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                Bun-Bun just looks sooo cute in that last panel!

Xia Yi Zhan Tian Hou

Saw the last hour of the movie Diva, Ah Hey.  It’s an old show… from 2003… starring Charlene Choi and Jordan Chan.  Ok lah… it’s either my tolerance for irritatingly sweet but untalented singers (like Charlene) is getting higher, or she really is getting less annoying. Anyway, the theme song from the show is really […]

Facial Wipes

Bubbs introduced me to Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes.  It’s like wet towels that remove makeup.  Nifty to have around on late nights when i’m too lazy to wash my face before i sleep, and for removing makeup before going for tennis lessons.  Tried 2 other brands for comparison purposes – Simple and St. Ives.  The […]

Irresistable Bun-Bun

Bun-Bun is simply irresistable.  Heh.  Love the comics man… some of the strips are really corny too.  Here’s another strip… i like this one purely ‘cos it has lots of bunnies in it.  😛                 I can so imagine Pinky as Bun-Bun!

Minori – A la Carte Buffet

Booze Queen, Iceman, GG, Bubbs and i went to this Jap buffet restaurant called Minori last night.  I was tempted to try the restaurant after reading Wong Ah Yoke’s review in the Straits Times.  And my sudden inclination to try sake helped of course.  Haha.  A spanner was almost thrown in the works when Boeeze […]

More Spiderpig

Iceman has gone bonkers over Spiderpig.  Think bonkerity is contagious.  Had us both singing Spiderpig at UE Square last night… and that left WC, San and Ratz in peals of laughter.  Here’s another Spiderpig vid i found.  Hehe.     This is the version of the song i like.  Hehe.  It’s played during the credits […]


Watched The Simpsons Movie last night.  It’s really really good!  Hahaha.  Highly intellectual… touching on issues like homosexuality, school bullies, politics, pollution, broken familes, alcoholism, among other things.  Really good.  Oh… and did i mention it was funny too?  Haha. Here’s my favourite song from the movie.  Heh.   Go catch it if u haven’t!!

Online Alter Egos

My latest online hobby is Facebook.  Facebook is something very similar to Friendster… it terms itself as a “social utility” that connects people.  And like Friendster, u get to upload photos, link with your friends online, and post a profile description of yourself.  But what it has (and Friendster lacks), is the ability to add “applications” […]


Personal Automation Mart Pte Ltd (aka PA Mart) SUCKS. Do NOT buy anything from them. I called them up a 4th time… the Weisong i spoke to during the 3rd time wasn’t available, phone got passed to some chap called Keith, who is “the person in charge of Toshiba”, and i was told that i […]

No Signs of Bad Food

Today was the first time i reaped the fruits of my trip to Manila.  Nope… didn’t close any deals arising out of my Manila trip yet.  But when an underwriter gave a really really high price for a Terrorism Liability Insurance cover that i’m desperately scouring the insurance markets for, i managed to bring the price […]

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