Live Messenger 8.5

Hi all fellow closet tech geeks.  Was alerted by Iceman that there’s a version 8.5 for Live Messenger.  I tried to get it off the website but failed miserably… the stupid site kept directing me back to ver 8.1.  Tried to post a feedback on the forum but was greeted with a blank page after submitting my feedback.  Pissed off man.

Anyway, Iceman then advised that ver 8.5 can be downloaded from, so for all those interested, do check it out.

Don’t see much major difference… but oh heck.  Since i’ve downloaded it, i’ll just continue using.  Haha.

$$ Minded

Saw this article in Sunday Times about earning $$ from your blog.  I used to have Google Adsense on my old blogspot blog… but i think i only installed Adsense for like 2 weeks or so before i decided to get my own domain name.  So that was the end of my Adsense adventure.

Back to Sunday Times.  The article mentioned this website – and how u can earn $$ by having advertisements placed on your blog.  I googled the site and found another blog advertisement site –  Did a quick read of both sites… and honestly, based on face value, it’s hard to tell which site would help me earn more ca$h.  Heh.  (Sorry for the mercenary anaconda in me has reared its head). 

What made me decide to go with Nuffnang eventually was this… i scrolled right to the bottom of the Adverlets site and saw this line, “Malaysia Boleh! Majulah Bloggers Untuk Negara!”.  I clicked back to take a look at the founders of Nuffnang and from my quick glance, Nuffnang was set up by 2 Singaporeans.  It made my choice simpler.  Blogs really shouldn’t “play country” u know.  Not good… but oh well, given that all else SEEMED equal, i chose to support the Singaporean entity lor.

Hey…  National Day approaching right?  🙂


Clarification: I think Nuffnang is half Singaporean, half Malaysian.  Ok lah… fair.  Mai fight.  Sekali tomorrow no more tap water.  😛