All Good Numbers Must Come to an End

Received a letter from Singtel today.  In conjunction with the full number portability that telcos are rolling out in June (instead of the simple call forwarding that telcos do now when subscribers change from 1 telco to another), I must now decide if I want to retain my Singtel no. as my hp no… or do I want to switch to my Starhub no. that’s being forwarded to my Singtel no..

It’s a tough decision for me… ‘cos the Starhub no. is a lovely no… and we all love nice numbers don’t we?  My Starhub no. is something like 92052006 (you do realise this is a made-up no. I’m using as an example and not my real hp no. I hope!).  See the pattern there?  Easy to remember right?

On the other hand, my Singtel no., while it doesn’t have any easy to remember pattern to it, is my first hp no. after all… and it’s been with me since Nov 1997!  That makes it really hard to just chuck aside.  It’s almost like shedding part of my identity! 

That said, selfish old me doesn’t want anyone to have my recycled Starhub no..  Sigh.  Thinking if I should ask my mom to switch from her pre-paid card to my Starhub no.?  That means I’ll have to sign up a new plan for her… hmm…

I’m torn!!!!  :'(  *Sniff*.