A Simple Meal

I had a simple meal at the corner coffeeshop near church today.  It’s been a long time since i ate there.  The cellgroup wanted to go to Cityhall for lunch… actually only Acorn wanted to and the rest were tagging along but i didn’t want to drive all the way to Cityhall, to do nothing (at least i had nothing to do there), then drive all the way home to change and then back to Fullerton for Whiskeysprite’s wedding.  Waste petrol, waste $$ on parking.

So i went to the coffeeshop to makan alone.  Had my fave bee tai mak (Hokkien?) aka lou xu fan (Cantonese) dry with black sauce & chilli.  Yummy.  And only $2!  Incredible.  It’s been a long time since i had a bowl of noodles that only cost $2!!  The lemon tea has increased in price though… from 80cts to $1!  That’s like half the price of my noodles lor.  Bleah.

After i finished my noodles, i got 2 smses – from Little Matchgal & Chewbacca saying that the cellgroup was going to Siglap Thai Express for lunch.  My reply was too late liao lah.  I already finished my lunch.  Chewbacca asked why i didn’t want to join the cellgroup… and i called to explain why i didn’t want to go to town and back to the east and to town again.

Plus, i’m not the type who’ll insist that the majority does what i want to do.  To me, on days that i don’t mind doing what someone else wants to do, e.g. last week when we all went to Parkway ‘cos Acorn wanted to wash his car, i will.  But when i have other plans in mind, i won’t influence the group to do what i want either… i operate on a “do what u want” basis.  So yeah… that’s me.  Some people may interpret this is being offensive?  Loner?  I don’t think so lah.  Just that time is precious and no point wasting time doing things that u don’t want to do.

Took a pic of my simple lunch.  Feels good to see that what i used to eat at the coffeeshop 15 years ago is still around.  Haha.  Same auntie cooking the same good noodles. 

Okie… time to do a face mask before going for Whiskeysprite’s wedding.  I’m still trying to figure if there’s any way i could catch the start and end of today’s F1 race at Silverstone… hmm…

Go Hammie go!


Today is Qingfu as well as Sharkey’s birthday!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!

Qingfu, hope u get a good deal for your internship.  Hope to see u really really soon!

Sharky, nice to have a good friend at work.  May your future soar now that your dept has about cleaned out?  Hahaha.  (Oh well, he’s not going to see this… i’m not telling him my blog URL.. not yet at least.)  :p

Flaky Patience

I received a bit of flak for my last post.  Haha.  Well, just take it that i’m PMSing.  Disdain towards driving notwithstanding.

The bible study session we had last night touched on patience… and i cited irritating colleagues (the current top 2 would be Bouncy and Wet Cockles) as the main test on my patience.  Perhaps it’s God’s way of moulding my character.  Haha.

Still, don’t expect many free lifts from me.  Haha.

It’s Just Me

I’ve been kind of annoyed with some people lately, or more specifically, i’ve been kind of annoyed with some girls recently ‘cos i find them way too gu niang and it irritates me.  I try to hide my annoyance but i’ve never been very good at hiding my feelings.

I can’t stand girls who expect to be treated like princesses – girls who expect doors to be opened for them, guys to pull their chairs out for them, people to send them home after a night out, balls to be served to them…

I believe that if u want to have something, u should get it yourself.  If u’re not handicapped, then i don’t see why u can’t open that door or take that cab yourself.  And if u want to play a sport, then play it.  Don’t have the mentality that u’re going to just stand there and look pretty while people serve the ball nicely in your court.

Speaking of free rides home… i really don’t like to send people home.  And i dislike it even more when people state as a condition to going out, that someone must send them home.  I mean, if u can’t go home yourself, then don’t go out lor.  I didn’t buy my car to send anyone around.  It is selfish but it is true.  I REALLY do NOT like to send anyone home.  I’ve said it a dozen times before.  I don’t like to drive so unless i’m in the mood to drive a little more than necessary, i don’t like to send anyone home.  And if i’m in the mood, i will let u know.

What annoys me the most is when a person only goes out when i, and my car, are around.  I always wonder… why on earth would anyone assume that just ‘cos i have a car, someone will get a ride?  Some people may say that oh… if they had a car, they would send me home too.  Sorry but that doesn’t work for me.  I know tons of friends with cars but i don’t expect them to send me home.  I almost always take a cab home by myself ‘cos i refuse to inconvenience anyone else for my comfort.

Sometimes, i even go to the extent of not driving and spend $$ cab fare, ‘cos i want to avoid having to send anyone home.  Yup.  THAT is how much i detest sending people home.  It’s the assumption that people make that bugs me. 

Another case of an erroreous assumption was WC and i bumped into J-san as we were leaving canteen.  I mentioned that WC and i were going for dinner and J-San said, “No thanks.  I’m going home.”

My instantaneous response was, “I got invite u to join us meh?”.  He didn’t hear me say it lah.  But that thought crossed my mind straightaway.

Well, i think this is just me being selfish and gripey.  But heck.  I AM gripey.  So what?  I just don’t like it when people make assumptions.



Nope.  Not talking about sales turnover or revenue here but HR turnover.  Realised that there’s someone resigning from my company almost every other week… well, at least once a month.  There’re 4 people leaving this week and next week… the turnover is really amazing. 

The nicest reinsurance broker, Gayboy, from the 25th floor is leaving too.  His last day is next Fri.  Gayboy thinks it’s ‘cos the job market is too good now and hence many people are jumping ship while the economy’s doing well.

There’s a farewell party for Gayboy next Thurs… the reinsurance broker that i detest the most, Wet Cockles, forwarded the invitation to a few of us girls.  Not sure how i made it on the list ‘cos i think my disdain for him was very obvious when we were at St James Power Station last Fri.

ANYWAY, i told Gayboy & Ah Beng that i may not go for the farewell party ‘cos i’m not close to the rest of the reinsurance people.  Told Gayboy that we’ll catch up as much as possible at Canteen the next 7-8 days before he leaves… and i’m sure he’ll be back for more drinks even after he’s gone!

Azure tendered her resignation today too.  She wasn’t too joyful about it… and was apprehensive about how her boss would take it.  (He’s currently overseas on holiday).  I was overjoyed when i tendered my resignation from Anyhow Insure Anything… and equally jubilant when i left CI (mainly ‘cos i was happy to join my current co.)

My ex-sup met my boss this evening for coffee.  They had a chat for about an hour… and everything went ok except the part about pay negotiation.  Haha.  I mean, my boss didn’t make her an offer or anything but they couldn’t see eye to eye about what would be her pay package.  Sigh.  Oh well… it happens.

Ok… nothing much to say really.  Haven’t had much peeves nor epiphanies recently to blog about.  Just wrote about what i did to let everyone know i’m still alive and didn’t die of DVT after spending 8 hrs on the laptop.  Heh.

Water Off a Duck’s Back

I thank God for good friends, good friends that i hang out with on a regular basis, and friends like Old Goat whom i didn’t speak to for about half a year, but now that we’ve added each other on MSN, we can chat about just almost anything.

Old Goat is getting ready to relocate to HK – probably in Q4 of this year.  I’m invited to pop over to HK anytime after he’s there, and i’ll have free accomodation and a salsa tour thrown in when i visit!  Lovely!  🙂

Saw another friend on MSN just now.  Was rather surprised to see him online… and found out that he was at design class!  Interior design.  So i “chased” him offline… ‘cos i was too distracting perhaps?  Interrupting him during class.  Heh.  But wow.  I’m happy for him ‘cos it’s something he’s always been interested in and i’m glad he’s finally taken action to pursue his interest.

Good to know that he’s enriching his life that way… though surprised that no one else seems to know about his design class.  Oh well.  There’ll always be friends that we’re closer to, and friends that don’t want to be so close to us.

Trying to introduce my ex-supervisor from Anyhow Insure Anything to my department.  A chat over coffee has been set up for Friday evening.  I hope she clicks with my boss.  I personally feel that she’s very suitable for the job (else i wouldn’t have introduced her either) and it would be delightful to have 1 more friend in office… especially one that i’m confident will stay with the department for some time.

Sigh.  Time passes so quickly.  Friends that we’re close to become friends we drift away from, and before you know it, they become old friends that we touch base with again.  Maybe the idea is not to try to hold everything within our very finite grasp.  Que sera sera? 

I still struggle with juggling my expectations of people and situations that i’m in.  Perhaps it’s best to not have any expectations whatever… anything good that happens becomes a bonus, and anything bad that happens slides like water off a duck’s back.


Crappy Parking

Argh.  Totally crappy start to the week.  Long meeting in the afternoon meant i couldn’t get much work done.  On top of that, i had to trouble the Biz Support lady to settle my parking… which we thought WAS settled… till i left Golden Shoe carpark and was charged $37 for parking today!!  How crappy is that?  I mean, this is on top of the $290 i’m cutting down expenses to fork out for.

I know i have the choice of not driving to work lah.  But i enjoy the convenience and since i already have the car, why not right?  I mean, paying for the convenience vs. paying for other stuff (whether shopping for clothes, bags, shoes, etc), it’s all a matter of personal choice.

Anyway, hope i can get back a refund of the stupid $37 tomorrow.  I would’ve reversed and left my car at Golden Shoe carpark except that there were 2 cars behind me and so that wasn’t an option i could take.  Sigh.


NDP 2007

Caught a glimpse of the lights and display of this year’s NDP when i was stuck on the ECP last week.  The brillant purple lights against the waterfront looked beautiful.  I think this year’s NDP will be really terrific ‘cos of the waterfront backdrop. 

This year’s NDP song has been playing on the big screen at Raffles Place everyday.  The song is growing on me… the more i listen to it, the more i like the tune.  Which is good i suppose… better than songs that jump out at u when u first hear it, but then get boring just as quick.

Read the lyrics again and i realised that the lyrics aren’t as fluffy as i thought they were at first.  I mean… at first i thought it was nice to have all those famous sights mentioned in the song.  But reflecting on it, i realised it’s very appropriate to have this song in 2007 as more and more Singaporeans have gone abroad to work but no matter where they are scattered, i believe to them, Singapore will always remain their first and dearest home.

I do hope to get the opportunity to work overseas.  Not something impossible… if i’m willing to relocate in the 3rd world country i suppose (that’s where political risks are right?  Haha).  But even if i should work overseas, i will never want to migrate for good.  I will still want to come back to Singapore.  Yup.  There’s indeed no place i’d rather be.