Booze Queen has Solved the Mystery

When Iceman were in HK, we saw this starlet (i think) holding some mini concert at Times Square.  Took a few photos ‘cos we were there during the setup of the concert… before the fans (i guess there were a couple of them) came.  I say i guess there were a couple of them ‘cos from the video that Booze Queen found on youtube, u can hear people screaming her name lah (oops… forgot to mention she’s called Cathy Leung).  Anyway, we didn’t bother to stay and watch the mini concert lah.. ‘cos we concurred with this passer-by that made this comment as he walked past, (in cantonese) “Yee!  So ugly one!”.  😛

Here’s the video Booze Queen from the youtube:



Fast-forware to after 28s ok?  ‘Cos that’s when the person figured out how to use the camera the right way up.  😛

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