The Art of Eavesdropping 2

I remember another time when Booze Queen, Xiao Lao Shu and i were chatting about Facebook and Fighters Club in office. We spoke in half sentences because we didn’t want other people to know what we were talking about… at least they could only speculate… but not be sure what we were referring to.

So we were talking and laughing (this was after office hours, btw) when we saw Smarties grinning and attempting to look over XLS’ shoulder (to see what’s on her monitor). BQ couldn’t resist and said to Smarties, “Why are u smiling? Do u know what we’re talking about?”.

Smarties’ brillant reply was, “No leh… but i find what u all are saying very funny”… and he continued grinning!

Unable to resist, i said, “U mean u have no idea what we’re talking about, but yet u can laugh about it?”

“Ya. Hahaha. Very funny leh”, replied Smarties.

At this point, i gave Smarties my best u-are-damn-freaking-weird look, exchanged glances with Booze Queen and XLS, and we all kept quiet and reverted to using MSN to continue our conversation.

Sheesh. What’s wrong with all these young people nowadays man! Tsk tsk tsk.

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