Surly Curls

I’m sick of my curls now.  Boring.  Don’t find them nice anymore.  The only thing that i like about them is that they make my hair look better in photos… especially photos taken at night… after a long day… at least my hair’s not flat ‘cos of the curls.

But sian lor.  Just sian.  I need to do something new with my hair.  Should i straighten the curls?  Colour again?  Lop off the curls?  Sigh.  I’ve tried cutting fringe before.  Doesn’t work for me… shape of my face not suitable.  How how how?

Anyone knows any good websites that i can check out hairstyles?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I’ve been telling my doc for years that whenever i get my period, i tend to have diarrhoea.  Sometimes, even diarrhoea and constipation at the same time.  But my doc always says that it’s impossible ‘cos the body’s digestive system and reproductive system are not connected. 

But everytime the time of the month comes, i get bad stomachaches + constpitation.  So something must be happening right?

Hence i did a search on the Internet.  IBS.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome!  It tends to flare up when a woman’s having her period.  Ha!  That explains it.  Wonder why my doc couldn’t link them.  Perhaps ‘cos it was another doc that diagnosed me with (mild) IBS.  Oh well!

Anyway, here’re some links that substantiate my experience:

So if u have IBS, don’t worry, it’s normal for the symptoms to be aggravated by your period.