David Tao Concert 2008

19042008421Went for David Tao’s concert earlier this evening.  It was 3 hours of solid singing.  I love his voice!  Such a talented musician, songwriter and singer.  Wanted to take more photos… alas I forgot to charge my hp last night and my hp died after a couple of photos and videos.  🙁

19042008430 I was very impressed with the entire tour.  The musicians and vocalists were really talented – the female vocalist from Taipei also played the flute, trombone and violin!

I think I’m going to get his "Best Of" album.  Hehe.  It’s kind of odd that I’ve been to 2 of his concerts but I don’t have any of his CDs.  Heh.

Here’s a sample video I took at the concert.  You can find loads of his MTVs on youtube if you do a search.  I must say that David Tao’s singing live is as good as his singing on his CDs!



A real musical genius!

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