3 thoughts on “LS Queen”

  1. You seem to be drinking quite a fair bit, even during weekdays. You may wish to review your current lifestyle with respect to alcohol consumption.

  2. Hi meow,

    Do i actually know u in real life? Or are u just a surfer / passer-by / occassional reader of this blog? Anyway, thanks for your concern (?!). I go drinking on a regular basis… but i don’t drink a lot per session. Perhaps 1 or 2 glasses? LS is.. erm.. more ‘cos of over-consumption of chilli padi… 😛 That, is something that is reeaaaaaaaaaaally hard to quit. I think someone should set up a “Chilli Padi Anonymous”.

    “Hi. My name is UptownGal. I’ve been chilli free for 5 hrs”.

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