Out of an Overflow of the Heart, the Mouth Speaks

Got a reply from HD. He’s pissed.

1) Since I met Drunk, I have had nothing bad to say about her. Prior dissing was based on hearsay and performed in the spirit of bitching. I was wrong to judge her, and will make further judgements based on my future interaction with her.

2) I think if you tell BAT about me saying he talks big, he would agree. In fact, I told him this. I think you take things I say too seriously. You are a peripheral friend. We don’t, and will never, talk about serious stuff.

3) I don’t think, nor care if you’re pissed, CG. Never have, never will. That’s not being cruel. That’s just the way I am.


Good that he has such a reaction. Should prompt him to think about his behaviour a bit. Not going to reply to the mail. Some things aren’t worth wasting bandwidth over.

To Do the Right Thing

When i was telling Iceman about everything that happened yesterday, and Iceman was updating me about his conversation with HD after i went offline, i was really pissed that HD told Iceman that he felt i was judgmental.

But as i was showering this morning, i felt that for me to stir trouble in the group by telling BAT, Mr. Abandoned, BAT’s ex-gf, HD’s ex-gf, etc, what he has said about them before would not be the right thing to do.

Sure, i could forward the email where HD dissed BAT to BAT. But what purpose would that achieve? Create more dissent?

Anyway, i decided to do what i believe is the right thing. I sent an email to HD to tell him that i’m not being judgmental about Drunk, and the issue that i have problems with is his hypocrisy. I also told him to stop talking bad about his friends, especially nice guys like BAT.

Not sure if HD will respond at all. Whatever the case, i’m not bothered. As long as i’ve done what is right.

My Bad Habit

I have a very bad habit.  When i’m pissed, i’ll spill the beans on everything and anything ‘cos i no longer care about the consequences.  Just got home from a late night of drinking… very tired… but ‘cos i said i would post this on my blog tonight, i will get it done.

Was darn pissed off with HD this afternoon.  Saw him on MSN which was really strange ‘cos he hardly comes online.  Wondered if he was trying to chat up some new chick via MSN and so i msg’d him.  He said no.  Said he was resting at home ‘cos he was down with the flu bug but was clearing some work emails.  (Clearing work still can come on MSN meh?)

To cut a long story short, we spoke briefly and somehow the conversation got to Mr. Abandoned’s don’t know on or off girlfriend, The Drunkard (“Drunk” for short).  HD has always been the one who bitches about her the most… and he has always maintained that he doesn’t want her in the group.  Anyway, he was griping about her calling him today.  In his own words, he said “siao liao”.  I asked him if Drunk was coming for the party at his place this Fri and he said yes.

I was astonished and asked him who invited her??  To which his response was, “Don’t judge, CG.  U’re not perfect yourself”.  I was really pissed when i heard that.  Of course i’m not perfect.  Who is?  But i’m not the one who bitched about her the most, and then extends a hypocritical invitation to her to attend a party. 

The reason why i don’t like to hang out with Drunk is ‘cos – she always gets drunk!  And when she’s drunk, she starts scolding everyone around her… which makes her very embarrassing company to be with.

Iceman said that i shouldn’t be surprised at HD taking the moral high ground.  Yes.  It’s his typical style, just that he has never pulled this stunt on me… and the only reason why i’ve never been bothered by it is ‘cos he has never tried this on me!

So i’m pissed.  What right has someone who frequently bitches about his close friends have, to tell me that i’m being judgemental? 

Another example of HD bitching about a close friend of him was last week – BAT wanted to rent a dancing pole for the party and came to ask me for help.  I managed to find a studio that offers rental of dance poles and so i emailed BAT and HD about the costs, etc.

At the end of our email conversation, what HD said about his close friend BAT (who was obviously not on the mailing list by then) was this:

“As usual
BAT talk big but cannot produce
He says he has frens that can lend him
I ain’t paying 250 bucks.
Dun bother lah CG. Guarantee he will blame you when i ask him”

Whope!  First he disses BAT for “talking big”, and then he says BAT will blame me for not being able to get the dance pole?  Please.  I know BAT better than that.  Even if BAT can’t get a dance pole for the party as he promised, he will not blame me either.  But of ‘cos… HD probably said what he did to make himself appear “better” than BAT.  So full of shit.

I can dig up tons of other examples which i have kept as evidence via email, sms, etc.  I just never revealed these things before ‘cos i always regarded HD as a friend.

Which is something i don’t understand either.  Why the heck do i regard him as a friend?  Want to know plainly what happened between HD and me?  Well, there was some level of mutual attraction when we first met.  So we started hanging out.  4-6 times a week.  Kind of crazy.   After which he went to the US, came back and started avoiding me.  I obviously knew something was wrong ‘cos his usual morning smses, after work “how’s your day been” phone calls, and dinner invitations came to a grinding halt.  So i confronted him about it and he said, sorry to have given me the wrong idea.  DUH.  Whatever.

So there u have it.  Each time i get more pissed, i shall spill 1 more evil thing he said about his friends.  Yeap.  Maybe i will even show them the emails and smses he wrote about them.  Why not?  If he dared to say it, he should dare to face the music.