon for me till he gets the pipe rerouted.  And that’s going to take a couple of day.  🙁  I can’t do w/o aircon!!  I’ve been sleeping with the aircon on for like almost all of my life!  Except the years i stayed in the hostel… NTU’s rather cooling at night with all the trees and greens… my room now gets the afternoon sun!  The room starts heating up from 3pm onwards and it’s terrible in the evenings!

I had my first taste of sleeping w/o the aircon on 2 nights ago.  Switched on the fan at full blast, pointed at me the whole night.  Woke up with an oily face nonetheless.  Was told it rained in the morning… that’s prob. what made it bearable but argh.  The thought of not having the aircon on is agony!  Agony x3!


I didn’t know I got Married!

Vandalin: So how was your wedding yesterday?

Me: Huh?  My wedding?  I didn’t know i got married yesterday.  Not invited leh.

Vandalin: Oh… wrong person then.  But someone told me a _____ <insert my name here> from salsa got married yesterday!

Me: Really?  I didn’t know there was another person with the same name!  Damn!  Then how are we going to differentiate the 2 of us now?  Like the 2 Wendys is it?  Big Wendy, small Wendy…

Vandalin: No… more like “married ___” and “lao chu nu ____”

Me: KNS!  %&$*^(#

A Simple Meal

I had a simple meal at the corner coffeeshop near church today.  It’s been a long time since i ate there.  The cellgroup wanted to go to Cityhall for lunch… actually only Acorn wanted to and the rest were tagging along but i didn’t want to drive all the way to Cityhall, to do nothing (at least i had nothing to do there), then drive all the way home to change and then back to Fullerton for Whiskeysprite’s wedding.  Waste petrol, waste $$ on parking.

So i went to the coffeeshop to makan alone.  Had my fave bee tai mak (Hokkien?) aka lou xu fan (Cantonese) dry with black sauce & chilli.  Yummy.  And only $2!  Incredible.  It’s been a long time since i had a bowl of noodles that only cost $2!!  The lemon tea has increased in price though… from 80cts to $1!  That’s like half the price of my noodles lor.  Bleah.

After i finished my noodles, i got 2 smses – from Little Matchgal & Chewbacca saying that the cellgroup was going to Siglap Thai Express for lunch.  My reply was too late liao lah.  I already finished my lunch.  Chewbacca asked why i didn’t want to join the cellgroup… and i called to explain why i didn’t want to go to town and back to the east and to town again.

Plus, i’m not the type who’ll insist that the majority does what i want to do.  To me, on days that i don’t mind doing what someone else wants to do, e.g. last week when we all went to Parkway ‘cos Acorn wanted to wash his car, i will.  But when i have other plans in mind, i won’t influence the group to do what i want either… i operate on a “do what u want” basis.  So yeah… that’s me.  Some people may interpret this is being offensive?  Loner?  I don’t think so lah.  Just that time is precious and no point wasting time doing things that u don’t want to do.

Took a pic of my simple lunch.  Feels good to see that what i used to eat at the coffeeshop 15 years ago is still around.  Haha.  Same auntie cooking the same good noodles. 

Okie… time to do a face mask before going for Whiskeysprite’s wedding.  I’m still trying to figure if there’s any way i could catch the start and end of today’s F1 race at Silverstone… hmm…

Go Hammie go!