Last Few Random Shots of the Year




I just thought the chocs with the AIA logo on it were so cool.  (My dad ate the missing choc).








Sat dimsum with my parents & Iceman… we had a lot of food…








This is where i get my OCD from… my dad measures the temp setting of our fridge…








For months i’ve seen this sculpture at Raffles Place… took a pic of it, half-unveiled.  (Taken from inside my car).




I have more pics… but… somehow these were more "caption friendly".  Heh.

Behind Closed Doors

Anyone wondered what the bunnies (well, some of them) have been up to?




Pinky enjoys running about the car porch every night.








Where he brazenly eats my mom’s pandan leaves…
















And tries to hide when caught.









Horlicks is into Boxercise… she packs a mean punch… poor Shieldtox insecticide… gets battered behind closed doors…








Pinky cringes at the violence.








And stands about looking lost in the kitchen…








Suddenly, he notices the microwave…








Smart chap makes a quick getaway to look for his daddy in the side garden.







Muah Chee has his own private war shelter…








Though he usually prefers to just lie outside, unaffected by the paparazzi of this world.




All photos taken with my N82.  🙂

End of DBS Saga

Got another call from DBS Call Centre a couple of days back.  A guy named Chester called to say that my "feedback" was referred back to them by the Customer Care Dept.  Chester asked me some really basic questions to verify my information – my full name and NRIC (which is really silly ‘cos given that my wallet was stolen, this information would’ve been easily obtained by the thief right?  Moreover, Chester called my on my office line… which is the contact no. that i left in my complaint email to DBS.  Shouldn’t DBS have called the no. in my phone records with the bank?  That would definitely add some weight that i was the original card holder right?  Since DBS was soooo concerned about "verifying my details".  Duh?!)

Anyway, Chester said that the bank will arrange to have a replacement ATM card sent to me.  However, $5 will be deducted from my account balance.  I flatly refused.  I asked Chester – why should i be paying for this replacement card, when no other banks have this practice?  After all the hassle i’ve been put through, i don’t see ANY good reason for me to pay that $5.  Moreover, it wasn’t as though i dropped the card.  I lost the card through an act of theft!  So why should i pay this stupid $5?

Chester said that if the card was lost because of "an act of crime", DBS can waive the $5.  (He was very insistent on the phrase "act of crime").  I told him i had a police report.  However, if he was familiar with police reports, he would know that a report about a petty theft does not contain the phrase "act of crime".  So this stupid argument ding dong-ed back and forth.  In the end, i told Chester if DBS was not going to waive the $5, i will just cancel my account.  Chester checked with his superiors and apparently, DBS was deadset against waiving that $5.  So i told Chester not to bother with the stupid replacement anymore.  I will go down to DBS/ POSB and cancel the account.  The account was of no use to me anyway – DBS’ online banking features suck, and the security token i need to carry around in order to use the online banking makes the whole login process so troublesome.

I thought that was the end of it – DBS lost a customer because of its dumb procedures… but what’s the big deal right?  What does my $200 balance matter to DBS?  (Of course if the bank’s stupid procedures cost them $200 x 100,000 customers or something, then perhaps it will sit up and take notice.)  Whatever the case, i was fed up.  Was not going to waste another second of my time on it.

However… 10min after i ended the call with Chester, i got another call from DBS.  This time it was from the Customer Care Dept.  Some lady named Josephine noted from their internal system that my $5 waiver request was rejected by DBS.  She sounded flustered / panicky… kept apologising, and offered to waive my $5.  I told her i was going to cancel my DBS a/c because i was fed up of all the hassle i had been put through.  She asked if it was ok with me if she went ahead to waive the $5, and arrange for a replacement ATM card to be sent to me.  I told her to "please go ahead" and so i’m now waiting for a new DBS ATM card again.

Heh.  Wonder what brought the change of heart in DBS.  Perhaps someone finally realised how stupid they were… or got concerned that i was going to sent another complaint email.  Hehe. Anyhow, let’s see if this darn ATM card is going to reach me.  I’m counting the days till it arrives…

Shenzhen is in Taiwan

it’s 4:25pm. everyone’s in holiday mood in office. am working very very slowly, waiting for the day to end so we can leave for our Christmas dinner. really really sleepy.

suddenly, Kid’s Meal turns to me and says…

KM: is Shenzhen in HK or in China ah?
Me: (with a look of digust – couldn’t help it) China lah.
KM: oh… was confused where it is.

good grief!

The Art of Eavesdropping 2

I remember another time when Booze Queen, Xiao Lao Shu and i were chatting about Facebook and Fighters Club in office. We spoke in half sentences because we didn’t want other people to know what we were talking about… at least they could only speculate… but not be sure what we were referring to.

So we were talking and laughing (this was after office hours, btw) when we saw Smarties grinning and attempting to look over XLS’ shoulder (to see what’s on her monitor). BQ couldn’t resist and said to Smarties, “Why are u smiling? Do u know what we’re talking about?”.

Smarties’ brillant reply was, “No leh… but i find what u all are saying very funny”… and he continued grinning!

Unable to resist, i said, “U mean u have no idea what we’re talking about, but yet u can laugh about it?”

“Ya. Hahaha. Very funny leh”, replied Smarties.

At this point, i gave Smarties my best u-are-damn-freaking-weird look, exchanged glances with Booze Queen and XLS, and we all kept quiet and reverted to using MSN to continue our conversation.

Sheesh. What’s wrong with all these young people nowadays man! Tsk tsk tsk.

DBS – DouBle Standards

this week has not been off to a good start. got into a mega fight with DBS yesterday over the replacement of my DBS ATM card. i shall let the letter i sent them do the talking…

Salutation: Ms

Name: UptownGal

NRIC/Passport No: ___________

Email Address: __________

Country: Singapore

Home Tel: __________

Office Tel: __________

DBS Customer: Yes

I lost my wallet during the wee hours of 6 December 2007. I called DBS between 3-4am to report the loss of my ATM card. To date, I have received replacement credit and ATM cards from all the other bank, i.e. UOB, HSBC, Amex, Citibank, and even POSB, except DBS.

I called at approximately 10:30am today to check why my DBS ATM card has not been sent to me. After waiting for about 10min, I finally got to speak to someone called Anne. Anne tried to verify my particulars by asking me the following questions:
1) What is my account number.
2) What is the last account transaction I did
3) Do I have any GIRO on this account.

I told Anne that:
1) I do not remember my exact account no. but I know it starts with XXX-, and there is a “XXXXX” somewhere in it.
2) The last transaction I did was probably the transfer of $200 from my UOB account to my DBS account, of which it was about 3 weeks ago, and thus I cannot remember the details.
3) I believe I had an ez-link card linked to this account, but that has since been terminated.

Anne, despite my best attempts to explain the situation to her, said she could not disclose any account information to me, because she could not verify my details.

I told Anne that I did not need her to disclose any account information to me! I am clearly aware that this account probably has not more than $200 in it, and my question to her was – HAS A REPLACEMENT CARD BEEN SENT?

Unfortunately, Anne seemed to have difficulty answering this simple “yes or no” question. As we were getting nowhere, Anne decided to pass the buck by transferring me to your bank’s Lost Cards section.

Once again, I was put through the same 3 questions by your staff Kenix Yin, to which I gave the same 3 answers. Does DBS NOT have any other ways of verifying their customers’ identity? Whatever happened to other type of information that banks typically ask – e.g. mother’s maiden name, etc?

Kenix said she would go ahead to CANCEL the ATM card, but she could not arrange for a replacement card to be sent to me.

This is where I deplore DBS to use a little common sense in its replacement card procedures.

1) I am NOT asking for a replacement card to be sent to some new mailing address. I am asking for my ATM replacement card to be sent to the mailing address in DBS’ records.

2) If DBS is unable to verify my details, hence implying that this may be a fradulent call, then by terminating the card, isn’t DBS acting on wrong instructions? Moreover, if I really were a prankster, isn’t DBS going out of its way to inconvenience its real card holder by NOT sending a replacement card to THE ORIGINAL MAILING ADDRESS IN DBS’ RECORDS?

3) EVEN if I were the thief that stole my wallet, and I am making this call to DBS in an attempt to get hold of a new card and pin no., may I know why DBS cannot send a replacement card to THE MAILING ADDRESS in the bank’s records? Does DBS think that Singpost’s operations security are so lacking that a petty theft is able to hijack its mailbag and steal the replacement card & pin no.?

4) I have a police report with me that says I lost my wallet. Would it not suffice for me to fax in police report to DBS?

We are now coming to the end of the year, where many companies are having their financial close, and it is common knowledge that people are extra busy at work. If DBS can CANCEL my ATM card, I take that to mean that DBS believes the card was lost. Since DBS took my word when I said card was lost, why can’t DBS send me a replacement card as soon as reasonable practicable? Does DBS not see the simple logic here?

Also, since POSB and DBS are now considered 1 bank, and DBS can access my POSB records (which was what Anne revealed to me even though she claimed that she cannot reveal any information to me because my identity was unverified), then should’t DBS KNOW that my POSB supplementary card was cancelled last Monday and a replacement card was sent to my MAILING ADDRESS IN THE BANK’S RECORDS 2 days later?

I hope to get a sensible and satisfactory answer from DBS soon. And I expect a replacement card to be sent to my house. If you need a fax of my police report, I can do so immediately. But do not ask me to call in to DBS’ call centre again. There are only 24 hours a day. I cannot keep wasting my time being put on hold first, to speak to a call centre agent, and then repeatedly asked to wait because your staff was unable to “verify my details”.

Please also note that this complaint may appear in various online forums hence you may want to formulate your reply carefully. Thanks.


I really don’t get what DBS is trying to do lor. Do they practise selective believing or something? I mean, they believe me when i say my ATM card is lost… but they don’t believe that i’m the real account holder and hence refuse to send me a replacement card? It’s just damn freaking ridiculous man!

photos from the N82

some pictures from my N82.  🙂





Iceman and i were amazed by this retro-looking phone.  heehee.  (taken at Yew Mei Green)









A Christmas display at Tangs.









My new wallet.  It’s by comic illustrator Jimmy Liao.  Love the embroidery on it.  🙂








Pinky prancing about the garden.









Pinky likes pandan leaves.









Still has a slipper fetish.









That’s the way to spend a Sun nite!  Under a brolly, away from the moonlight.  (Taken with Xenon flash).









Coffee… in night mode.







Okie… time to sleep soon… *yawn*.  Nitez.

Nokia N82

bought the Nokia N82 as a replacement hp last Sat.  was hesitating whether to get a new phone initially… or to make do with my Sony Ericsson… but the SE died on Sun so just as well.  heh.

no complaints abt the N82 so far.  was attracted to it ‘cos the specs are even better than the N95… and it’s retailing for the same price as the N95 8G!!  the Xenon flash is fantastic and the Nokia Maps software (a GPS navigation s/w) is excellent!!  the phone can log onto the GPS satellites even when i’m in my bedroom!  it’s simply terrific!!  a huge improvement over the crappy Navfone software of the N95… that used to take about 5-7min to log onto the GPS network when i’m in the car!  bleah.

click here to see the specs of the N82.  i would recommend the phone. 🙂

to immobilise or not

really strange thing happened.  someone mailed my road tax renewal notice to me.  the renewal notice was in my Coach bag that was stolen last week.  so i was really surprised when it came in the mail today.

my dad thinks that the thief wants me to renew my road tax, before stealing my car, so that the thief can drive the car across to JB and sell it.  but if the thief is even semi-professional enough to know contacts across the causeway to sell the car… then shouldn’t the thief also know that you don’t need the renewal notice to renew the road tax?!

i’m more inclined to think that the thief chucked the renewal notice onto the floor somewhere… where it was picked up by a kind hearted soul who mailed it to me.  but then again… the renewal notice looked pretty clean to have been chucked on the floor… sigh.

i called the Changi Neighbourhood Police Centre to inform them that someone mailed my stolen road tax renewal back to me, and asked if they wanted to do anything with it.  answer is no.  i guess they don’t care… since bags get stolen everyday anyway.  damn u lousy police!

my dad says i should get a steering lock to protect my car against theft… or install a car alarm with immobiliser… but i just changed my car alarm!  cost me $145!!  just that… i forgot my licence plate was found on my road tax renewal that was stolen together with my bag… and so the thief knows my car plate… (which means he doesn’t need to rely on the remote to find my car… he can just zoom in on my car and use the key to unlock the doors.  though that would trigger the alarm, if he was experienced enough, he would know how to disable the alarm, cut the wire, etc.)

sigh.  so i’m in huge dilemma now.  what should i do?  steering locks are troublesome… should i spend another $250 to change another car alarm that comes with immobiliser??  🙁