Busy March

Pinky is SUCH a cam whore!  He kept posing for photos when the other bunnies kept hopping about.  He even listened to my instructions to place his paws on the kerb for a nicer pose!  That vain pot!


“My right profile is nicer”.


“U sure u got that shot right?”


“Right profile please”.


“And again…”


Muah Chee & Peanut


“Posing for pics is sooooo tiring…”


Okie… sleepy time… zzz.  Sorry for the juxtaposed posts… just to let you know Mas Selamat didn’t kidnap me.

2 thoughts on “Busy March”

  1. Eh Junior, I told u abt my blog b4 lah. But i think u’re getting a bit senile. That’s why u don’t remember. 😛

    Pinky doesn’t have a switchblade leh. Why don’t u buy one for him?

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