"Hello Patience, how have you been?"

Patience wasn’t too happy that i didn’t take her to Bali with me.  Explained to her it was ‘cos my laptop took up all the space in my haversack and i didn’t want to squeeze her in.  (Being flattened wouldn’t be good for her).

Patience said i could’ve packed her into my check-in luggage but i would never do that!  I’m always worried that my luggage would get lost somewhere in transit so things that are not replaceable, things that are important to me, always go into my carry-on bag.

And that’s what happened to Upsize on his way to the Bali conference.  His luggage got lost in transit… from Manila to Singapore to Bali.  Although it was eventually found, the trauma of losing your things (laptop, hp charger, etc) is terrible!

So the moral of the story is?  Sometimes it’s better to have a little distance between something that’s precious to you, than to lose it.

Life is a journey.  Don’t lose anything in transit.

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