The Makings of a Leader

Saw The Apprentice on TV.  The winner, Randall (i think that’s how his name is spelt) was asked if he would hire the 1st runner up, Rebecca (if i don’t recall her name wrongly) as well.  Randall said no.  His exact words were, “This is the Apprentice, not the Apprenti”.  (The plural, btw, should be ‘apprentices’.  ‘Apprenti’ is french.)

Thought Randall came across as being very petty.  Perhaps he felt that Rebecca was too huge a threat to be working in the same corporation as him.  So better to be evil now than have to worry every day thereafter?

But Rebecca has shown a fierce sense of loyalty in the series.  Hence, given that there’re already quite a few apprentices working in The Trump organisation, wouldn’t it make sense to get Rebecca on his side?

I don’t think a great leader is one because of his capabilities.  A great leader is one who is able to make the best use of people’s talents to achieve goals.

Bigger picture… always see the bigger picture.

Whatever and Bygones

Re-read what HD wrote in his reply to me.  Was comparing what i wrote to him, and his reponse to me.  Wanted to be sure that i wasn’t overly harsh in my email and i realised what was the difference.  HD’s email contained personal attacks.  Mine didn’t.  I said i found his actions hypocritical and i stated the incidents that bugged me.  His personal attacks were sweeping in nature and weren’t even related to the issue at hand.

Anyway, was having lunch with an old old friend from NTU when HD suddenly walked past the coffeeshop we were at.  Talk about weird timing ‘cos i haven’t seen HD during lunch time in 2 months.  I was surprised, and tickled.  Told my old friend about what happened and my friend said, “Maybe God is telling u to make peace.”

So i did.  After lunch, i looked around as we were leaving the coffeeshop and i saw HD sitting outside the coffeeshop next door and sent him an sms saying that i just saw him at Boat Quay and that was a very striking pink shirt he had on.

Told my friend what i sms’d and my friend said, “Wah!  Sekali he say u’re being judgmental about wearing pink.”

I couldn’t stop laughing.  My friend has a good sense of humour. 

HD eventually replied to say that he woke up late and just threw on that shirt.  Said that pink is good for lazy and gay guys. 

I guess peace has been made?

“You are a peripheral friend.  We don’t, and will never, talk about serious stuff”.

That was engineered to hurt.  But the right thing to do is to look at things in context and not let people hurt u right?

Watched the show “Bones” for the first time tonight.  Was captivated by the witty banter at the start of the show.  Ended up watching the entire episode.  I liked one line that was said in the show – tell the truth, don’t flinch.  (In other words, make no bones about it?  Haha.  Pun intended.)

Wonder how will lunch with HD on Thursday turn out.  I’m undecided.  Should i write off a friend?  Or should i let things be water under the bridge?

It’s a choice between “whatever” and “bygones”.  The jury’s still out.