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A Simple Meal

I had a simple meal at the corner coffeeshop near church today.  It’s been a long time since i ate there.  The cellgroup wanted to go to Cityhall for lunch… actually only Acorn wanted to and the rest were tagging along but i didn’t want to drive all the way to Cityhall, to do nothing […]


Today is Qingfu as well as Sharkey’s birthday!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!! Qingfu, hope u get a good deal for your internship.  Hope to see u really really soon! Sharky, nice to have a good friend at work.  May your future soar now that your dept has about cleaned out?  Hahaha.  (Oh well, he’s not going […]

Flaky Patience

I received a bit of flak for my last post.  Haha.  Well, just take it that i’m PMSing.  Disdain towards driving notwithstanding. The bible study session we had last night touched on patience… and i cited irritating colleagues (the current top 2 would be Bouncy and Wet Cockles) as the main test on my patience.  Perhaps […]

It’s Just Me

I’ve been kind of annoyed with some people lately, or more specifically, i’ve been kind of annoyed with some girls recently ‘cos i find them way too gu niang and it irritates me.  I try to hide my annoyance but i’ve never been very good at hiding my feelings. I can’t stand girls who expect […]


Nope.  Not talking about sales turnover or revenue here but HR turnover.  Realised that there’s someone resigning from my company almost every other week… well, at least once a month.  There’re 4 people leaving this week and next week… the turnover is really amazing.  The nicest reinsurance broker, Gayboy, from the 25th floor is leaving […]

Water Off a Duck’s Back

I thank God for good friends, good friends that i hang out with on a regular basis, and friends like Old Goat whom i didn’t speak to for about half a year, but now that we’ve added each other on MSN, we can chat about just almost anything. Old Goat is getting ready to relocate to […]

Crappy Parking

Argh.  Totally crappy start to the week.  Long meeting in the afternoon meant i couldn’t get much work done.  On top of that, i had to trouble the Biz Support lady to settle my parking… which we thought WAS settled… till i left Golden Shoe carpark and was charged $37 for parking today!!  How crappy […]

NDP 2007

Caught a glimpse of the lights and display of this year’s NDP when i was stuck on the ECP last week.  The brillant purple lights against the waterfront looked beautiful.  I think this year’s NDP will be really terrific ‘cos of the waterfront backdrop.  This year’s NDP song has been playing on the big screen […]

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