IPTV bliss!

been thinking very long and very hard about posting about my free IPTV lobangs ‘cos i don’t want all the legal eagles to swoop down on these free streaming providers and end my Internet TV bliss.

but there’re some things that’re sooo good that i guess i should share!  (plus the more people viewing, the better the reception ‘cos the more people to share the spreading of lurve!).

but i digress. 

i’ve been using TVU for a few years now.  was introduced by a friend during the last Soccer World Cup.  the visuals was grainy then… and laggy too.  but oh well, better than nothing for smoeone who doesn’t want to pay 2k+ for cable tv (that’s what starhub said they charge to link the cable from outside my house to inside my house.  duh!).

i stopped watching TVU after the WC but started using again to watch F1 whenever i can’t make it down to a secret haunt to watch.  (Iceman said before that i shouldn’t spread the word on this ‘cos we don’t want people swamping down on our haunt.  heh.)

unfortunately, after TVU failed me miserably just now, i started searching online for other similar programmes and i found TVKoo! 

am really happy about this find ‘cos TVKoo has lots of HK channels on it, it seems!  i even found a channel dedicated to streaming the Happy Ghost series!

looks like i’m going to be glued to my monitor a lot more often now.  will use TVU for my sports needs, and TVKoo for my HK cravings. 

now i just need to find a player that has free TVB dramas!  (actually TVKoo has some older TVB dramas lah.  heh… but not good enough!  :P)

horrendous night!

gosh!  it’s a horrible horrible Sun night!!!  some moron (suspect Indian or Banglah) mistakenly diverted his hp to MINE and i started getting tons of calls from his Indian friends from 10:30 to 11:30pm!!  i tried telling them (kept getting calls from the same 4 nos.) that they got the wrong no. but they didn’t understand.  i tried asking for the original no. they dialled but they obviously didn’t get that either.

i scolded 1 of the guys and that stopped him from calling.  the others… they just kept quiet when they heard me say “hello”… and hung up when i tried asking them questions or when i scolded them.

it got to the point of being ridiculous lor.  i mean… i have a song with a freaking hokkien start as my colour-me-tone (i.e. the song u hear when u dial my no.) and these morons don’t realise that it’s not their friend they’re calling!?!  u mean their friend listens to Hokkien/Mandarin songs is it?  DUH!  and EVEN if by some freak chance that idiot did, doesn’t calling my no. like 10x in the 1 hour make them realise that THEY ARE NOT GOING TO GET THEIR FRIEND?  i don’t know to laugh or to puke blood lor!

i finally called Singtel to complain and (as i guessed) was told that they couldn’t do anything because a call divert is done from a person’s handset.  (i knew it was a call divert ‘cos an arrow appeared whenever the calls came in… and the arrow only appears when it’s a call divert – this is something that i taught the Singtel guy who took my call).  and if i wanted the mobile operator to stop the diversion, i needed to know the original no.

i asked the Singtel guy i spoke to, how on earth was i supposed to get the no. when all these callers don’t speak English and i don’t speak Tamil, Hindu, Bangladeshi or whatever language they were yakking? 

in the end, the Singtel guy said he’ll try to get a Tamil-speaking colleague to call the people who were harassing me and hopefully they could communicate.  i waited 15min before he called me back.  thank God!  they managed to get through to these moron callers and even managed to get the no. of the idiot who diverted the calls to me.  it was a starhub no. and Singtel informed starhub to stop the diversion.  *phew*.  seriously… i thought i was going to get a heart attack!

anyway, that was the end of it.  i haven’t received any calls since and Singtel said that starhub would get the diversion cancelled by tomorrow morning.  argh!  my blood is still simmering… grr…

after that horrific call spamming episode, i tried watching the Man U vs. Chelsea game online.  ok… so i’m not a real soccer fan.  i just wanted to see my favourite Ronaldo in action.  searched through tons of channels on TVU and TVkoo but couldn’t find a channel that screened the game!  Shanghai Sport was supposed to show it on tvu… but somehow the stupid channel only had sound and no visuals… which meant that it was useless to me ‘cos i have no idea what the players’ names in Chinese are!!!  (the commentary was in Chinese).  i persevered for 30min and finally gave up.  no Ronaldo for me tonight.  ARGH!

horrible horrible horrible night!  am watching my black and white Channel U now (the channel went awry 2 weeks ago and somehow i lost almost all colour on it).  heard a song that i like… and finally got the title.  here it is… it’s a catchy, happy song.  sigh.  good.  i really needed it!


 Wo Xiang Xin (I Believe) by Yang Pei An