Australia 2008 (Melbourne-Tasmania-Adelaide)

Well, decided not to post the notes I wrote about Australia here.  Frankly, Australia didn’t leave that deep an impression on me.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly, as anyone would have while on holiday.  But while Australia is an above average country on many fronts, it didn’t have a fascinating enough history to enchant me, nor amazing architecture to stun, nor beautiful scenery to take my breath away. 

Here’re some of the pictures I took.  To sum it up, the best part about Australia was the company I was with.  (Wait till you hear my stories about my 8th aunt…).  Anyway, just to clear the backlog of content that I need to put here… I’ll just let the pictures tell the story.

Part 1: The Wedding




The wedding venue.







My mom & I.







The sweetest (pun intended) wedding favours!







Everyone had a good time on the dance floor.







Sober or drunk…







They had a good time…







It was a lovely wedding.




Will post Part 2 another day.  Sleepy…

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