Inefficiency is not all bad…

Thank goodness for inefficient Philippine postal system else I would be hot soup now!

Last year, during the inception of a policy I placed on behalf of my Phlippine office, the values of the properties came up to Php 49 billion. In Mar this year, my Philippine office sent a spreadsheet advising an increase in the value of the properties. I did a quick check of the spreadsheet and noted that the increase came up to Php 6 billion. I knew a couple of new assets were built in the last 8 months so I thought the increase of Php 6 billion was reasonable, and I sent the spreadsheet off to the underwriter.

I guess the underwriter didn’t bother to check the spreadsheet carefully either… because he agreed to the increase and signed off on it. 2 days ago, I sent the underwriter’s approval to my Philippine office via snail mail.

Thank God for SNAIL MAIL. Because today, some questions from my boss prompted me to look deeper into the values… and as pointed out by my boss… it wasn’t logical that the total values suddenly jumped from Php 49 billion to Php 759 billion!

Yup… it is a SERIOUS oversight on my part. I only checked the increase in values, but not what the new total values added up to. Argh. In my boss’ words, it was a “glaring mistake”.

Anyway, am getting it sorted out now… and thank God for the slow postal system because the underwriter’s written approval hasn’t reached my Philippine office yet and thus, they have not sent out or informed the client about the erroneous approval.

Sigh. 🙁

Australia 2008 (Melbourne-Tasmania-Adelaide)

Well, decided not to post the notes I wrote about Australia here.  Frankly, Australia didn’t leave that deep an impression on me.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly, as anyone would have while on holiday.  But while Australia is an above average country on many fronts, it didn’t have a fascinating enough history to enchant me, nor amazing architecture to stun, nor beautiful scenery to take my breath away. 

Here’re some of the pictures I took.  To sum it up, the best part about Australia was the company I was with.  (Wait till you hear my stories about my 8th aunt…).  Anyway, just to clear the backlog of content that I need to put here… I’ll just let the pictures tell the story.

Part 1: The Wedding




The wedding venue.







My mom & I.







The sweetest (pun intended) wedding favours!







Everyone had a good time on the dance floor.







Sober or drunk…







They had a good time…







It was a lovely wedding.




Will post Part 2 another day.  Sleepy…

If Ignorance was Bliss..

… Kid’s Meal ought to be the happiest person in the world.

Bigmac, Kid’s Meal, Mich & I were having drinks with an underwriter ("u/wer") just now when we started discussing the usage of contact lenses and how it may result in dry eyes.  The u/wer then asked me when did I start wearing contact lenses.  I replied, "When I was in Sec 3".

Kid’s Meal exclaimed in utter surprise, "Sec 3?  You mean there was contact lenses then?".

To which I replied, "Eh, don’t like that leh.  I’m not that old lah.  There was such a thing as contact lens when I was in Sec 3…"

Kid’s Meal then said, "Oh is it?  I didn’t know that!  I thought contact lens technology only came out in the last few years.  I thought it was newer than the Internet."