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Was transferring some of the photos i took recently from my hp to my laptop and decided to post some of the latest things that caught my eye here.




This is the view from a window in my office.  It would’ve been clearer if the windows were cleaner!  Sigh.  Funny thing is, i took this photo on Thursday night when i worked till pretty late… and on Friday, i saw a poster with the same scene, i.e. a pic taken at the same angle!  Hehe.  What a coincidence!







Was at Din Tai Fung with Booze Queen & Iceman and we saw this other table drinking Chinese wine.  We ordered a bottle to try and it was really smooth!  Hua Diao Shaoxing Wine (8 years).  Really good.  Goes extremely well with the Beef Brisket soup from Ding Tai Fung.  *Slurp*







Can’t remember what is the official name of this dish from Crystal Jade Macau Kitchen @ Bugis Junction… Spicy Chicken in Stone Pot or something.  Really yummy.  The gravy goes especially well with white rice!







This was something Prawns on Hot Plate.  Had this slight curry flavour to it.  Very tasty too!







This was the "weakest link" amongst the dishes.  Seasonal Vegetables cooked Portuguese style.  Funny sweetish taste.  Iceman & i had to put a lot of chilli to help us finish the dish.





Mango Sago Dessert.  Classic Crystal Jade dessert.  Can’t go wrong with this choice!  Yummy.  The slightly sourish taste of the mango with the sweet sago soup makes it really refreshing after a heavy meal.






This was the double-boiled Egg White & Milk.  Iceman found it bland, tasteless… but i thought the slightly sweetness in the smooth custard was nice.








Last shot of Mister Bunny before he gets eaten…




Watching Lost 3: Expose on Ch 5 now.  I am lost!  It’s not a show that’s meant for people to just pick up halfway i guess… Sigh.  Lots of eye candy though.  Hehe.