Please Do-Nut Touch

Azure was in Bangkok for work the past 3 days and she very kindly, braving unknown dangers at the customs and immigration, snuck a bunny back for me.  Her ingenuity at disguising and hiding the illegal immigrant bunny is amazing.  Check it out man!  No wonder those silly folks at immigration couldn’t find it!



Hehe.  Hidden amidst 24 Bavarian munchkin donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts, is Mr. Bunny from Mister Donuts.  Cute hor?  Hahahaha.

Speaking of donuts… after the traumatic incident, where my dad stole my precious donuts, i go on the defensive whenever i have donuts in my house – i separate the donuts into 2 boxes, 1 box for me, and 1 box for my parents. 

When i bought donuts back from HK, i labelled my box “Uptowngal’s.  Do not eat!!!”.  And on my parents’ box, i wrote, “For consumption”.

I then kept the boxes in the fridge.  A couple of days later, when i took out my box of donuts, i saw something my dad wrote below my message.  It read:

“For looking only”.

My dad can be really funny.