i’m alive! really!

haven’t been blogging ‘cos i’ve been really really busy.  was trying to clear as much work as i could last week before i went for my company’s regional product conference.  stayed till abt 3am last Fri?  that was the latest i’ve ever stayed in office!  went back for another 2-3 hours on Sat too. 

the conference in bali was good.  excellent in fact.  enjoyed myself and it was really good to meet all the people in the region – folks i’ve spoken to regularly over the phone.

am in another conference today (thurs) and tomorrow… will post the few pix i have from the bali trip soon.  perhaps over the weekend? 

my dad’s in china so there’s the extra responsibility of washing the rabbits’ potty, even when i get home late (like 1:11am tonight). 

so do check back soon for more blah blah blahs from me.  heh.

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