Personal Automation Mart Pte Ltd (aka PA Mart) SUCKS. Do NOT buy anything from them. I called them up a 4th time… the Weisong i spoke to during the 3rd time wasn’t available, phone got passed to some chap called Keith, who is “the person in charge of Toshiba”, and i was told that i need to go down to collect the warranty in person.

I told Keith, “This is the 4th fucking time i’m calling u. Why are u only telling me now that i need to go down to collect the warranty?”.

This Mr. Keith insisted that he’s “only trying to help me” and it’s best if i go down to verify it with them and he’ll get another copy of the warranty for me. Like WTH? I’m supposed to bring my laptop down too ‘cos the Tax Invoice is not sufficient.

Real bastards man. Spread the word folks. Do NOT buy anything from:

Personal Automation Mart Pte Ltd
#04-53/30 Sim Lim Square.

No Signs of Bad Food

Today was the first time i reaped the fruits of my trip to Manila.  Nope… didn’t close any deals arising out of my Manila trip yet.  But when an underwriter gave a really really high price for a Terrorism Liability Insurance cover that i’m desperately scouring the insurance markets for, i managed to bring the price down by USD30k.  Hehe.  All ‘cos i was familiar with the client’s assets in Manila and i could give a very expressive description of all the wonderful buildings and places owned by the client, and the strict security measures they have in place.  Hiak hiak.

The Singaporean u/wer i spoke to was rather taken aback when i told her Manila (well, at least Makati area) was really safe and i even walked around there on my own at night.  It is lah.  I mean, it may not have as low a crime rate as Singapore but compared to pretty much the rest of SEA (Thailand, Malaysia, etc), i really don’t think it’s any more dangerous.  Hold your handbag close to you, don’t flail your handphone about, and you’re all right.

In fact, i felt safer in Makati than in KL.  ‘Cos not many people ride motorbikes in Makati.  Which (in my opinion), translates to lower risk of snatch theft. 

Anyway, met up with a client from the Philippines, and 2 of our Manila office colleagues today.  They’re all in town for a presentation and i had dinner with them at the  No Signboard restaurant at the Esplanade.  The chilli crab was realllllly good.  The fried mantou (buns) was lagi best.  *Salivates*.  I liked the baby squid too!  Really yummy.  Sambal kangkong wasn’t too bad… white pepper crab was decent enough and the fried rice was really tasty – especially when eaten with the sambal kangkong.  SLURP!! 

Ok.  I went a little off track.  Heehee.  Yummy food has that effect on me.  😛

Lousy Service by PA Mart

Not sure if anyone else experienced this but i’m getting REALLY crappy service from PA Mart (the Sim Lim Square outlet).  I bought my laptop from them about 2 months back.  Took them 1 month to process my 2nd year warranty extension – or so they claimed – because i NEVER got the warranty slip.

Called the shop 3 times.  First time, i was told that the warranty slip was just sent out.  So i waited for a week.  Still didn’t receive it.  Called the shop a 2nd time and was asked to give it a couple more days.  Fine.  I gave it another 2 freaking weeks and i STILL don’t have the warranty slip that was ALLEGEDLY sent to my house.

Called the shop a 3rd time.  Spoke to some chap called Weisong, who was REALLY antagonistic over the phone, and he insisted that he needed the invoice no. ‘cos “sooooo many laptops are sold by PA Mart”.  Even though his previous colleagues could find my record w/o the invoice no., he refused to assist me till i could provide him with an invoice no.. 

I asked this Weisong if PA Mart was going to send me a copy of the warranty if the one that was mailed initially got lost in the mail.  He said, “maybe”.  I was like, “What do you mean by maybe??”.  And his freaking rude reply was, “I don’t need to mail what.  I can get my driver to send to your house.”

WTH man.  I was really pissed.  I told him that i will get him the invoice no. since he was unable to help me unlike his 2 colleagues.  My tone was very, very fierce.  He’s lucky i didn’t have the time to call the shop again today.  ‘Cos i’m going to so screw this idiot.  I have it down on record (used my hp to record our conversation) that the shop owes me my 2nd year warranty.  They better not renegade on this.  Grr… hell hath no fury like UptownGal conned…

Now I’m Divorced?

WC: Hehehe.  Fei Zai (Cantonese for fat boy – a new colleague in our biz development team) thinks u’re really divorced.

Me: Huh?  How did that happen?

WC: Don’t know.  Deep Voice told me.

Me:  What??  Have these guys been talking behind my back?

WC: Hehe.  Don’t know.  I find out for you.

And so she went to ask Deep Voice how they came to talk about me.  Apparently, Fei Zai and Deep Voice were talking about Fei Zai’s initiation.  Fei Zai said that he remembers all that happened at Canteen, right up to the point about me being divorced.

*Rolls eyes*.  I was like… thanks man WC.  Really all thanks to her.  What happened was that during his initiation at Canteen, Fei Zai asked if i’m single and WC happily chimed, “No, she’s divorced.”.  And that, unfortunately, had to be Fei Zai’s last memory of the night.  Sigh.

Seriously!  THIS is how rumours are started.  Not too long ago, someone thought i got married and asked me how did the wedding go.  So not only do i not get invited to my own wedding, i also got divorced without knowing?!  Hey!  Anyone paying me alimony??