The N98 Hoax

Sigh.  It was a hoax.  Iceman sent me this link with this fantastic new phone – the upcoming “N98”.  The specs just sounded too good to be true… and i found it strange why Nokia would launch a new concept phone in France… i mean.. Nokia’s from Finland right?  And it’s not as though the French are hp freaks or something. 

So i did a bit of checking online. Yeap.  The “N98” is a fake.  Bleah.  I even went to the Nokia French website to search and it’s confirmed.  No such product.  Just as there is no “perfect guy”, there is no perfect phone.  Bleah.

But if anyone from Nokia is reading this, i think you guys really should look into such a concept!

That said, i am once again embarrassed at what a gadget geek i can be.  Argh! 

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