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881 Going to the Oscars?

Read in the papers that the movie 881 has been selected as Singapore’s nomination for Best Foreign Film category.  I’m so happy.  Really love the movie.  Although the subject matter is something that is very local and foreign audiences may not be able to appreciate it, i hope they’ll be able to connect to the […]

weirdo attraction month

wah lau eh. this must be weirdo attraction month. met ANOTHER weirdo on my way back. was at the traffic light opposite OCBC centre when i was stopped by this indian guy. indian guy: excuse me? me: yes? indian guy: (tentative tone) i was having a smoke and u walked by me: ya? indian guy: […]

crush u like a cockro… fly

leaping lizards and homeless cows! the weirdest things do happen to me! was at Coffee Club for lunch just now and was about to place my order when a fly flew straight into my left eye. i wanted to use my hand to brush it away but the waitress taking our orders was standing quite […]

short circuited

on an extremely short fuse today.  guess it was an accumulation of all the things that did not go right today, various people pissing me off, being tired and swamped with work.  heard from Bubbs who heard from another TJ classmate that there’s a class outing tomorrow, and some of us were conveniently excluded from […]

blardy farangs!

for the first time in my working life, i am actually pissed off with foreigners. yes, specifically FOREIGNERS. i was all set to go for a product conference with my department in Oct. i even cancelled attending a friend’s wedding for this conference. however, i just heard from my department secretary that our managing director […]

Morons, Idiots, and the Like!

Iceman says i attract weirdoes… and Katrine concurs. Sigh. After this morning, i’m starting to believe it too. My mom and i were standing at the section of the train where 2 carriages are joined. There were already people leaning against on the wall on both sides, and i was standing in the middle, next […]

Panda Went Missing

My panda (An An) went missing.  Escaped from the chain on my hp dangly and disappeared.  First noticed its disappearance after lunch… when i took my hp out of my lunch pouch to check an sms and the chain got caught in the exterior links of the pouch.  After i unknotted the chain from the […]

Making Money

I really don’t get it.  Saw on a Ch U trailer that xiaxue has been living off her blog earnings for a few years.  Why on earth does she earn anything from her blog at all?  Her English is bad, her writing sucks, her posts are boring… all she does is hurl abuses at others […]

The Great Singapore Workout!

Who could forget this!!     And this!   Wonder if those people in the videos ever survived the publicity…

Hong Kong Photos

It was VERY TEDIOUS… took me a few hours to upload, sort and put in the captions.  So u must forgive the uncreative captions.  Proudly presenting… my HK photos!  (Picked from 773 shots from my digicam, 153 shots using my hp, and a few cute shots from Iceman’s digicam!)      ——————————- For the sake […]

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