My Dearest Hammie

I’m glad Lewis Hamilton did well at the Hungarian GP today.  Bounced back from his awful experience during the last race to finish no. 1.  🙂

My bunnies all love to watch F1… especially Muah Chee… he’s really entranced by the action.  Hehe.  We support you all the way Hammie!!

Portable Drives

Ok, i know this has been around for ages but i never got down to installing it ‘cos i never really had the need for it.  Till now… need to transfer some files, pics, etc, from my desktop to my laptop and so i decided to try it.

Presenting it to you… the GMAIL DRIVE!  It’s a small application that u can install on your computer, to allow gmail to act as a virtual drive.  After installing the app, u’ll find an “extra drive” in your My Computer.   U can drag and drop files into this virtual drive, and what happens is that the app automatically transfers the files to your gmail.  U can choose to store these files in the gmail inbox, or draft folder.  Pretty cool huh?

Gmail Drive can be downloaded from Softpedia.  It’s easy to use.  🙂

While surfing around to find out more about Gmail Drive, i found something called Xmail too.  But the site’s down… so can’t tell u much about it now.  Heh.