Maybe Not…

Was telling Iceman about my "new discovery" and he says it might be due to MessengerPlus!.  Frankly, i don’t know.  But i did find this setting…  Plus – Preferences – Main – Conversations – Enable commands (special messages beginning with "/").

So maybe it’s not MSN after all.  Hmm…

Something New about MSN!

This may not be anything special really but i just found out about it so am posting about it here. Heh.

Long time ago, when MIRC was still the rage (that’s my personal assumption that it’s no longer a rage and that MSN has taken over MIRC too), there used to be this function where if i u type "/me", it appears as "MyNick".  So for example if i were to type

"/me is going to drink water"

MIRC will display it as "Uptowngal is going to drink water".

I tried the above function on MSN before but it didn’t work.  "/me" was just "/me".  However, I tried it again just now… and realised it works in the latest Live Messenger version 8.5!

Well, it’s not really a big deal but.. heh.  It’s something new i discovered right?  Heh.

Oh… but for users who’re using the older version of MSN, the "/me" appears as a  <<I on their windows.  :/