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Was transferring some of the photos i took recently from my hp to my laptop and decided to post some of the latest things that caught my eye here.




This is the view from a window in my office.  It would’ve been clearer if the windows were cleaner!  Sigh.  Funny thing is, i took this photo on Thursday night when i worked till pretty late… and on Friday, i saw a poster with the same scene, i.e. a pic taken at the same angle!  Hehe.  What a coincidence!







Was at Din Tai Fung with Booze Queen & Iceman and we saw this other table drinking Chinese wine.  We ordered a bottle to try and it was really smooth!  Hua Diao Shaoxing Wine (8 years).  Really good.  Goes extremely well with the Beef Brisket soup from Ding Tai Fung.  *Slurp*







Can’t remember what is the official name of this dish from Crystal Jade Macau Kitchen @ Bugis Junction… Spicy Chicken in Stone Pot or something.  Really yummy.  The gravy goes especially well with white rice!







This was something Prawns on Hot Plate.  Had this slight curry flavour to it.  Very tasty too!







This was the "weakest link" amongst the dishes.  Seasonal Vegetables cooked Portuguese style.  Funny sweetish taste.  Iceman & i had to put a lot of chilli to help us finish the dish.





Mango Sago Dessert.  Classic Crystal Jade dessert.  Can’t go wrong with this choice!  Yummy.  The slightly sourish taste of the mango with the sweet sago soup makes it really refreshing after a heavy meal.






This was the double-boiled Egg White & Milk.  Iceman found it bland, tasteless… but i thought the slightly sweetness in the smooth custard was nice.








Last shot of Mister Bunny before he gets eaten…




Watching Lost 3: Expose on Ch 5 now.  I am lost!  It’s not a show that’s meant for people to just pick up halfway i guess… Sigh.  Lots of eye candy though.  Hehe.

Please Do-Nut Touch

Azure was in Bangkok for work the past 3 days and she very kindly, braving unknown dangers at the customs and immigration, snuck a bunny back for me.  Her ingenuity at disguising and hiding the illegal immigrant bunny is amazing.  Check it out man!  No wonder those silly folks at immigration couldn’t find it!



Hehe.  Hidden amidst 24 Bavarian munchkin donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts, is Mr. Bunny from Mister Donuts.  Cute hor?  Hahahaha.

Speaking of donuts… after the traumatic incident, where my dad stole my precious donuts, i go on the defensive whenever i have donuts in my house – i separate the donuts into 2 boxes, 1 box for me, and 1 box for my parents. 

When i bought donuts back from HK, i labelled my box “Uptowngal’s.  Do not eat!!!”.  And on my parents’ box, i wrote, “For consumption”.

I then kept the boxes in the fridge.  A couple of days later, when i took out my box of donuts, i saw something my dad wrote below my message.  It read:

“For looking only”.

My dad can be really funny.

alpha female

it’s 3:59am as i start on this post.  am trying to cool down before i go to bed.  my house just experienced a major blackout.  and when i say major, i really mean major.  major enough that flipping all the switches in the fuse box to the “off” position, then switching the main fuse back on again didn’t work.  major enough that switching every single power switch in my room didn’t help.  major enough that i had to wake my dad up at 2:40am ‘cos i didn’t know what else to do.

we tried many things to get the power back on but it simply didn’t work.  even resetting the main incoming power supply outside my house didn’t work.  finally, we switched off every single switch in the house (that’s 3 levels comprising 4 bedrooms, 1 study, 1 living room, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 maid’s room, 6 toilets and a backyard mind you!)  my dad then tinkered with the main power source outside the house again and finally, just as i was giving up and going to go to bed in the heat, the power came back on.  eureka!

i thanked my dad, said goodnight, and proceeded to replug every darn switch/socket/plug in my room.  it was ok.  *phew*.  (didn’t bother to switch on the other switches in the house save the refrigerators & my piano heater).

in times like these, 2 things strike me deeply.  the first is my dad’s patience.  my mom and i are the type who will get very “mang2 zang2” agitated/irritated when problems don’t get resolved fast enough.  we’re the type who want results, and want it now.  my dad however, is very patient in this regard.  he takes problems in his stride, and calmly works at the solution.  this is probably the thing i admire most about my dad (hence this post at 4am… which btw, i texted my boss to tell him that i’m going to be “quite late” tomorrow).

the second thing to strike me is… damnit.  i wished i had a brother.  close friends would know that i’ve always wanted an older brother.  but being the firstborn (er, make that the “only born”), i always said i didn’t want any young siblings ‘cos i hate kids (yeah, even when i was a kid, i hated kids).  but when something like a power failure happens, i really wished i had a brother.  doesn’t matter younger or older ‘cos then i could leave all this “alpha male” stuff of solving blown fuses, changing light bulbs, fixing toilet flushes, fixing computer problems, etc, to a brother.

unfortunately, being the only child, i’m forced to take on this “alpha male” role and doing whatever is within my means to be the handyman around the house (or at least assist my dad as he fixes the stuff).  hey… how many girls have climbed on a plank held up by scaffolding outside the 3rd storey of their house?

that said, i sometimes think that this has indirectly made it difficult for me to be impressed by a guy – not familiar with computer stuff?  *deh*.  not familar with the latest geeky gadgets?  *deh*.  not familiar with how to change a car tyre (this one i definitely can’t do!)?  *deh*.  it also makes me wonder sometimes, why does a woman need a man? 

perhaps i’m just being too immature and superficial in the way i view relationships.  perhaps i’ve become too self-sufficient to accept another person within my emotional ambit.  or perhaps i’ve just become too used to my comfort zone and way of life to allow another person in.

whatever the case, i thank God that my dad’s a good handyman.  a stereotypical alpha male… and a patient one at that.  🙂


p.s. my poor desktop got “killed” again when the power went dead.  the diskscan didn’t show any errors… but i’m sure this latest crash is  just going to cause it to be more unstable.  argh.

IPTV bliss!

been thinking very long and very hard about posting about my free IPTV lobangs ‘cos i don’t want all the legal eagles to swoop down on these free streaming providers and end my Internet TV bliss.

but there’re some things that’re sooo good that i guess i should share!  (plus the more people viewing, the better the reception ‘cos the more people to share the spreading of lurve!).

but i digress. 

i’ve been using TVU for a few years now.  was introduced by a friend during the last Soccer World Cup.  the visuals was grainy then… and laggy too.  but oh well, better than nothing for smoeone who doesn’t want to pay 2k+ for cable tv (that’s what starhub said they charge to link the cable from outside my house to inside my house.  duh!).

i stopped watching TVU after the WC but started using again to watch F1 whenever i can’t make it down to a secret haunt to watch.  (Iceman said before that i shouldn’t spread the word on this ‘cos we don’t want people swamping down on our haunt.  heh.)

unfortunately, after TVU failed me miserably just now, i started searching online for other similar programmes and i found TVKoo! 

am really happy about this find ‘cos TVKoo has lots of HK channels on it, it seems!  i even found a channel dedicated to streaming the Happy Ghost series!

looks like i’m going to be glued to my monitor a lot more often now.  will use TVU for my sports needs, and TVKoo for my HK cravings. 

now i just need to find a player that has free TVB dramas!  (actually TVKoo has some older TVB dramas lah.  heh… but not good enough!  :P)

horrendous night!

gosh!  it’s a horrible horrible Sun night!!!  some moron (suspect Indian or Banglah) mistakenly diverted his hp to MINE and i started getting tons of calls from his Indian friends from 10:30 to 11:30pm!!  i tried telling them (kept getting calls from the same 4 nos.) that they got the wrong no. but they didn’t understand.  i tried asking for the original no. they dialled but they obviously didn’t get that either.

i scolded 1 of the guys and that stopped him from calling.  the others… they just kept quiet when they heard me say “hello”… and hung up when i tried asking them questions or when i scolded them.

it got to the point of being ridiculous lor.  i mean… i have a song with a freaking hokkien start as my colour-me-tone (i.e. the song u hear when u dial my no.) and these morons don’t realise that it’s not their friend they’re calling!?!  u mean their friend listens to Hokkien/Mandarin songs is it?  DUH!  and EVEN if by some freak chance that idiot did, doesn’t calling my no. like 10x in the 1 hour make them realise that THEY ARE NOT GOING TO GET THEIR FRIEND?  i don’t know to laugh or to puke blood lor!

i finally called Singtel to complain and (as i guessed) was told that they couldn’t do anything because a call divert is done from a person’s handset.  (i knew it was a call divert ‘cos an arrow appeared whenever the calls came in… and the arrow only appears when it’s a call divert – this is something that i taught the Singtel guy who took my call).  and if i wanted the mobile operator to stop the diversion, i needed to know the original no.

i asked the Singtel guy i spoke to, how on earth was i supposed to get the no. when all these callers don’t speak English and i don’t speak Tamil, Hindu, Bangladeshi or whatever language they were yakking? 

in the end, the Singtel guy said he’ll try to get a Tamil-speaking colleague to call the people who were harassing me and hopefully they could communicate.  i waited 15min before he called me back.  thank God!  they managed to get through to these moron callers and even managed to get the no. of the idiot who diverted the calls to me.  it was a starhub no. and Singtel informed starhub to stop the diversion.  *phew*.  seriously… i thought i was going to get a heart attack!

anyway, that was the end of it.  i haven’t received any calls since and Singtel said that starhub would get the diversion cancelled by tomorrow morning.  argh!  my blood is still simmering… grr…

after that horrific call spamming episode, i tried watching the Man U vs. Chelsea game online.  ok… so i’m not a real soccer fan.  i just wanted to see my favourite Ronaldo in action.  searched through tons of channels on TVU and TVkoo but couldn’t find a channel that screened the game!  Shanghai Sport was supposed to show it on tvu… but somehow the stupid channel only had sound and no visuals… which meant that it was useless to me ‘cos i have no idea what the players’ names in Chinese are!!!  (the commentary was in Chinese).  i persevered for 30min and finally gave up.  no Ronaldo for me tonight.  ARGH!

horrible horrible horrible night!  am watching my black and white Channel U now (the channel went awry 2 weeks ago and somehow i lost almost all colour on it).  heard a song that i like… and finally got the title.  here it is… it’s a catchy, happy song.  sigh.  good.  i really needed it!


 Wo Xiang Xin (I Believe) by Yang Pei An

The N98 Hoax

Sigh.  It was a hoax.  Iceman sent me this link with this fantastic new phone – the upcoming “N98”.  The specs just sounded too good to be true… and i found it strange why Nokia would launch a new concept phone in France… i mean.. Nokia’s from Finland right?  And it’s not as though the French are hp freaks or something. 

So i did a bit of checking online. Yeap.  The “N98” is a fake.  Bleah.  I even went to the Nokia French website to search and it’s confirmed.  No such product.  Just as there is no “perfect guy”, there is no perfect phone.  Bleah.

But if anyone from Nokia is reading this, i think you guys really should look into such a concept!

That said, i am once again embarrassed at what a gadget geek i can be.  Argh! 

If It Happens

Was catching up on all my blog readings today (last time i checked all my fave blogs was end of Aug!  Before my HK trip!) when i came across a link to Sumiko Tan’s article about how a woman needs a man.  I like what she said at the end –

“So, yes, the life of a woman will be complemented and enhanced by the right male companion.

But as my colleague also said, she’d rather be single and alone than to be married and miserable – and there are an awful lot of unhappy “happy couples”out there.”

At the last 3 group events i attended – a wedding dinner, a birthday celebration, and a birthday party, i noted that i belonged to the really tiny minority of being a “singleton” at those events.  While my closer clique of friends are of the same status as me, my wider circle of friends are mostly married, engaged, or at least have someone that they are seeing on a more serious basis. 

It also doesn’t help when friend(s) who are about to get married keep harping on the wonders and bliss of marriage.  As Sumiko Tan aptly stated in her article,

“Such a relentless onslaught of this singling out of singletons is enough to make even the most self-assured of independent women lose their self-esteem when, really, they should be cherishing their freedom.”

Don’t these people understand that not everyone wants to get married?  At least not me, not now.  And the strangest thing i’ve been hearing very often recently is, “You’re not attached?  Don’t bluff lah”.

Duh?!  What’s there to lie about man?  “Bluff you got money ah?”. 

I’m not the sort who will let someone say something without forcing them to think deeper into what they are trying to say.  So i will probe – what’s that supposed to mean?  Am i supposed to be attached?  Is it my social responsibility?  Is this some sort of expectation that i’m supposed to live up to?  And why is there such an expectation of me?

I don’t blast all those questions at the same time of course… but just asking at least 1 or 2 of the above questions is usually enough to stump people who question why i’m still single into silence.  I just get annoyed when people impose their own brainless assumptions that everyone aims to be like them, on me.  (Actually this doesn’t just apply to wanting to get married.  I just hate it when people people impose their assumptions on me).

So, don’t ask me when i’m getting married.  Don’t ask me if i’m attached.  Don’t ask me if i’m even seeing anyone.  If i am, you will surely know.  (Come on, what is this blog for right?) 

Booze Queen has Solved the Mystery

When Iceman were in HK, we saw this starlet (i think) holding some mini concert at Times Square.  Took a few photos ‘cos we were there during the setup of the concert… before the fans (i guess there were a couple of them) came.  I say i guess there were a couple of them ‘cos from the video that Booze Queen found on youtube, u can hear people screaming her name lah (oops… forgot to mention she’s called Cathy Leung).  Anyway, we didn’t bother to stay and watch the mini concert lah.. ‘cos we concurred with this passer-by that made this comment as he walked past, (in cantonese) “Yee!  So ugly one!”.  😛

Here’s the video Booze Queen from the youtube:



Fast-forware to after 28s ok?  ‘Cos that’s when the person figured out how to use the camera the right way up.  😛