My Moral Duty

I believe it is my moral duty to tell everyone to STAY AWAY from UBI (Eunos) area this Friday, 22 Feb 2008. My belief is based on a conversation that happened earlier today…

Bigmac: So are u confident of passing your driving on Fri?
Kid’s Meal: Er, no… i’m going to have a practice session 1 hour before my test.
BM: How long have u been learning driving?
KM: Er… about 5 months now.
Me: So what car are you driving for the test?
KM: I’m not sure actually
Me: Huh? Aren’t u using your instructor’s car?
KM: Yah… but i never see what car my instructor is using…


Take note ya… this is the same girl who told me she had to go home to study NOTES for her driving practical lesson because she wasn’t sure which leg to use for which pedal…