hurdle 1: who goes first

for those who do not know, Iceman’s Malaysian so we decided that to be fair to relatives on both sides, we’re going to have 2 wedding dinners.  unfortunately, things sort of hit a snag ‘cos Iceman’s dad, being a very traditional person, feels that the dinner in JB ought to be the main dinner (in terms of size), and it also needs to be held before the SG dinner.  (hey, initially, his parents thought it’ll be good enough just to have a dinner in JB & ferry my relatives over but Iceman understands that it’s important to me to have something for my family & friends in SG so he insisted on 2 dinners).

to me, whichever dinner is the "main" one doesn’t really matter ‘cos i see both dinners as equal.  i don’t mind having the JB dinner before the SG one though i think it would be a struggle to find enough people to fill the hall in JB given that Iceman and my friends are almost all in SG. 

that said, the first snag we hit today was – how am i going to wear the white wedding gown twice?  for people (i suppose especially parents) who are superstitious, it’s taboo to wear the white gown twice.  but i don’t really care ‘cos i’m going to have 3 gowns for my wedding and i definitely want to wear all THREE gowns at the SG dinner ‘cos that’s where all my friends will be! 

so we talked and talked about it and my bottomline was simple – either let me wear the white gown only at the SG dinner (which would mean then that we would be in a technical default for the JB dinner since that’s the "main" dinner and i won’t be wearing the white gown at the "main" dinner) or let me wear the white gown twice.

poor Iceman… he was caught between his parents & me… but he came up with a brilliant solution.  he suggested that maybe we could do a lunch reception in SG, then the JB dinner on the same night… and i could then wear the white gown twice without offending any taboos!

it will be a tiring day… but hey, i’m ok with that as long as i get to wear all my gowns in front of my SG guests.  but then we spoke about it some more & it occurred to me that maybe wear the white wedding gown isn’t going to be that meaningful after all.  i mean, i’m not going to walk down the aisle in church… my dad’s not going to give me away at the altar… so why bother with the white wedding gown? 

hence Iceman & i decided that we’re going to chuck the western tradition all together.  hey, we’re Chinese & we’re proud of it!  so we decided we’re going to camp it up!  cheongsams, the kua, the chinese gown for guys & mandarin collar shirts are going to be the order of the day.  (bridesmaids/jie meis take note ya?  :P).  if i have to spend an extra $500 to tailor cheongsams for my bridesmaids/jie meis, i will!  with the right music, the whole event can be quite funky actually.  unique, different, light-hearted & funny.  i’m liking the thought of it more & more.

so the game plan now is to convince Iceman’s parents that since my side will have a wedding lunch instead of the full scale dinner, they should give in a little too & allow the bride’s side to have the tea ceremony at the lunch first.  (this is definitely not in accordance to tradition).  of ‘cos we’ll serve tea to Iceman’s parents & any relatives that may come to SG for the solemnisation that’ll be done before the lunch.  but for the relatives that aren’t in SG… or if it’s only his parents who’re coming to SG for the solemnisation + lunch… hopefully they’ll agree to this order of things.

sigh… i mean, worst case scenario would be we’ll do a dinner on Sat in JB, then another one on Sun in SG… but both Iceman & i felt that it won’t be very fair to the jie meis & brothers ‘cos that’ll mean we’re going to have to ask them to block their entire weekend for us… and possibly take leave on Mon ‘cos it’ll be a very tiring weekend.  if we can have everything on just 1 day, it’ll be loads better.

so… pray for us?  i think a wedding is really really difficult to plan ‘cos we need to take care of so many people’s sensitivities.  if we could plan it our way, it’ll be so easy.  as it is, i’ve almost decided on my bridal package after looking at just 1 studio – French Bridal.  i think the hotel shouldn’t be difficult either ‘cos both Iceman & i are very decisive people… and i think judging from our negotiation skills today, we’ll do ok negotiating terms with the bridal studio & the hotel. 

now… just to cross the first hurdle… i need to pray… very… hard.

Tip for Losing Weight

Forgot to mention that food poisoning is a fantastic way to lose weight.  My weight dropped to 43.4kg at the lowest.  It’s now back up to 45.4kg but my body fat % dropped to 16.5%!  Gasp!  Lowest it’s been in the past year man!  (Usually hovers around 18-20%).  Maybe it’s the diet of fish porridge / fish soup bee hoon for the past 3 days.

Pent-Up Angst

Guess what?  The person who threw my shoes and my slippers on my bed was my dad!!  He was mopping the floor ‘cos the contractors left a mess and he got fed up and threw the footwear onto my bed!  Imagine!  This coming from a person who insists we wash our feet once we get home to avoid getting the dust from outside into the home, and doesn’t like it if we sit on the bed with clothes that have been worn outside ‘cos of the dirt/germs!

I think it’s pent-up angst from a time when there was a maid to do all this mopping, wiping, etc…

Maybe we should get a maid.

(But my dad says he’s not aware of the broken bits of plastic on my bed).


My Ring

22052008485 This is my ring.  :)  I’m very pleased with it of course since it’s made to my specifications.  Heh.  However, I didn’t quite get to see the end design before it was made… and am now toying with the idea of whether I should change it from a 4-claw solitaire setting to a 6-claw setting so the solitaire looks more roundish instead of squarish.  How how?

Hmm… *deep in thought*.

The Good, the Bad, and the Farking Stupid

After many many years of complaining, I came home today and found out the good news.  My dad finally decided to install a bigger aircon unit in my bedroom ‘cos the fan of the old unit wasn’t strong enough to move the cool air throughout my entire room.  That was the good news.

The bad part about installing a new aircon midweek is that my entire room is covered with white dust and the part-time cleaner won’t be here till Sun!  I used up 2 full packs of wet tissue wiping every bottle on my dressing table, my bedsheet, pillows, bolsters, bedside table, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, the list goes on… It was really annoying but to be fair, mainly unavoidable.

Now the plain farking stupid part.  (This was what really pissed me off the moment I stepped into my room).  The bloody contractors threw my 2 pairs of bedroom slippers and high heeled work shoes (with its porous shoe bag on) onto my bed, never mind that they were NOT any where near where the aircon was being installed!  WHAT THE HECK DID THEY DO THAT FOR?  I have a couch, a coffee table, ample floor space for them to move the shoes about, assuming they really were in their way.  Moreover, my shoes were placed near my bedroom door, and the aircon was installed at the opposite end of the room, above the windows!  WHAT THE HECK MAN!

And while removing my shoes from my bed, and using wet tissue to wipe my entire bed, I also found numerous bits of broken plastic all over my bed – inside the rolled up comforter, near my pillow, etc.  What on earth did those morons treat my bed as?  A trash dump?  Did they not see the wastepaper basket that they threw their rootbeer in?  (Which is another thing that I detest – wet food thrown in my bin – but I can’t penalise them for this since it’s a personal preference).

I am pissed.  I am fuming mad.  As I wiped and wiped the dust off whatever I could for the night, I could only draw 1 conclusion.  This is the reason why such morons will never rise above being a contractor.  He will never be a foreman or supervisor because he 1) does not have initiative (hey, I know contractors have plastic sheets ok.  But obviously this particular chap did not use any protective plastic sheet) and 2) does not have any brains (shoes on bed?  Hello?  I can’t think of any reason except that the contractor was stupid).

Grrr… I am pissed.

Wet or Dry?

Manila is one polluted place.  I didn’t clean my ears the entire time I was there last week and since I was practically bed/sofa/chair-ridden over the weekend, I didn’t get down to cleaning my ears last night.  It was amazing… the amount of ear wax built up in the ears! 

Anyway, that reminded me of the dry vs. wet ear wax issue that Zounds told me about.  (Yes, Zounds has a penchant of dwelling on strange subjects at times…)

Just did a google search and here’s a simple summary of the "dry vs. wet ear wax" story.


Is Your Earwax Wet or Dry?

By Bjorn Carey, LiveScience Staff Writer

posted: 29 January 2006 05:18 pm ET

Do you have dry, flaky earwax or the gooey, stinky type? The answer is partly in your heritage.

A new study reveals that the gene responsible for the drier type originated in an ancient northeastern Asian population.

Today, 80 to 95 percent of East Asians have dry earwax, whereas the wet variety is abundant in people of African and European ancestry (97 to 100 percent).

Populations in Southern Asia, the Pacific Islands, Central Asia, Asia Minor, and Native North Americans and Inuit of Asian ancestry, fall in the middle with dry wax frequencies ranging from 30 to 50 percent.

Researchers identified a gene that alters the shape of a channel that controls the flow of molecules that directly affect earwax type. They found that many East Asians have a mutation in this gene that prevents cerumen, the molecule that makes earwax wet, from entering the mix.

Scientists believe that the mutation reached high frequencies in Northeast Eurasia and, following a population increase, expanded over the rest of the continent. Today distribution of the gene is highest in North China and Korea.

Wet earwax is believed to have uses in insect trapping, self-cleaning, and prevention of dryness in the external auditory canal of the ear. It also produces an odor and causes sweating, which may play a role as a pheromone.

The usefulness of dry earwax, however, is not well understood. Researchers believe it may have originated to prevent less odor and sweating, a possible adaptation to the cold climate that the population is believed to have lived in.

The research is detailed in the Jan. 29 online edition of the journal Nature Genetics.

Earning $$ from Blogging

Was reading Digital Life during lunch today when I came across the article about earning $$ from your blog.  The usual suspects came up – adverlets, nuffnang, adsense.  Decided to put the adverlets banner back on my blog.  Took it down in Jan and never bothered to put it back up ‘cos I thought it was ridiculous that an online/ web-based company can forget to renew their domain registration.  Only earned S$8.30 on it for the 4 months when I was running it… heh.  Quite pathetic considering bloggers with bad English and fat thighs are earning multiples of that.  But oh well… my blog isn’t exactly being marketed so I’ll just have to let it be.

Anyway, it costs about S$18 a month to maintain this site so would appreciate if you could help generate a little more ad traffic by clicking on the banner at the bottom of the right panel of the blog.  Heh.  One click a day goes a loooong way.  Heh.

Drugged on the Last Birthday of my 20s

Ha!  Caught your attention didn’t I?  Not that it’s entirely untrue… I am drugged – the medication sort. 

The celebration for the last birthday of my 20s started last Thursday in office with the gals (Booze Queen, Bubbs, XLS, and Jess) planning a surprise celebration for me.  They got this yummy chocolate rum cake from Awfully Chocolate and it was good!  Make that doubly good since my very next meal, a seafood dinner celebration with my family, gave me severe food poisoning.

The seafood was taken at the Sinma coffeeshop "restaurant" at Geylang Lor 3.  No one else at the dinner was inflicted so it must’ve been a particular piece of seafood that I took that was bad.  Really bad.  The vomiting and diarrhoea started on Friday morning.  At first I thought it would go away with medication – Po Chai pills, imodium, Chi Ka Chi (Chinese med for vomiting), so Iceman and I went ahead with our plans to drive up to Malacca for a overnight stay. 

However, by the time I got to Malacca, the food poisoning got so bad, I couldn’t even hold down water.  Everything I drank, sipped, etc, came out.  I vomited and had diarrhoea about 20x each.  Lost count after the 15th or 16th time so I can’t be sure.  Couldn’t sleep the whole of Fri night either ‘cos my feet kept cramping, probably due to the body being dehydrated.

Made it back to JB on Sat late afternoon and went to see a doc.  Was given more imodium and another med to stop the vomiting. 


Ok, I just slept for 8h ‘cos I was typing the above post after taking some new cocktail of medicine and suddenly got really sleepy and knocked out for 8 hours.


To wrap up the story about my great fantastic ordeal, the vomiting stopped after taking the medicine from the JB doc… but I still felt nauseous after food and still had diarrhoea.  Went to see my regular doc this morning and was given a cocktail of 4 medicine – lomotil for diarrhoea, charcoal tablets for wind, something else for stomach pain and something else for nausea.  (Can’t remember the names now).  Knocked out for a full 8h after the first round of medication.  Just took a 2nd round and I’m sleepy again!  Oh no!

Rush Rush Rush! – Cheapo Tips Inside

I’m proud to say that despite my short trip this time (arrived on Mon night, leaving now – Wed late afternoon), I managed to accomplish all the personal stuff that I wanted to do!

Woke up a little later on Tue morn – 9:30am since the morning meeting was postponed.  Once Upsize confirmed that we would only be meeting at 11:45am, I ran out of my hotel room at 11:10am to go to The Landmark’s supermart to buy my dried mangoes!  Wanted to get dried jackfruit but it was out of stock.  Heh.  Bought dried bananas instead, as well as Wrigley’s chewing gum.  Hehe.  After my purchase, I ran (really really ran) all the way back to the hotel so that I could change out of my jeans into a suit to meet Upsize for meetings.  Heehee.  It was a good workout!

The 2nd thing that I simply had to do in Makati was to return to Via Mare Oyster Bar at Greenbelt 4.  I spoke about the food incessantly till Upsize agreed to take the underwriters there for dinner.  Come to think about it, the original dinner invitation was from the underwriters – as in they wanted to buy Upsize dinner.  (Ok, that sounds funny… as though they wanted to buy a huge meal…) Don’t know how come we ended up paying instead!  I mean, I got the bill ‘cos Upsize asked me to get it… but as I’m typing this, it suddenly occurred to me that… hey… it was supposed to be their treat!  Damn those underwriters!


P1000883 Anyway, that was one torturous dinner.  ‘Cos though we were at the Oyster Bar, Upsize didn’t order oysters!!  Even after I asked at the end of the meal if we could order 1 plate of oysters but was turned down by Upsize.  Nonethless, I persevered.  I refused to give up.  After dinner, we went for 1 more drink, and then Upsize and 1 of the underwriters went off for more drinks, leaving me and another underwriter at Greenbelt.  The 2nd underwriter decided that she wanted to go back to her hotel to do some work so I gladly walked her to the cab stand, and returned to the oyster bar.


The waiter and security guard gave me strange looks when I walked in.  But I persisted and ate 16 oysters!  Woohoo!  Heehee… and it only cost S$15 lor.  Cheap right?  Heh.

Oh yeah.  Wanted to write about some new tips I learnt about Makati.

Firstly, if you ever stay at the Interon, and you pay for a "Club Interon" room, you get unlimited Internet access at the Club Lounge.  For Net access in the room however, you still have to pay for it… unless… you go to the Club Lounge, get a username and password, and then use that in your room.  Heehee.  Found that out by accident.  Heh.


P1000888 Secondly, always always try to reach the airport in Manila 3h before your flight’s departure because it just takes super duper long to clear immigration.  And if you’re inside and have nothing to do, don’t bother about the foot massage or eating at the airport.  Just pay Php 400 (or USD 10) and use the "Paying Lounge" (aka the "Sampaguita Lounge") on the 4th level.  There’s snacks, buns, sandwiches, muffins and fruit juice that comes with the amount you pay.  Plus unlimited Internet access too!  Stupid me bought food from the departure hall before finding out about the Paying Lounge.  *Sniff*.


P1000882 Oh… and guess what?  There was some Miss Earth Philippines pageant held at the hotel where I was staying in.  Unfortunately, the contestants weren’t that fantastic lah.

Wanted to get a pic of their faces but couldn’t whip my camera out in time.



P1000885 Went for a 1.5h walk around Glorietta / Greenbelt area before I came to the airport.  Didn’t manage to do any shopping but I did come across the Ayala Museum at Greenbelt 4.  Was very hard pressed for time so I could only do a cursory tour of the 4 floors.  I would highly recommend it.  For only SGD15 (approximately), it was very worth it.  There’s a gold artefacts exhibition, exhibition of paintings, and a clay figurine type of exhibits telling the history of Philippines.  Definitely will visit it again on my next trip.  (Was so pressed for time I ran back from the museum to my hotel in 10min).




Ooh… I think I see my plane now.  Gotta go soon. 

See you back home folks!




P.S. Sorry if the formatting turns out warped ‘cos I’m rushing (again!)