Online Alter Egos

My latest online hobby is Facebook.  Facebook is something very similar to Friendster… it terms itself as a “social utility” that connects people.  And like Friendster, u get to upload photos, link with your friends online, and post a profile description of yourself.  But what it has (and Friendster lacks), is the ability to add “applications” – fun (aka bo liao) stuff where u can send each other drinks, tag them (whether it’s via a food fight or vanpire bite), and so on.  There’re also applications that allow u to compare your movie reviews with friends to see if u’re “movie compatible”.  Pure interactive fun.  The drawback (i find) is that the layout can get a little messy.  I still prefer the Friendster layout but oh well… both are great boredom killers in their own way.  Hehe.

After seeing some photos of Pinky on my Facebook, Vandalin said Pinky looks like Bun-Bun… a psychotic bunny in an online comic strip.  Hehe.  Pinky would be pleased.  Hiak hiak.

Here’s a strip of Bun-Bun in action.  Kind of reminds me of myself actually… like how i scolded UOB today for billing me late charges unreasonably, and how i scolded the stupid Keith from PA Mart.  Heh.

Wouldn’t u love to have an alter ego in cyberspace too?

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