Mind of their Own

Sometimes i wonder how my bunnies view us.  On Saturday, my dad was giving the floor of the backyard a wash ‘cos of the stupid bird droppings, and my mom was tottering about doing the washing.  The skies were dark, pouring with rain.  Pinky lay half under a green stool, and eyed my dad sleepily.  He looked as though he was wondering what the heck was the flurry of activity about on such a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Then last night, my dad went to feed the rabbits before we went out for dinner.  He saw a mat in Muah Chee & Peanut’s cage flipped up and “hanging” from the wall of the cage.  Not sure who’s the culprit but someone in that cage really hates the green mat.  ‘Cos a couple of days before, 1 of the bunnies managed to get the mat thrown out of the cage.  Then after my dad put it back in place, someone took the mat and threw it to the back of the cage.  And last night’s objection to the mat took the cake, obviously.  Heh.  Maybe they rabbits think we humans are morons… as in we keep insisting that they do things our way… hehe.  Perhaps they would prefer to have a bigger say in the interior design of their homes… Hmm…

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