Facebook is Evil…

I sincerely apologise to all for the lack of posts this month.  If u think it’s got to do with Iceman… er, nope.  I think Facebook ought to bear most of the blame.  And not just Facebook, but the application called Fighters’ Club (note – not Fight Club!!).  Just think of it as a simplified Warcraft.

So if u have Facebook, drop me a note and add me… and join my Funky Bananas Gang.  😛

daily dose of kid’s meal

sometimes i just feel like screaming – i cannot take this anymore!!! 😛

bigmac (quoting me): for a person who doesn’t snack, u hv a lot of food on ur table.
kid’s meal: but it’s chocolate.
me: but chocolate also considered snack what!
kid’s meal: is it?
me: YA! if choc is not snack then what is it?
kid’s meal: i thougt it’s happy food.
me: snacks are happy food what!!!
kid’s meal: oh ya. i guess it is.


Shepherd’s Note – How should we respond to blasphemous movies and books?

My church has recently started a "Shepherd’s Note" section in our weekly bulletin, where the Elders of the church will write a short sharing of sorts.  I thought last Sunday’s note was interesting and am reproducing it here:


We should not be surprised by the on-going yet futile spiritual warfare against god and Christianity.  these campaigns often include unedifying movies, books, websites and other overt acts and events.  Some are more subtle whilst others blatantly blasphemous.  Remember not too long ago the Da Vinci Code saga which developed from book to movie to a host of paraphernalia?  Well, they came to pass and God remains sovereign.

Currently there is an email chain warning of a new "children’s movie" to be released in December called "The Golden Compass".  Described as "atheism for kids" it is based on the first book of a trilogy by Philip Pullman, "His Dark Materials".  Pullman is reported to be an atheist and secular humanist who despises C.S. Lewis and his "Chronicles of Narnia" and his motivation was specifically to counteract Lewis’ symbolisms of Christ in the Narnia series.

What should be our right response to these?  The Lord has taught us to pray… "lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil."  We should not be ignorant nor fear the devil’s ploys.  Neither should we over-react or engage him unwisely, doing so without first submitting ourselves to God (James 4:7).

Let us be wise even as we engage in spiritual warfare for the hearts and minds of innocent children and ignorant adults alike.  We would not participate or contribute in any way to these ungodly activities or be over confident that we are able to withstand evil, thinking that is is harmless entertainment.  It is also our duty to warn others to be discerning, but let us not unwittingly give the devil undue credit or publicity.  One of his ploys is to draw attention, arouse curiosity or invoke fear and hatred and thereby tempt or stumble the weak and the unwise.  By doing right, we counsel by our example and not just preaching.

On the other hand, let us support good wholesome forms of entertainment and edifying literature.  For those with specific interests in apologetics (the defence of the Faith), I suggest the highly readable books by Lee Strobel on "The Case for Christ" (which has a kids edition), "The Case for Faith" (which has a Student edition), and his most recent "The Case for the Real Jesus".  they address important issues and FAQs raised by those who reject the Christian Faith and are effective resources for group study and witness.


I did a quick search on the Internet to find the "general views" people have of Philip Pullman.  Skimmed through an entry on Wikipedia on Pullman.  Not sure how anti-Christ his works are… but i most probably won’t be watching The Golden Compass.  There is a difference between fantasy stories to entertain, and fantasy stories to subvert.  God gave every individual the power of free will – to exercise their choice in what they choose to believe.  But let us not stumble another, before they make that choice.

Tian Mi Mi

It’s been a long week… everyone’s busy, stressed, and definitely lacking of sleep. But something happened today that just made our day.

About 5:40pm, Bigmac, Kid’s Meal and i were chatting about some stuff (the memory of which has been totally obliterated by what happened next) when i saw Fei Zai and Solo (tall and big-size colleague who sits opposite me at work) leaving office together. Solo was holding his helmet.

Bigmac: Eh, u guys leaving together ah?
Fei Zai: Yeah.
Me: So romantic!
Fei Zai: Yeah, i get to cuddle Han.
Me: Ooh… warm fuzzy feeling…
Bigmac: Shit. what if Solo feels something against his back…

(Bigmac and i laugh out loud at the thought.)

(Kid’s Meal looks puzzled.)

Bigmac to Kid’s Meal: U know, when guys ride bikes, they don’t like to sit too close to each other.
Kid’s Meal: What sort of bike?
Me: *Jumps back in shock as my voice goes up an octave higher* Motorbike lah! What kind of bike did u think it was?
Kid’s Meal: Oh. i was wondering if u all were talking about bicycle or motorbike. I thought maybe they sit those double-seater bicycle…

Applause please.

Stupidest Person in Eon Award

Azure and i were taking the MRT home 1 day when she suggested that i should start a category on my blog called "Kid’s Meal" and list down all the stupid things that Kid’s Meal says on a daily basis.  But before i got down to it, there’s now a challenger for the Stupidest Person in Eon Award!

This amazing challenger is from Booze Queen’s dept.  We call him Smarties ‘cos of his "brilliance" at work.  Anyway, here’re the various incidents that resulted in us nominating Kid’s Meal and Smarties to be the top 2 contenders for the prestigious, abovementioned award.


Kid’s Meal’s Top Nominations:

Incident 1

At the Bali Conference last month, we were made to sit with various colleagues from around the region.  On the first day of the conference, we were given 3 minutes to talk to the person next to us, after which we were supposed to introduce that person to everyone else. 

Kid’s Meal (KM for short) was paired with a colleague from Malaysia.  A Senior VP if i don’t remember his designation wrongly.  During her introduction, she said…

KM: FC is from our M’sian office.  I was very surprised just now when FC told me that he’s English educated.

(Stunned silence around room)

KM: ‘Cos i thought all Chinese in Malaysia are Chinese educated.  Hur hur hur.

(Another round of stunned silence as i buried my head in embarrassment that Kid’s Meal is from my dept).  Sigh.


Incident 2

During one of the dinners at the Bali conference, this conversation took place.

KM to Indian colleague: Which part of India are u from?

Indian colleague: I’m from Mumbai.

KM: I see.  Is Bombay also in India?

(When i heard this, i couldn’t control myself anymore.  I turned to KM & said…)

Me: Er, Mumbai IS Bombay?  It’s the new name…

KM: OH IS IT?  I didn’t know that!

Me: Er, did u know that Ho Chi Minh is the new name of Saigon?

KM: Really????  Hurhurhur.  I didn’t know that.

Me: Technically speaking, HCM covers a slightly larger area than Saigon but it’s essentially the same place… Then did u know that Sri Lanka is the new name for Ceylon?

KM: I didn’t know that either!!!!!

Gee… i wonder why when that Indian colleague called my office to ask for my mobile no. (in case he needed to contact us for urgent matters) as well as Bigmac & Beanstalk’s… he didn’t ask for Kid’s Meal…


Incident 3

This one takes the cake.  Real shocker to me.  At lunch during the Bali conference…

KM: Why aren’t u eating today?

Me: Got diarrhoea lah.  No appetite.

KM: Diarrhoea?  Is it ‘cos of the food last night?

Me: No lah.  The food’s ok.  Nothing to do with it.  Got my period lah.  Always kena diarrhoea when i get my period.

KM: Oh… i see.  I’m not used to getting my period too.

(I was shocked.  U’re freaking 22 years old and u’re not used to getting your period?!?)

Me: Huh?  What do u mean by that statement?

KM: Ya… not used to the fact that i get my period lor.  I get my period regularly but i envy my friends whose period are seasonal lor.  But i know that’s not good lah.  Not good for giving birth right?

(At this point, i was stunned into silence.)


Incident 4

We were having a "Specialty Group" lunch one day and so there were like 12 of us at this restaurant.  Due to the large no. of orders, it got quite confusing who ordered what whenever a dish arrived. 

Waitress: Dry egg noodles with chicken?  Dry egg noodles with chicken?  Who ordered the dry egg noodles with chicken?

KM: Is it dry one?

(Bubbs had such a stunned expression on her face i burst out laughing.)


Smarties’ Top Nominations:

Incident 1

Smarties was hired to help Booze Queen and her boss in their work.  So BQ’s been teaching him how to do the admin stuff, etc. 

BQ: When we calculate interest, we go according to the exact number of days.  So for next year, u’ll have to divide over 366 days. 

Smarties: Why 366 days?  Are there 366 days in a year?

BQ: Er, no.  There’re 365 days in a year but next year is leap year so there’s 366?

Smarties: Leap year?

BQ: Ya… every 4 years there’s an extra day in the year?  29th Feb???

(When Booze Queen told us the incident during lunch, we came up with this theory.  Maybe we should tell Smarties that the Leap Year came about ‘cos of the Olympics… it was specially created for it…)


Incident 2

I was on leave today… but BQ’s sms cracked me up…

Her sms said:

"Smarties asked me… U know how many days are there in a month ah?  I replied yes.  He gave me a shocked look."



I always thought Kid’s Meal was stupidity redefined.  A pedigree ignoramus.  But Smarties seems to taking over her position!!

What’s in a Name

Realised that the nicks on my blog can get a little confusing.  So thought i’ll give a little re-intro to all the characters who frequently appear here.

Azure a.k.a. BFK (that stands for Best Friend K).  Nick says it all.

Booze Queen – colleague who is the anti-thesis of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Dewy a.k.a. Xiao Lau Shu (XLS) – colleague who sits on my left in office.

Bubbs – ex-classmate, ex-colleague, and current colleague too!

Kid’s Meal – new girl who joined my dept in Aug this year.  Has weird habit of going "Hurhurhur.  So funny.  Hurhurhur".  Laughs at everything… even when it’s not funny…

Big Mac – my boss.

Upsize – my big boss

Small Fry – er, that’s me.  😛 (u see the trend here?)

Beanstalk – Colleague who sits behind me at work.  He’s as thin as a beanstalk.

J-San – annoying "not tall not Singaporean" colleague.

Sharky a.k.a. Ah Beng #2 – another colleague from office.  Sings damn well, but u risk him singing every song if he goes karaoke with u.

Smarties – new guy in Booze Queen & XLS’ dept.  "Smart aleck" redefined.

ONSer – Booze Queen’s balaclava friend who works in the same building as us.

Buddy – my orientation group buddy from NTU.

AKKK – my favourite cheongster cousin.

Iceman a.k.a. my Sayang – old old JC classmate and now bf.  😛

Qingfu – another old old JC classmate + adulterous lover.

Katrine – ex-colleague and good chum.  She’s a psychology expert.

Chewbacca – cell group dictator leader from church.

Arenose – cell group friend who’s now working in Chengdu.

Zounds a.k.a my ex-Laogong – ex-colleague from SNBB.

Partner – my "partner in suan" from SNBB.

Shibby – my pseudo bf.  Oh wait… now it’s ex-pseudo bf.  (Realise the difference if i wrote pseudo ex-bf?  HAHAHA).

Shavoker – friend staying in Shanghai now… but he’s moving to Nanjing soon… heh…

There!  Did i leave anyone out?

范玮琪 – I Think I

Another lovely song from Fan Wei Qi’s "Our Anniversary" album.


Here’s the rough English translation…

As each day passes
From "unsure" to "the answer"
Just like this
I pause at the direction which you go
Everytime you appear at my side
I feel the weight (amount) of love
The more i care, the more diffcult to measure
The more i can’t put down
The more i don’t think, the more it’s him

I think i love you
Love is like this ‘cos i miss you
Like your kindness
Keep you company as you go about
Occasionally will quarrel
Quarrel till tired, will say something sweet

I’m falling for you
Love is like this now i need you
Wait for you to be on leave
To enjoy the night’s stars together
When you say to guard happiness
I’ll never stop

The more we see, the more we’re alike
Can understand each other without speaking
Draw the same picture
Dream the same dream
Happiness is a big lighted pavilion
Without you the world won’t be the same
You will definitely give me strength
Actually it’s not complicated to love me
Sincere words
Is enough for happiness to take off

Love often makes 2 people hurt
Love also makes 2 people stronger
We will not know
How long the future is
In my world
You will stand shoulder to shoulder with me

IE stands for Internet Explorer

There’re a few terms in English that people frequently misuse, or mispronounce, and it REALLY bugs me.  For example, the term "i.e.".  It means "that is"… but when reading a sentence that contains "i.e.", instead of saying "that is", a lot of people just say "i e".  It really bugs me till no end!!  Argh!  Now here’s a good explanation of how to use the term.



i.e. stands for id est which means "that is." Use i.e. when what you are introducing is equivalent to or an explanation of what comes before it in the sentence.

I like root vegetables; i.e., the ones that grow underground.

He wastes his money on junk; i.e., stuff that he will never get around to fixing.

I’ll listen to anything; i.e., I like any kind of music.

Basically, i.e. means "in other words." It’s used to reword or provide an alternate explanation.


I have more "word peeves"… but i need to start working on a policy wording… so… till next time…

What Goes Around Comes Around

I really should be sleeping… it’s 3:49am… but i was surfing around… and re-reading a blog that i saw earlier… and i saw a 2nd post.  It confirmed something that i sort of knew… but wanted to find out more about?

I’m not gloating and i don’t mean to be mean.  But i’ve paid my dues.  I’ve been in tricky and difficult situations before, and i learnt to cope.  So others should to. 

I feel mildly bad… but hey, what goes around, comes around.